1. Mike says

    NOM is just a moneymaking machine. They really don’t give a crap about “saving marriage”. What they do care about is raking in the $$$ from ignorant people. It will be interesting to see what happens once Judge Walker issues his ruling in the Prop 8 trial. Whether there will be riots in the streets or just a collective yawn.

  2. Gridlock says

    Stupid fat slag, twice divorced, with bastard children. Just because nobody wants your dried up sour sniz anymore doesn’t mean the reast of us have to suffer.

    Get cancer and die in a fire. Bigoted sow.

  3. walter says

    boy looks like maggie the cow is being fattened for the slaugther. gluttony is a sin maggie.age is not being good to her. she will have to rev up donations for some serious plastic surgery. it is amazing how they can spread they shit and not have a problem but when challenged they play the hate card. it has to be a catholic thing bill donohue does it all the time. spew hate then claim everybody hates you.

  4. yonkersconquers says

    She needs to read the comments pages written by her own supporters: on every page they talk of death to “queers” and “faggots” as freely as if this was 1950 not 2010.

  5. jpeckjr says

    I’m beginning to wonder if the low attendance is because Maggie Gallagher is not a pleasant person and no one wants to be associated with her . . .

  6. FunMe says

    Let us think about this a second time more seriously.

    Could it be that Maggiel the Cow’s Summer “for” marriage trip is really her way of trying to find someone to marry?

    I mean who would date her … let alone “marry” her.

    Maybe this is her last attempt to pay, I mean find someone to marry her.

  7. jexer says

    The gall.

    We demand inclusion… she demands our exclusion. Who’s being the hater here?

    She wouldn’t know family values if they came up and bit her on her hypocritical elephant-sized backside.

    I don’t hate Christians in general, I hate her specifically for being a tool of conflict and suppression/oppression.

    I don’t care if specific religions say “sorry, you can’t be both a member of our parish and gay(or lesbian) because it goes against our understanding of the bible”.

    And, I don’t want marriage equality for myself… what I want is a clear message that: churches do NOT have the right to impose their dogmatic laws on atheists, agnostics and members of other faiths.

  8. James says

    What an absolute waste of time her speech is. She doesn’t make one measurable point about how the ‘redefinition’ of marriage will actually effect society. All it will do is redefine. This is true. It will, but what will the effect be on anyone, as proven by available data?

    It’s also insulting to the intelligence of anyone that has ever been a minority to listen to her paint that audience as victims. A bunch of white middle aged men are asked to expand their world view, and they automatically react as if they have been relegated to second class citizens.

    The only heartening thing is to watch some of the people that turned up realize what she actually stands for and begin to walk away.

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