1. dean says

    my partner is a 9/11 firefighter and is ill from his month of service there. he’s actually unable to work regularly because of his illness, as are many of his friends. he was just in the emergency room last night in severe pain because of his 9/11 illness. some of his friends who were at 9/11 have already died from rare cancers that people, when they do get them, usually get much later in life. if Republicans are as patriotic as they always claim they are, they would support our 9/11 rescue workers. i can’t imagine the downside to supporting patriots, but I guess Republicans have. shame.

  2. Terry says

    Read, again, what this bill would have done:

    “Following the defeat of a bill that would have provided $7.4 billion in health care to 9/11 responders, Anthony Weiner (D-NY) laid into Republicans for killing it”

    The Republicans opposed this. Providing more money for health care for 09/11 providers. Words fail me as to how despicable that is. God help the United States of America if this selfish, evil band of motherfuckers gain control of Congress in November.

    I just watched that amazing video at daily.kos. That was simply magnificent. Like Alan Grayson of Florida, Anthony Weiner is one of the few heroes in Congress right now. I wouldn’t have begrudged Rep. Weiner one goddamned bit if he told that Republican (Rep. Peter King of NY) to shut the fuck up.

    Thank you for the service to your country and the American people, Rep. Weiner.

  3. sparks says

    A politician with the courage of his convictions is a rare sight these days.

    It saddens me that republicans couldn’t put partisanship aside in order to do the right thing. I’d also like to know which, if any democrats voted no.

  4. says

    @Terry Like Alan Grayson of Florida, Anthony Weiner is one of the few heroes in Congress right now.

    Damn straight! Grayson is running for re-election and I hope he makes it through. However, if he or Weiner ever get thrown out, I’d suggest CNN give them their own show and put them against O’Reily. They are smart, passionate and quick on the draw. Politicians with a conviction, what a novelty.

  5. jerry says

    The republicans and their fellow conspirators like sara palin are so opposed and outraged by an islamic community center with a prayer room a few blocks from the world trade center site yet they won’t help the now ill first responders ? My mind reels at how truly vile they are.
    The republicans, tea partiers and their media cohorts need to be beaten down at every possible opportunity. The democrats/progressives etc. can no longer afford to take the high road, they need to get down in the gutter with these people and call them out for the liars and elistist “average american hating” scum they really are.

  6. princely54 says

    THIS is the passion that Democrats need to lead the country! Let the fucking Reps whine and try to silence them on the floor, as they are cowards and simpletons.

    Of course when one of them yells at Obama during the State of the Union speech, its met with quiet mumbling by the Reps, but here they try to silence Weiner when its ENTIRELY appropriate to be passionate and have volume!! Skunks!!

  7. CKNJ says

    Republicans are a hateful band of marauders! How DARE they masquerade as patriots when they piss on true heroes that ran in to help people after 9/11? Who the hell do these evil motherfuckers think they are? Playing politics with the lives and wellbeing of people that did not question the politics of the people they ran in to save!

    It astonishes me that there are so many braindead sheep-people in this country that do not see the GOP for who they are! Evil, greedy, corporatist scum! They are bought and paid for by Big Business in the USA, and do Business’ bidding to make sure corporate profits soar and you and I suffer.

    I am all for Capiltalism, but the way it’s gotten out of control now, skewed hopelessly for Business and against US, is insane. And as soon as you draw attention to this, then Big Business labels you a Socialist! I mean, how dare we bite into their rampant profits to ensure fair-play and treatment for ALL Americans… why that is just not… not… fair!

    Gimme a break!

    Thank you to Anthony Weiner and Alan Greyson… in you we have hope for the future. Where are the others with a spine in the Democratic Party ready join them? Step up people!

  8. says

    I loved this – we need our representatives standing up to the Republican’ts more often! They get up their with their garbage and hate and yet we hardly respond. Time to change.

  9. anon says

    Does anyone know what the issues actually are? First responders already have received both a court settlement amount and federal reimbursement, along with city and state disability payments and union unemployment insurance funds–not to mention regular medical insurance. What exactly are they lacking now?

  10. jakeinlove says

    This man’s passion makes me tear up in reminder of the TRUE meaning of America. I hope this man eventually finds his way to the Oval Office.

  11. LincolnLounger says

    Oh, yes, Alan Grayson, who made millions as an ambulance chacing personal injury lawyer who just billed the taxpayers almost $80,000 for a promotional DVD of his “accomplishments”. Reimburse the taxpayers from your campaign fund or your golden fleece pockets, Alan.

    The most dangerous place in America is between Anthony Weinter and a microphone. He is a grandstanding showboat who mere name elicits eye rolls from his colleagues.

    The process does matter. If this bill was so great, why was it tied up in procedures and a supermajority required? Why didn’t our hero, Antny, take care of it as regular business. Does anybody think Pete King would really oppose anything for 9/11 heroes? Of course he wouldn’t. This is just another publicity stunt by Democrats who know they are going down (not in the good way) in November.

  12. CKNJ says

    If you bothered to see what the deal was the Democrats procedural issue was to ensure that this was voted for ON ITS OWN, no tied up measures and trade-offs that Republicans would want in exchange for assured passage of popular legislation. Instead Republicans just shot themselves in the foot by showing their true colors… All they had to say was ‘yes’ the agreed on this or ‘no’ they did not. No other tied on legislation or pork or anything… just this. And they said ‘no’… great party you support there! And the only people going down in November now, because we can expose these nasty true colors of theirs, are the Rethugnicans!

  13. Drew says

    Anthony Weiner don’t run for Mayor of NYC in 2013, we need courage like this in the House. It’s too rarely demonstrated and we need more of it.

  14. jexer says

    @linkcolnlounger- Trolling is so unattractive. Re-read the text it answers your first question. As to your second question… take off your blindfold already.

  15. DH says

    Finally a Democrat with some balls. We need more guys like Greyson and Wiener. I (HEART) WIENER!

  16. Jan Carlson says

    Thank you, thank you Anthony Weiner!! At last someone who speaks the truth with passion and calls out the Republicans for the conniving “No-sayers” they are. I’d love to see more Democrats step forward and have the courage to speak the truth about the games Republicans play and their lack of any compassion for the American people.

  17. Drew says

    I hear “President WIENER!” chants coming in the near future. Perhaps I’d even vote Obama out for him.

  18. says

    Everybody should approach Rush and Sarah and ask them to visit their loved ones still dying from 911….watch them run and then put it on youtube!!!

  19. LincolnLounger says

    Sorry, Jexer, I’m a frequent poster on here. Maybe you’re new.

    The fact of the matter is that Democrats have a huge majority in the U.S. House. If they wanted this passed, they can move forward a bill on this single subject anytime they want. It is the Democrats who add popular legislation to their constant efforts to further expand big government and bloated spending in an effort to get Republicans on the record for items for which they would never vote.

    To be fair, Republicans did the same thing when they were in the majority. They just don’t have anybody that is both smart and a grandstander like Antny. Plenty of showboats, but most of them are idiots like Michelle Bachmann and Steve King.

  20. Dave says

    @ Lincolnlounger When listing idiots in the future be sure not to omit yourself… Just to be fair… I’ve not seen the answer to my initial question though… Maybe you can address it: Why do Republican’s hate America?

  21. hatemonger says

    All you liberal idiots understand the dems have the votes to pass it no matter what the reps vote. The problem is with the dems.
    As far as the idiot Wiener, he wants to help himself into a higher position and is following Chuck Schumer’s m-o. Wiener is a big asshole who does not care about anything but himself and a camera to record it.

  22. Dallas says

    I thought this was a great moment until I learned that the measure could have been passed with a regular majority. Sure they may have had to squabble a bit later down the run but atleast it would have been voted on with a passing majority.

    Instead, the request to have a super-majority screwed it. Sure the Republicans are assholes (the ones who voted no) but Weiner knew he couldn’t pass a super majority. Instead of passing with a regular majority, claiming victory and STILL be able to rail against dissenting Republicans, he instead decided a DEFEAT now will make for a great talking point in the upcoming election cycle.

    Atleast that’s how it reads out to me. I’m a liberal and it disappoints me that the political game supersedes doing the right thing by both parties.

    And yes, the Republicans are still assholes despite Weiner dicking this vote up.

  23. CKNJ says

    ‘LincolnLounger’ you still don’t get it do you…? There was NOTHING added to this AT ALL, it was a simple CLEAN bill. That is what the Republicans balked at! They wanted to tie other crap to it to ensure stuff unpopular with the Democrats to the vote to get that shit to pass along with decent bill for decent people. When NOTHING was tied to it they stomped their feet like petulant teenagers and simply resorted to being the same old ‘Party of No’ again.

    I don’t care how you try to defend them, they are indefensible on this score. They are shameful! King should lose his seat in New York for selling out all the NY heroes that ran in to save people. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, the Republicans pissed on (and pissed off) all the 9/11 heroes and those that care about them.

    So.. FUCK THE REPUBLICANS! Weiner was 100% right, King was an utter tool, along with his Republican cohorts!


    Miss Lincoln, Don’t talk shit faggot. Dumb bitch with all you can throw the GOP will not control the 2 houses nor win The Presidency in 2012


  25. LincolnLounger says

    Classy. Another “tolerant” liberal. I’d be very proud, Miss Hater.

    Maybe the GOP won’t control Congress, but I’m confident the nonsense coming from the Obama/Pelosi axis will end once and for all.

    Once again, folks, the Democrats have a HUGE majority in the U.S. House — that is, until November. No filibuster in the House. They could easily have pushed through a clean bill with a simple majority. This was legislative shenanigans, at which Antny excels.

    Too bad the Chicken Shit didn’t run for Mayor so Bloomberg could have taken him out.

  26. TANK says

    You’re being very disingenuous, LL. The supermajority requirement was imposed for a suspension of the rules for a simple up or down vote BECAUSE house republicans were going to attach poison pills to the bill so to kill it. They wanted it to fail regardless, and that’s why the supermajority was required (to avoid poison pill provisions that republicans intended to attach to it). This is a purely political move on their part to hurt people to make congress look ineffective. It completely undermines republican pols using 9/11 to generate support, because they don’t care about the first responders and serve only to make democrats look bad so that they can make political hay out of it.

    And don’t go off about it being a “wasteful entitlement bill”, either. Republicans hate small business owners, too, as evidenced by their killing of the small business jobs bill. The reality is that it wouldn’t have been funded by the taxpayer, so that’s another lie from your side. This game you’re playing is nothing new…as you have no credibility and post after post seem to lie and distort the truth about what a toxic, spiteful useless party you belong to.

    This kind of grandstanding by weiner, however, is only cathartic…because it’s not useful. Dems DO need to get it together and completely cut the republicans out of governance because they’re no longer interested in doing their jobs and governing…and the only thing they care about is partisan politics and obstructionism. Republicans need to be excised from the political process so that something can be done.

  27. TANK says

    And the reality is that even if every single democrat in the house voted for this bill (255, and 243 voted for it), it wouldn’t have met the supermajority requirement of 290. 155 republicans voted against it (out of 178, with 11 no votes), and given the reason for the supermajority (republican obstructionism), this bill was killed because of republicans. There’s no way around it. Take some goddamn responsibility for once, LL.

  28. David says

    You queens are hysterical. This is one big soap opera. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  29. CKNJ says

    Thanks Tank, could not have said it better. Of course LL will still come back with some drivelly whine of one kind or another in yet another feeble attempt to look like his party has any constructive relevance (which they don’t, since they are simply trying to destroy Obama’s presidency)… but, you are totally right, with the minor exception criticizing the grandstanding. I think as a NYer he was totally correct in tearing a new asshole for the Republicans. Anger here is VERY clear and I hope that Rep. King gets burned VERY badly at the polls when he comes up for election again… NYers will not forgive what he did.

  30. Dave says

    Thank you for running the numbers and applying the facts Tank, I agree with everything you’ve said here except that what you’ve expressed about the uselessness of the rep’s rants, it was indeed quite useful. Speeches like this hit the mainstream media and generate support for the sane and progressive agenda; much needed dollars to counter the never-ending drum beat from the right-wing-nuts. Since the SCOTUS citizens united case we need all the help we can get as the dollars are rolling in from multi-national corporations to support the GOP and further undermine the bed-rock of our democracy. It’s about time that more leaders stand up and call out the GOP as the hypocritical, un-American, hate-mongers that they are.

  31. TANK says

    I too hope that will come back to destroy king, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that weiner’s grandstanding was about running for mayor of NYC. He’s not interested in national politics, and this was a move to ingratiate himself with the voters of NYC. Perhaps it will have the intended benefit of making peter king and republicans look bad (hopefully, it will…as it should, because they are bad), but voters are cattle with short memories. And that’s true everywhere. As of yet, his self-serving and calculated “outrage” hasn’t achieved anything. A more effective tactic needs to be employed. Weiner is no Alan Grayson.

  32. jamal49 says

    @lincolnlounger As we say in Queens, STFU! Yes, YOUR party, the republicon party, on a straight-up “yes or no” vote, in lock-step, sent a message to those valient men and women of 9/11 “Republicons to First Responders: DROP DEAD”. If anyone ever needed a clear example of how petty, mean-spirited, cruel, vile and evil the republicons are, then this is it. So, linc, why don’t you take your LCR/GOPround crap somewhere else? You’re a major, major asshole.

  33. anyone says

    Anyone who supports Wiener is a complete buffoon. Just goes to show you how many sheep we have raised in America. What a bunch of imbeciles.

  34. Josh says

    Man, what a bunch of liberal suck-ups here! Anybody with half a brain knows that this staged, completely contrived rant was this weasel’s first campaign ad in in his quest to be Mayor of New York. “Passion”? Nah, simple calculation. He’s as sleazy as the day is long.