1. Dave says

    Congressman Dean Heller is just tacking to the center, it is part and parcel of the GOP mantra to beat up on the poor and the shrinking (thanks to GOP policies) middle-class. They are cowards and bullies one and all.

  2. yonkersconquers says

    Sharon’s quite right, the people of Nevada are SPOILED, SPOILED I tell you. Anyone who makes $300 dollars a week flipping burgers is living in the lap of luxury.

    We need to cut off all unemployment benefits to the poor becuase bing paid chickenfeed makes them extremely happy and lazy. So happy and lazy they won’t look for all those non-existent jobs.

    She’ll be defeated, obviously, becuase she’s NUTS, but I’m almost going to miss her, because kooks that obvious don’t happen very often in public life.

  3. Bart says

    Why does it surprise anyone that this woman would run from the press? She’s stupid. One of the truly dumbest people running for government in recent memory. And of course, a “hero” of the tea party.

    You gotta love her “let them eat cake” attitude towards the unemployed in her State. Our citizenry has such a sense of entitlement? Really, Sharron? Clearly you do. And I will make a pledge, Sharron. If you get elected, take $300 a week for the gig, no health insurance, no perks, no gas allowance, no car, no office, no meals picked up. Pay for it all yourself.

    I’m sorry, this woman makes me want to vomit and then vomit some more. She is everything that is wrong with the far right wing…stupid, arrogant, stupid, overly entitled in the “I have mine” manner, stupid, classist, stupid, not an original idea in her head, stupid, and smug.

    And the best thing that could have happened to Harry Reid. Any stronger Republican would killed any chance he had of reelection. I’m sure he’s doing the happy dance. The people of Nevada, on the other hand, are scratching their heads asking, “This is the best we got?”

  4. Rad says

    Much like Palin, Angle will never go away. Not when her and like crackpots are incessantly given media coverage every time their pie hole farts.

    I remember a time when news was relevant and crap-brained, anti-reality biggots like her were relegated to pages of The Weekly World News.

    And on that, I wholly apologize to the WWN.

  5. John says

    Don’t count her out just yet.

    This is still America.

    And for all the grief Towleroad regulars give each other, they are actually a fair deal more informed politically than the average American. This is true whether we’re talking about gay or straight people. There are gay idiots out there who would totally vote for a Sarah Palin or Sharron Angle. Go to any of the dating sites online and start talking to one of those “geniuses” about the Tea Party. The vacuous dummy’s eyes will glaze over, he’ll scratch his head in frustration, and then send you a picture of his balls.

  6. bill says

    Sadly, there are a lot of truly stupid voters out there who will push the lever for her! I live in Gary, Indiana, and we can’t get rid of the trash in political positions of power here in the ‘region’ because of this.