1. MikeInSanJose says

    The soccer player seemed a good sport, but I don’t think he was enjoying himself as much as the reporter.

    Sorta reminded me of James Van der Beek’s horrible gay kiss in the Rules of Attraction. The only difference was we were supposed to believe van der Beek was into it. The soccer star was MUCH more believable (and WAY more adorable)- and he’s not even an ‘actor’.

  2. JTlvr says

    “Caiga Quien Caiga” is trashy tabloid TV that comes on in Spain during the afternoon siesta. The reporters are comedians who do odd-ball stories, stalk celebrities, and provoke people (especially famous people) to embarass or anger them. Their buzzing, annoying fly logo is exactly correct. Think “Extra” meets Perez Hilton meets TMZ TV.

    Remember the reporter who grabbed Beckham’s junk? That was the Italian version.

    Still, I want to kiss Francesc…

  3. crispy says

    Dude needs to dream bigger! Like my dream of getting fucked by a world champion. (As long as it’s not Puyol… gross!)

    PS: One of the many wonderful things about being an international football fan is that all my idols vacation here in the States. For instance, absolutely adorable Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas is wandering around the streets of San Francisco completely unmolested, and you bitches don’t even know it!

  4. Matt26 says

    How many famous football players would kiss male reporter (even as a joke) in front of a camera? Not many. I think Cesc was a good sport. I also find him good looking. It was a joke and Cesc took it as one. Good.

  5. Chris K says

    I love living in Europe because no one even cares about stuff like this. I can only imagine the shitstorm this would have caused in the States.

  6. James in BCN says

    hehehe… yes, living in euroland, no one cares if the champ kisses a guy. it’s called “having a laugh”

  7. borut says

    This was obviously a reference to and a spoof of the kiss the captain of the Spanish soccer team, Casillas, gave his girlfriend, the sports reporter Sara Carbonero during an interview right after his team had won the World Title.

    See it here:


    @ ZLATAN Ha ha! How dare you? Don’t allude to that. *Calling yourself Zlatan*