1. Billy says

    They were just at two Adam Lambert shows in Missouri and Kansas, I believe. They’d be comical at this point if I didn’t think they were capable of murder.

  2. Clayton says

    I don’t get this church at all. They are the epitome of taking things out of context to suit their needs; far worse than most Protestants using random unrelated Bible verses to “prove” their hate. 2 Peter 2 speaks about false profits blaspheming, nothing to do with homosexuality, at all. So I supposed, to those who can read and understand for themselves, Westboro is talking about themselves with the beast sign. :)

  3. Sooz says

    The talibangelicals around the country seem to be adamant in their efforts to claim their deity is an unadulterated murderous asshole.

  4. Houndentenor says

    This whole “church” is about a dozen or so people all of whom are related to the pastor. They thrive on free publicity and lawsuits. Almost all their income is from suing people who were overcome with outrage at their antics and “violated their rights”. Ignore them. They won’t go away but they would become irrelevant.

  5. TANK says

    They are already irrelevant. However, an effect is that no one wants to be associated with them…no one.

  6. AggieCowboy says


    I disagree. Keep them splashed all over the media. They are some of our best involuntary allies. Even the extreme far right think WBC are a bunch of whack jobs and try to distance themselves from them. We should work to keep WBC as the public face of the Religious Right. Force the Religious Right to denounce the WBC’s prouncements. They can’t and know it, because in doing so, they denounce their own positions.

  7. M@ says

    I’m just waiting for a dyslexic WBC member to carry a sign that says “DOG HATES GAFS”

  8. SKOC211 says

    One of my favorite moments when I saw her at MSG last week was right after she finished Teeth (side note: one of my favorite songs)….

    ….it starts around 7:05 when she’s talking to the audience. The whole thing is worth the watch because she just kills the song but it was really spectacular when she told the audience, “the truth is, why the fuck would God let me play Madison Square Garden if Jesus didn’t love everybody? Jesus. Loves. Everybody.”

    It was just a great moment. That and when during Alejandro one of her tall statuesque dancers lifted her up in the air and she yelled, “put your hands up for full equality! Full equality to be yourself in peace no matter who you are!”

    Anyways it was an incredible night and it really moved me how strong and supportive she was of the gays.

  9. ladeda says

    When you are well-known enough and pro-gay enough to have Phelps’ crew show up… are obviously doing something right…..