90210 Producer, Trevor Donovan, Discuss Gay Character Coming Out

EW spoke to 90210 executive producer Rebecca Sinclair about the show's gay character, Teddy (played by Trevor Donovan), whose coming out was supposed to be kept secret but leaked and has now been reported widely.

Sinclair talks partly about how the story will unfold and who he gets involved with:

Donovan "As a top-tier athlete and the son of a famous—and famously womanizing—actor, Teddy has always felt the need to keep up appearances. He’s had trouble reconciling the image that the world has of him with his own true sense of self. And he’s worked hard to repress whatever homosexual feelings he’s had. But early on in this season, something shakes up the structure of his life. With stability and routine out the window, he has trouble repressing who he really is. He acts impulsively and ends up hooking up with a guy. So it’s less of an epiphany than an impulsive act that sets things in motion…Kyle (Riabko, who plays Teddy's object of affection) is absolutely terrific, charming and talented. He plays Ian, a self-confident, funny guy who is very much out and comfortable with his gayness…I think there is an immediate attraction. But Teddy is very uncomfortable with the feelings he has and is certainly not up for the kind of mature normal relationship that Ian has had in the past and would expect from a boyfriend…Hopefully he will be around for a long time. Certainly for season 3."

Donovan tweeted about it early in the week:

"I read all your tweets and know you are all curious about the 'gay' character this season. Let me say, gay or straight, relationships are relationships. Everyone goes through the same kind of troubles and joys. A gay storyline will have an added issue of dealing with judgment from others. Acceptance, by family, friends, society and self is just one of the concerns the character will be going through. It is a part of life, and it should be portrayed. I was told, and am confident the storyline will be written very well and the change in the character will be organic, NOT overnight. It's going to be a great season 3. I look forward to chatting with you all as we progress."


  1. Joe says

    Will be cool if this is a season long storyline – as teens don’t normally decide to come out in the span of a few months even.

    Not that I’d ever watch this show, but I like the idea of a gay athlete. There’s a big mis-perception that they don’t exist and exploring his relationship with his teammates and the difficulty of being a gay varsity athlete should be interesting and great for people to see.

  2. B says

    I think if he maybe looked somewhere even REMOTELY in HS, teens would be able to relate, but alas, he looks in his 30’s. Well, I actually think he’s in his 30’s as well. Degrassi has being doing a decent coming out story with their star football QB. Although very dramatic, but none the less, im sure more relatable.
    Totally should have been Liam, he’s attractive and looks young. or Dixon, especially since he’s black and in a mostly white school, practically writes itself. Or they could just add a new main character. meh.

  3. Joe says

    haha, looked up his age and he’s actually 32. I remember when the WB actually would cast characters close to their age, but I guess its just tradition with 90210.

  4. Leena Myer says

    I’m so glad the CW goes older with actors, I can’t lust over baby boys I want men pretending to be boys that makes it OK and sexy and intriguing. Trevor is all of the above.