AFA to Glenn Beck: Anal Sex is Not in God’s Plan

American Family Association's Bryan Fischer ripped Glenn Beck a new a-hole (so to speak) for his recent statements in support of same-sex marriage, accusing Beck of siding with "people who want to use the anus for sex."

Fischer It’s not too late to issue a mea culpa and come back into the light and be a vigorous advocate once again for the truth about marriage and the family. You have done a noble thing in calling this country back to God through your “Divine Destiny” evening at the Kennedy Center and your “Restoring Honor” event at the Lincoln Memorial.

You have done a noble thing on your radio and television programs by repeatedly calling us back to our founding history and to our foundational values as a country.

But Glenn, our “Divine Destiny” as a nation does not include societal approval for people who want to use the anus for sex. The “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” don’t endorse such behavior. And neither should you.

Butt sex appears to be the only bullet these wingnuts still believe they have in their arsenal. And they intend to use it (and think about it) a lot.

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  1. Disgusted Gay American says

    ahh I never see anal sex in str8 porn….nahh never!!! SNARK! ….and How many stories have you heard of str8 guys bargaining with thier wives or girlfriends to BOINK them in the ass? LOL this guy has lost it!

  2. says

    What’s telling here is that Beck obviously sees that the religious right is waning in power within the republican party. He simply sees an opening in the market and is filling it.

    It won’t be long before the tools that call themselves Gay republicans will be pointing to Beck as evidence of tolerance in the republican party. As long as he sticks to race baiting and class warfare, they’ll be fine.

  3. tikihead says

    As a matter of fact, we gays own the copyright on anal sex. We’ve been avoiding lawsuits, even though we’re fully aware Straights are infringing on our franchise.

    Oh, we also own the copyright on oral sex as well. Sorry Straights. Stop it now!

  4. Jerry says

    As a gay man, if I know one thing about straight men is that they DON’T like to talk about gay sex. Gay men, on the other hand, talk about it quite freely, almost as often as the AFA does. Just sayin’…

  5. Joe says

    I know gay men who talk about anal sex less publicly than this guy does. Why are they so obsessed with it?

    These self-hating homos who run these family organizations need serious help.

  6. 1♥ says

    I noticed these people like to use the term “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” instead of what they really mean with their definition of god from the Bible. I did a search on both of those terms and neither “Laws of Nature” or “Nature’s God” are used anywhere in the Bible.

  7. BobN says

    Ya ever notice that it’s always a male spokesman commenting about anal sex and that he’s always either sitting behind a desk or standing behind a podium.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  8. GregV says

    I would assume that same-sex female couples are the least likely to engage in anal sex — less so than mixed-sex couples. And -plenty of married same-sex male couples have never had anal sex.
    The anti-gay creeps’ obvious obsession with anuses every time the subject of same-sex marriage or homosexuality comes up says more about their own lack of education and understanding of sexuality than it says anything about the actual subject they’re attempting to address.
    It also suggests they have unresolved psychological issues, and don’t know how to deal with these other than lashing out at other people..

  9. says

    But what about the gay guys that don’t like the “butt sex”? And believe you me, there’s plenty of them out there. I know it’s shocking, but it’s true. And lesbians? Not too keen on the “butt sex” either, I would guess.

    But like a previous poster I have to say I also engaged in the “butt sex” last night and it was pretty freakin’ awesome! These guys clearly don’t know what they’re missing.

  10. shannon says

    And the funny thing is…THEY HAVE MORE ANL SEX THAN ANYONE! I get hit on by some many pastors…rabbis…etc! really….the adult bookstores here are full of them! they are full of shit…that is why so many are being forced out of the closet!

  11. tweedle says

    Women using a strap-on on their men is a well-known activity known as “pegging.” (kudos to Dan Savage). Happens all the time and the men are into it.
    This AFA guy is just another Ken Mehlman, or George Reikers…..dictionary definition of self-loathing closet cases.

  12. Ryan says

    Would someone please point out to this wingnut that gay people are not the only ones who have anal sex? Studies have shown that a very high percentage of straight couple engage in anal sex and that an even higher number would do so if the men involved could convince their female partners.

    Pointing this out won’t make an iota of difference to whack jobs like Fischer but it might actually make other people wake up to the fact that AFA will very happily tread on their rights too when given the opportunity.

  13. terry says

    Beck is not pro-Gay, he’s anti-Obama. The Obama Dept of Justice keeps filing appeals to block court action which would allow DADT to die. If Obama told the DoJ to drop its appeals and got fully “behind” DADT Beck would start preaching the dangers of butt sex.

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