1. michael says

    Reason #725 not to watch this Snarky News Channel. How do these people live with themselves?

  2. LemmyC says

    Why are these people so repulsive, even when they appear not to hate us?
    Oh, and does anyone think they’re funny? Not even Coulter seems to think they are.

  3. esther blodgett says

    I am reminded of an old joke and this variation:

    Q: Okay, Joseph Farah and Ann Coulter jump off the Empire State Building. Which one hits the ground first?

    A: Who cares…?

  4. Thomasina says

    @ Dave: You must be so proud of yourself, combatting homophobia with transphobia like that. I am no fan of Ann Coulter’s, but there is plenty to criticize in what she actually says and writes without resorting to a virulent and unrelated hatred of transgender people to communicate her awfulness. Every time you or someone like you counters Ann Coulter’s idiotic bigotry with slurs against her perceived gender (instead of addressing her actual words), it 1) reinforces the idea that society’s hatred against transgendered people is correct and justified, and 2) lets her get away with her own hatred a little longer. I expected a little better from the posters on this website, but clearly that was a futile hope.

  5. Bart says

    It’s sad when your dogs turn on you, isn’t it? When conservatives turn on each other it’s like a hair pulling, swimming pool episode of DYNASTY. And all they really want is more attention. You know, of that through the peep hole creepy kind…

  6. TANK says

    But thomasina, ann coulter has a really large penis. It’s like a flagpole. How is that transphobic?

  7. latebrosus says

    Okay, but really. When was it last reported that Ann went to Sunday services? You’d think she’d make a big deal out of it.

  8. Joe says

    Was this really GOProud’s plan. To let factions of the right wing and destroy themselves as the ignore us. If so, bravo and I like them.

    However, I highly doubt it.

  9. Dave says

    Thomasina…. It’s call humor dude or whatever your going for… try it. Tank even has a sense of humor most days. If Ms. C. were a transsexual that would be all the more reason to ridicule her for being a right-wing douche-bag, but she’s not a transsexual.. I think… I don’t know… can’t be sure… however, she did want to speak us homos so she apparently thinks.. wait.. Who cares what that dude thinks.

  10. queerduck says

    fake christian…pot callin the kettle black…but she writes books and people buy them!

  11. Dillon says

    If anyone knows a thing or two about being fake and doing so as a way of getting publicity it would certainly be Ann Coulter.