1. Ted says

    You go guys! Loving the Terminator and Moon Beam to death. And of course Judge Vaughn. The new Holy Trinity?

  2. TampaZeke says

    Schwarzenneger is trying to repair his legacy so that he won’t share a page with George Wallace for TWICE VETOING marriage rights that were TWICE passed by the state legislature.

    At this point I’ll take it. I just wish others would think more about their place in history.

  3. JAMES in Toronto says

    Somehow, Arnold Schwarzenegger contines to be just the most surprising Republican of all of them.

    I’m impressed.

  4. Paul R says

    Scwarzenegger has been far, far less of a nightmare than anyone expected, but this still surprises me. Good for him. It was pretty clear that he supported same-sex marriage all along but had to play to his party and wasn’t going to risk votes by approving it. Typical politician, but he’s a lame duck now and has nothing to worry about. Especially since his party isn’t especially happy with him on so many issues. Why not go out on the right side of history?

    I hope Brown is right about the ruling being upheld; too bad I can’t share his confidence. And while I’d be ecstatic to see same-sex marriages resume, it could create yet another class of people (though I assume they’d just be lumped in with the group married before Prop 8).

  5. psgoodguy says

    the last time it was legal here in california we passed it by, anticipating an action like prop 8. this time, if we get it, we’re not letting the parade pass us by twice. shopping for rings tomorrow.

  6. nico says

    Well when I heard this at first I was glad but maybe they thought they would lose if it went to the supreme court and it became the law of the land. So they would rather have samesex in cali and the rest of us are stuck outside looking in

  7. Ken says

    It’s been very helpful to have both the Governor and AG on our side during this trail. It’s very important we elect Brown governor and Kamala Harris as the new Attorney General in November so the power of the state governerment stays on our side through the appeal process. Both races look like they will be very close.

  8. John says

    That these tiresome religious groups are being allowed to intervene in the first place is very much an American phenomenon. When the churches tried to meddle in Canada and South Africa, the courts basically told them to take their high priced lawyers and go back to the rectory. They had no legal standing.

    Civil marriage is a matter between the government and same-sex couples, not them.

    That’s why it is called CIVIL marriage.

  9. Randy says

    I particularly like AFER’s filing, which calls into question whether Defendant-Intervenors even have standing to appeal AT ALL, particularly as Defendants agree with the decision and want it implemented immediately.

  10. says

    Good for Schwarzenegger! As one who has had the right to marry quite a while in my state of Connecticut, I congratulate those in California on the reversing of Proposition 8 and encourage all to support the furthering of equality for all.

    Best wishes,
    Chris Rich
    Your Gay REALTOR in Connecticut

  11. TheSeer says

    I think that Schwarzenegger respects the opinions of courts very much. Much more than opinions of politicians and common people.

  12. Jeff Dunivant says

    Of course Arnold wants the marriages to continue, Arnold has served his time as Governor; now it is time for Equality. California needs to get the economy going again and gay marriages will be a jumping off point.

  13. candideinnc says

    Which states permit out-of-state same sex couples to marry? My partner of 20 years and I would like to be in San Francisco for a ceremony, but I’ll bet the law was written to preclude that.

  14. sonofabutch says

    So does this mean that some one who was opposed to marriage equality can come around to a different P.O.V.?

    I hope there are as many congratulations on President Obama’s behalf as he too, I believe, is attempting be able to do the same at some point.

    It’s odd how not many talk more above board about a little heralded “right” that allows our whole contry to exist…the freedom TO CHANGE YOUR MIND when you get or discover new information…It’s a stinking shame that changing one’s mind became politized as “flip floping” and that the admirable ideal is popularly thought to be someone who is so grounded in principal no matter the circumstances, and won’t ever bend in the slightest, as opposed to those open to reevauating their perspectives on issues as they go along from time to time and are open to the evolution of their views on issues and unafraid to act accordingly, (which is strange since on so many levels that’s what almost all of us do as we go along in “real” life).

  15. rick says

    so after vetoing marriage equality TWICE, what’s prompted schwarzenegger’s support for equality?