1. Tom A says

    Ugg. Horrible. Watch the clip below for one of these videos that will make you feel good and not eat your soul.

  2. FunMe says

    even with dance lessons, those muscle queens still can’t dance. Those types are usually bad in bed, too.

  3. Mike says

    The “guys” are porn whores from the website ‘Dirty Tony’. Few gay, most are gay 4 pay. The video sucked, but I did smile. They are trying to draw attention to the site and I gott give them credit for having the balls to make fools of themselves, cuz they did.

  4. says

    Why can’t any of these lip-syncing videos ever use actual, oh, I don’t know, good music? From Miley to Katy, there’s yet to be one worth watching not only because they’re always cringe-inducing, but because of sheer musical (lack of) taste.

  5. Craig says

    Oh they’re not THAT bad … considering. Now if you want TRULY AWFUL:

    Warning: what has been seen cannot be unseen.

  6. Walter T says

    they really are usually bad in bed — very true

    they have serious Narcissistic Personality Disorders — and only feed off other muscle queens to momentarily feel good

    look how pathetic they are in the clubs with their shirts off begging for attention

    poor sad souls with serious arrested development

  7. Joseph says

    Sad, good looking gay porn stars can’t dance worth shit to save their lives, LOL, that’s what makes it funny.

  8. KFLO says

    WTF? Ok, this song has already been re-done by a group of gays (in a much better way). Pick a new song.

  9. barto says

    This is exactly why I love pop music. Nothing cerebral, nothing to be interpreted. It’s all pure, obvious, fun.