Translation Leads to Hate Crime Charges for Two Chicago-Area Men in Anti-Gay Assault on Woman

A June 28 attack on a woman outside a suburban Chicago restaurant has led to hate crime charges after remarks that the men made in Arabic during the attack have been translated as anti-gay, the Chicago Tribune reports:

Alshoweat_shaban "Mohammad Shaban, 35, of Hickory Hills, and Akram Alshoweat, 25, of Oak Lawn, are now charged with felony hate crime and robbery in an alleged attack on a woman June 28. Prosecutors originally had charged the men with a misdemeanor count of battery, a spokesman for the Cook County state's attorney's office said Tuesday.

"We were asked to take another look at the case," spokesman Andy Conklin said… Conklin said the slurs were made in Arabic, but investigators were able to translate what the men shouted. 'When translated, it was determined that the defendants made numerous disparaging remarks and anti-gay slurs,' a news release from the state's attorney's office said.

The two men allegedly shouted at the victim as she entered a Mediterranean restaurant in the 7800 block of 95th Avenue. When the victim, a 34-year-old woman, left the restaurant, prosecutors said Shaban and Alshoweat punched and kicked her, then took her wallet, cell phone and keys."

The men face up to seven years in prison.


  1. Lexxvs says

    I hope that once they’ve done their term they are sent back to whatever hole they come from. What they were doing at the USA in first place? Oh yeah, hit a woman.

  2. romeo says

    Why were they let in you ask? Because the State Department only lets in the most right-wing, homophobic religious fanatics that apply. You think these arabs are bad, wait till you get a load of the hundreds of thousands of neo-Nazi Ukrainian fanatics they slipped in to California, apparently under cover of night because they just suddenly appeared. The Ukraine didn’t want them I understand.

  3. Fenrox says


    You have to be joking. On the other side, because they might have said some anti-gay things now its a possible 7 years?????


  4. jamal49 says

    @ROMEO THAT is a major news story just waiting to happen. Where is an enterprising, investigative reporter when we need one?

  5. shannon says

    I am SHOCKED you guys are not saying how “hot” and “sexy” these men are! it seems the more one hates you the more you think they are hot ate “str8″. These foreign people need to be kept OUT of our country!! You can beat women in YOUR country…not here! I would beat the shit out of these animals!