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Watch: NJ Housewife Danielle Staub Turns Lesbian Duet into Disastrous Dance Track


On yesterday's PIX11 morning news, NJ housewife Danielle Staub performed a reworked version of her love ballad "Real Close" with songwriter Lori Michaels, complete with a trio of choreographed Jersey Shore types.

The "why am I so scared" lyric has particular resonance in this disaster of epic proportion.


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  1. This is one of the worst things I've seen! I've seen better high school productions. The dancers just look awkward -- they should be moving boxes and furniture instead.

    Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 25, 2010 9:32:35 AM

  2. I could only watch a minute of this before turning it off. Cats in heat sound more melodious.

    Posted by: Brad | Aug 25, 2010 9:36:10 AM

  3. Wow...At least the guys are hot...They actually aired this?

    Posted by: John Normile | Aug 25, 2010 9:43:10 AM

  4. Wow. Just... wow.

    Posted by: JNJ | Aug 25, 2010 9:44:15 AM

  5. Why do these shows put her on?

    Posted by: rob | Aug 25, 2010 9:48:03 AM

  6. Omg and people always complain about the no talent hacks in today's pop music. They obviously hasn't seen this. This is truly what no talent looks like. Complete. Train wreck.

    Posted by: Stephen | Aug 25, 2010 10:10:26 AM

  7. My ears are bleeding and the forks just fell out of my eye sockets !!!!

    Posted by: Maverick69 | Aug 25, 2010 10:19:25 AM

  8. Hahahahhahaha

    Posted by: Name: | Aug 25, 2010 10:22:45 AM

  9. holy shit! I couldn't look away! these poor people!

    Posted by: Patrick | Aug 25, 2010 10:26:03 AM

  10. I couldn't get passed the first air twirl of the "dancers"

    Posted by: Ryan | Aug 25, 2010 10:28:32 AM

  11. How the hell did she get the cast of Jersey Shore to back up dance for her?

    Posted by: RJ | Aug 25, 2010 10:43:51 AM


    Posted by: Jubal Harshaw | Aug 25, 2010 10:48:52 AM

  13. I think a few others said it best so I will repeat. Wow! Just, Wow!

    Posted by: psusfca | Aug 25, 2010 11:05:37 AM

  14. No. No. No, no, no. No!

    Posted by: Otto | Aug 25, 2010 11:26:33 AM

  15. lol when that one guy is spinning the other over his head

    they have the wrong physiques to be doing this sort of thing

    not to mention the half assed vocals - the audio levels are a complete mess

    what were they thinking?

    Posted by: neverstops | Aug 25, 2010 11:49:10 AM

  16. Why is it that rich people always seem to think that money=talent?

    Let'see how many rich bimbo housewives have thought they can make a record:
    "Countess" DeLesseps (Real Housewives of NY)
    Kim (Real Housewives of Atlanta)
    Danielle (Real Housewives of NJ)

    Oh...and think they can be fashion models?
    How about ALL of them?

    Money is a reality distortion field.

    Posted by: Chris | Aug 25, 2010 12:06:32 PM

  17. For her AGE, she comes of very sexy. The song is auto-tuned to death, but she isn't the only "artist" out there doing it. No worse than Tardy for the Party.


    Posted by: Hollywood, CA | Aug 25, 2010 12:16:25 PM

  18. Tragic train wreck. Proof that you can not buy class.

    Posted by: Jason | Aug 25, 2010 12:25:37 PM

  19. Welcome to our cultural apocalypse. Why is this so terrifying? Because they're not even EMBARRASSED. What happened to people perfecting their craft before they perform for the entire world to see? Oh no, I'm sorry. You just have to belieeeeeeve in yourself!!!1!!

    Oh, and @neverstops, you're totally right about the audio levels.

    Posted by: Andrew F | Aug 25, 2010 12:28:19 PM

  20. OMFG! That was awful.

    Posted by: moby | Aug 25, 2010 1:14:28 PM

  21. This video should come with a warning; "Do not eat while watching". Now I have to clean oat meal off of my computer screen.

    Posted by: christopher | Aug 25, 2010 1:18:33 PM

  22. Yes my singing and dancing sucks but if I put a really hot dance track behind it everything will be OK.

    Posted by: Danielle | Aug 25, 2010 1:21:17 PM

  23. I love Danielle - really - but this makes "Tardy For The Party" seem like a classic.

    Posted by: Joey | Aug 25, 2010 1:46:22 PM

  24. I think the Final Solution could be conservatively applied to "unique occurrences of societal refuse" like this.

    Posted by: D.R.H. | Aug 25, 2010 1:47:20 PM

  25. BAHAHAHAHAAHHAAAAA. neither of these girls can sing at all! danielle come on please just gooo away your 47 and dont need to be singing or cheer leading on the morning news or at all!

    Posted by: offishallboy | Aug 25, 2010 2:17:39 PM

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