News: Climbing, Jack Mackenroth, El Paso, Evan Lysacek, Illinois

 road Signorile: How the Right manipulated the media over Judge Walker's sexuality.

Mackenroth  roadFormer Project Runway designer and HIV activist Jack Mackenroth won seven medals at the Gay Games in Cologne, Germany this week.

 roadSimon Cowell shows off his manscaping skillz.

 roadBroadway Impact hosting major Prop 8 ruling celebration at Therapy in NYC tonight from 7-9: "Currently scheduled to take part in the celebration are Hunter Bell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Susan Blackwell, Nick Adams, Shayna Steele, Will Taylor, Jose Llana and Jason Tam.

A question-and-answer session will include Richard Socarides (former advisor to President Clinton) and newly crowned Miss New York Claire Buffie (she is running on a gay rights platform for the first time in Miss America history)."

 roadJane Lynch to host SNL.

 roadEl Paso, Texas voters to decide November 2 if domestic partners employed by the city are eligible for health benefits: "The topic has become a heated battle between those for and against the decision by El Paso City Council made months back. Many against the decision claim the city is endorsing homosexual lifestyles, and have been fighting to overturn council's decision."

 roadEvan Lysacek: The "verdict is still out" on Johnny Weir's gender.

 roadRobbie Williams tied the knot.

Mormon   roadA gay Mormon couple thanks Judge Walker.


Details on the Google – Verizon internet policy proposal. Neutrality nixed for wireless.

 roadEquality Illionois PAC endorses Illinois Governor Pat Quinn: "The endorsement highlights what gay rights advocates say are significant differences between Quinn and his Republican opponent, state Sen. Bill Brady, on issues of importance to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

'I think this is one of the most important elections ever, because the choices for our community are markedly different. We have a guy who opposed fairness and equality and a guy who spent his entire career standing up for all Illinoisans,' public policy director for Equality Illinois, Rick Garcia told"

 roadA shift in Orthodox Jewish attitudes toward gay people?

 roadMale model fix: Janice Fronimakis.

Homoclimb  roadA report on the recent Homoclimb.

 roadEvidence that Arizona's SB1070 has gone into effect

 roadYouthPride Atlanta calls on gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal to stop elevating the gay-bashing in his race against Karen Deal, and to stop lying about anti-bullying gay youth group.

 roadRyan Gosling, sitting around looking beautiful.

 road A review of the Neil Patrick Harris-directed production of Rent at the Hollywood Bowl.

 roadTarget stock sinks after boycott: "Shares in the Minneapolis-based discount retailer have declined 3.5 percent since the morning of July 27, when Target Chief Executive Gregg Steinhafel first defended the donation, prompting critics to call for a consumer boycott. Its shares were off 1.5 percent Tuesday, closing at $50.98…Target spokeswoman Jenn Glass said Tuesday that the shifting stock price reflects 'too many factors that we can't attribute it to just one thing.'"


  1. Brian in Texas says

    Wow, Jane Lynch hosting SNL? I think I’ll look forward to that even more than Betty White.

  2. Mike B. says

    When Simon Cowell got the lipo, he really should have gotten his chest done as well. The current result is puke-tastic.

  3. crispy says

    That SB1070 video posted at Shakesville (what a sad website!) is actually the exact opposite of SB1070. Had the most heinous parts of 1070 not been blocked by a federal judge, the city police would not have needed to call Border Patrol. They could have detained the woman themselves. It’s a fine distinction, I realize, but an important one nonetheless.

    And this behavior goes on all the time in Arizona. It’s nothing new.

  4. arch says

    simon cowell has serious gossip going round london media circles about his orientation – why all the fag hags hanging round him – the only question is when it all blows up in his face?

  5. mike/ says

    “Evan Lysacek: The “verdict is still out” on Johnny Weir’s gender.”

    let’s put it this way – Lysacek is from Naperville, Illinois;

    Peter LaBarbera lives in Naperville & must be a neighbor; so Evan has to be careful!!!

    oh, and the rumors about Evan aren’t that quiet either…

  6. Hellboy says

    Oh, Jack Mackenroth: apparently all the face work you had done just before filming Runway (which gave you a mersa- did no one tell you HIV+ elective surgery doesn’t mix well?) has made you more aquadynamic. You must be so proud.

    PS: Robbie will come to his senses and return to me. I know it.

  7. Thrill says

    The Target spokeswoman is correct. Correlation is not causation. It’s misleading to suggest that Target’s stock price fell because of the boycott, based solely on the timing. You need to take into account all the other variables that could have made the price fall.