Fight Back NY opens State Senator Ruben Diaz’s Closet


Fight Back NY has posted the results of its request for information on New York state senator and gay marriage foe, Ruben Diaz, Sr. What did they turn up? See below.

"10 Truths About Ruben"

  1. Ruben Diaz was investigated by the FBI
  2. He was arrested for possession of heroin and marijuana
  3. Ruben Diaz was only member of the New York Senate to vote against the ethics reform bill
  4. He was the only Democrat in the New York Senate to vote to shut down the state government
  5. Ruben Diaz refused to meet with his own constituents
  6. He compared the use of stem cells for medical research to the Nazis using “the ashes of the Jews to make bars of soap.”
  7. Ruben Diaz appropriated monies totaling $250,000 to an organization he founded, the Christian Community Benevolent Association
  8. He also appropriated monies totaling $1,120,000 to the Hispanic Federation, of which the Christian Community Benevolent Association is a part (see #7)
  9. Ruben Diaz defended former Sen. Hiram  Monserrate, who was expelled from the Senate due to a conviction for misdemeanor assault against his girlfriend
  10. Ruben Diaz and three other Democrats refused to support the Majority Leader, only to change their minds after he "offered them perks and committee chairmanships."

Fight Back NY wants people to know that Ruben Diaz, Sr. is bad for all New Yorkers.


  1. Alfonso Matias Jr says

    I love Fight Back NY. They have a goal and they make no apologies for how they do things. Not that what they’re doing is wrong, their methods are just a tad more aggressive that other gay rights organizations. Keep up the good fight, folks at FBNY!

  2. JauntyJohn says

    Excellent work — except Number 1. Lots of good people over the years have been “investigated” by the FBI or some other agency. (Not that I think of Diaz as a “good person.”) Investigations, accusations … these things are not facts, not conclusions, and can be used against anyone to smear. Other than that, a great compilation of the kind of track record which speaks of opportunism, cynicism and outright criminal behavior — this man should not be in office.

  3. MichaelJ says

    I realize the website link to Fight Back NY was to a fundraising page, and not to a campaign site. But I hope elsewhere they provide a translation of “10 Truths About Ruben” into Spanish, since almost 2/3’s of his State Senate District is Hispanic.

  4. VOTERAMOS says

    Yeah, it’s great work, but we already knew Diaz was corrupt. And what can we actually do with this information? I doubt any of us are actually Diaz constituents. If we want to get rid of him we don’t need more stories from the community about how corrupt Diaz is – we need to VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE.

    This guy is running against him:

    I plan to volunteer to try and get rid of Diaz the way we need to, to elect someone else. Let’s get Diaz out!!

  5. walter says

    in new york the bigger the crook the more we reelect him. our state senate is an embarassment. they change parties to gain power and stall was indicted for assault thrown out of office and still ran foe reelection another has been indited for stealing 14million dollars and is still in office andrew cuomo what happened to that case. these men are both friends and allie of diaz time to throw all new york state senators out of office they are all crooks

  6. says

    Is there a concerted effort by gays and other dissatisfied constituencies in the Bronx and NY State to mount a formidable campaign against the relection of Senator Ruben Diaz? If the answer is no, I am afraid we are not going to defeat him. I strongly suggest we set a goal to continue to chip away this year and organzie for the next elections with a clear goal and actions to defeat him then. At best all we can do is inconvenience him this year, make him spend money and raise concerns about his politics. Piss him off, when he is pissed he makes mistakes and alows his true self to be seen publicly.

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