1. seattle mike says

    I say we give that hot hunk of man whatever the heck he wants. As long as he promises to preside over the activities shirtless. :p

  2. dctopman says

    This is a great photo of him! I googled it and can’t find it…where did it come from? It looks cropped and I want to see the full image. A sexy hero for us all.

  3. RugbySkin says

    Gareth Thomas AND Ben Cohen in the same place at the same time? Chloroform sales will be through the ROOF!

  4. Drew says

    @dctopman: It could just be an avatar, so there’s likely no Google-ized version to find yet.

  5. Juicy says

    I notice some premature greying on his hairy pecs ?? Does Loreal have a product for this ??!

  6. Andy says

    And what would be wrong with greying chest hair? Gareth and the grey flecks are pretty much perfect as is.

  7. Ryk says

    Wanted to ask Gareth earlier tonight if he is going to get involved in the Bingham Cup but never did. Its a fantastic event that made me proud to be a gay man the first time I went. Bingham Cup Manchester 2012, you have my vote. Keep up the good work and keep your eye on the ball.