George Michael May Face Jail Time, Judge Tells Him


George Michael appeared in court today and pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of cannabis, Reuters reports:

"The judge at the magistrate's court who heard the 47-year-old star's guilty plea warned Michael he could face time in jail when he returns to be sentenced on September 14. 'I make it clear the options in respect of sentence remain open, including the power to imprison,' Robin McPhee told the court, according to the Press Association. 'It is a serious matter. Your driving was extremely poor and there was an accident. There is also a conviction from three years ago.' …The court heard how a police patrol found Michael slumped at the wheel of his Range Rover car in the early hours of July 4 after smashing into the facade of a photographic shop in Hampstead…The star was arrested and taken to Hampstead police station where he was found to be carrying cannabis cigarettes. A blood sample was taken and chemicals linked to cannabis were found in his system."

Michael was banned from driving for two years in 2007 and sentenced to 100 hours of community service for a similar offense.


  1. sparks says

    lol ARCH… my eye kinda landed on that policeman too.

    I will always love George Michael for his brilliant songwriting which has given me numerous songs I’ve enjoyed over the years. But I sure wish he hadn’t let dope and a lack of self-control make his life so messy.

    In my opinion, what has happened with George is a direct result of knowing he was gay yet building a career upon a legion of female fans by pretending to be straight. It’s a sad, self-destructive path that can leave deep scars and a ton of emotional baggage … even after coming out.

  2. says

    That’s an interesting read-out, Sparks. But I’ve always discovered fucked-up celebrities are that way for reasons far deeper and darker than the obvious ones.

    Is George’s boyfriend Kenny Goss STILL putting up with him? If so the man’s a saint.

    Looks like they’ll ahve to postpone that special episode of “Glee.”

  3. RONTEX says

    At David Ehrenstein, his boyfriend isn’t a saint so much as an idiot who suffers from low self esteem. George seriously needs to be put in rehab for a long time to deal with whatever issues he has. A little accountability never hurt anyone.

  4. TampaZeke says

    Had George been the average citizen he would have long since served MANY jail sentences and would have most certainly long since lost his driving privileges.

  5. OberonOZ says

    Its about time! I love George, but he obviously needs help! Not least because, you would think given his money he could at least afford a driver if hes gonna get stoned!! Its sad how much of his life he has wasted getting stoned all the time. By his own admission he does it a lot.

  6. Disgusted Gay American says

    Oh how the mighty have fallen..but, really..who didn’t see this coming from a mile away? As another commentor posted..IF he was Just a Average citizen – eh’d be in Jail already and or have his driving privilages taken away….how come there are 2 sets of rules..? one for the haves,and one for the have nots.

  7. excy says

    You cannot put someone in rehab and expect good results. The individual must admit to having a problem, admit and believe that their lives were out-of-control and want to be rehabilitated. Let’s hope he sees the light.
    In the meantime, take away his licence to drive. This guy is a danger on the road.

  8. chris says

    Well, I have long enjoyed him. Here is hoping this incident pushes him back into channeling his energies into wonderfully creative pursuits. The driving part is scary, the relationship stuff? None of my business. And hey- is it just me or does the police officer look a little like Andy? lol! HOT!

  9. Ugh says

    I am not sure if it is normal British law or just ridiculous treatment of celebrities (much like ‘California justice’), but he has been let off so many times with no punishment it’s kind of embarrassing. It has reached Pete Doherty levels. How many times have they found him passed out at the wheel in front of a trail of scraped and banged-up parked cars, and they haven’t even taken away his license?

    Tone, many people can drive while stoned. George has proven consistently that he can’t. And anyone who has smoked some actual good shit and not just ditchweed would not claim it causes “no impairment.” I’ve driven high many times, but I’ve also been so high many times that I wouldn’t have even considered it. It doesn’t do the pro-marijuana side any good to pretend like you’d have no problem if your brain surgeon blazed up right before he operated on you. Because you would. Because weed causes temporary impairment. Idiot.

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