Governor Rick Perry: Texas is ‘a Land of Opportunity’ Unless You’re Gay and Want to Marry


On the campaign trail, Governor Rick Perry talked up Texas:

That prompted a question, later on, from someone in the audience who wanted to know if the governor of Texas wants to be the next president of the United States. "No," Perry said. "I have no intention to go to Washington, D.C., except maybe to go to a museum, like the Smithsonian."

Social issues might be in the back seat, but they're still in the car: "There is still a land of opportunity, friends — it's called Texas," Perry said. "We're creating more jobs than any other state in the nation. … Would you rather live in a state like this, or in a state where a man can marry a man?"


  1. Craig says

    As they used to say, “Go east until you smell it, south until you step in it.”

    Real paradise. Sort of like the student truck driver I once had that rolled down the window of the truck as we went by a huge cattle feed operation: “Oh man, that smells like home!”

    I guess.

  2. Terry says

    I lived in Texas once. Once. Perry can have his death penalty loving, weirdo fundamentalist, homophobic state anytime.

  3. Robert says

    My question is, why can’t it be both. A state that provides jobs AND allow same sex marriage? How does one preclude the other? I swear the Fundie mindset is just mind-boogling……

  4. Brian in Texas says

    This man has been an absolute nightmare as Governor. Ten long years, was never elected, he got promoted when Bush got the presidency. The only thing I can think of that he’s done is the largest expansion of toll roads across the state, which is just a back door tax, and turned a somewhat moderate right leaning state into a conservative theocracy.

    Former mayor Bill White, the democrat in the race, actually has a chance, only trailing by 8 points in the polls, but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. David in Houston says

    As someone who lives in Houston (home of a lesbian mayor), Rick can go fuck himself with his redneck bigotry. Without even realizing it, he just spat in the face of over a million LGBT Texas citizens.

  6. Craig says

    What a hateful statement from OUR governor! Unbelievable. Rick Perry we can’t stand you but you are still our Governor and YOU represent us. Enough with this homophobia Rick.

    We need Bill White as Governor in Texas. He gets it on our issues and has a gay brother. Add Bill White for Governor to your Facebook Group page. Go Bill!

    It is time to evict this GOP azz out of Austin.

  7. ATX_country_girl says

    I’ve NEVER liked Perry and this is just the icing on the cake to make me hate him even more. The guy is an idiot & a jerk.

  8. XeroGravity says

    Ladies & Gentlemen, Did you really expect anything different out of the land of steers and queers…LOL. Home to some of the most pompous hypocrits and biggest hair-do’s. What I can respect is his honesty, he did not come across politically correct as window dressing. What you see is what you get. But ultimately he planted more hatred and bigotry…………..A La George Bush…Their legacy continues

  9. Travis says

    Which is funny, since Texas’ unemployment rate is about the same as Massachusetts and Connecticut, and the Lone Star State has a WORSE unemployment rate than Iowa, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Even Maryland and New York, states that at least recognize marriage, have unemployment rates as good as or better than Texas.

    I think he meant California, but I guess he doesn’t follow the news.

    So overall, more pearls of wisdom from Governor Good Hair. Quelle surprise.

  10. Jaybird89101 says

    Rick Perry, the longest-serving governor in Texas history, needs to git along. His homophobia knows no bounds. Little does he apparently realize just how many GLBT folk live in this state. If he found out, he’d probably want us all roped and branded so he and his fellow homophobes easily could pick us out in a herd, I mean, crowd! This poor excuse to lead this state needs to be defeated but I, too, am not holding my breath that it’ll happen!

  11. GGREEN says

    What happened to Texas? When I was a teenager I spent the summer in Houston it was cosmopolitan and the people I met were very liberal even for the late 1970’s. Now it seems it’s a race to the bottom with politicians trying to out crazy each other and the people are like sheep crying to be governed by biblical law. The don’t mess with Texas campaign to me said “We’re stupid and we LIKE it!”

  12. DeDee says

    OMG~I’m so embarassed to live in Texas!! I want to move~NOW!! Rick Perry is nothing but an asshole!

  13. tinhouston says

    Craig–(i didn’t know Bill had a gay brother.)
    Tell you what, he managed the Katrina, and Ike hells that Houston went through, pretty damned good, no?
    Yes, Bill White for Gov., for sure!!

  14. Casey says

    He’s right. If you look at the states that allow gay marriages, they are all turning to the Republicans because they are tired of the Democrats of selling them down the river and closer to hell by just changing the definition for a small, really small minority of sexual deviants.

  15. GregV says

    Perry won in 2006 with 39% of the vote, with just under 407,000 votes separating him from his gay-friendlier Democratic challenger. That difference is really only less than 2% of the Texas population.
    There are about 2.5 million senior citizens in Texas, most of them more conservative and homophobic than their younger neighbors.
    I wonder if Texas could ever turn blue and/or less hateful to gays as demographics change. Considering its size and influence, that would change politics in America considerably.
    I never would have expected a gay mayor in Houston so soon, but that’s already happened.

  16. RBearSAT says

    Craig one correction. Yes, Bill’s brother was gay and lived in San Antonio. He was a great artist here. However, he passed away not too long ago.

    I’ve talked to Bill several times and he strongly supports LGBT rights. The only problem even if he is elected is we still have that wonderful institution called the Texas legislature to deal with. Unfortunately it’s probably going swing a little more Red this next election due to anti-Obama attitudes in Texas.

    Texas has a chance to elect a Democratic governor if we could ever get Perry to quit the coward act and debate White. Right now he won’t debate, won’t meet with editorial boards, and speaks only through his two-bit communications director, Mark Miner. Miner does good to get two thoughts straight in the same sentence and has the typical answer of “we’ll have more details later.”

  17. Mark says

    Rick Perry = George W’s hanky baby.

    Before this article I wasn’t going to bother with this voting mess here in Texas. This spineless asshole needs to get along on down the road. And I think there are enough youngins who have had enough of his bullshit to make it happen. I mean, Bill White just picked up another million votes!

    FWIW: Ralph Hall, a rep in north texas, is just about even-steven with the biblical bullshit.

  18. TOMR says

    @GGREEN – Houston hasn’t changed. It’s still pretty cosmopolitan, and we routinely vote for Democrats here (cept for the fundies out in the burbs). That’s why we have an openly lesbian mayor.

  19. TampaZeke says

    If I had been there my question for the Governor would have been very simple:

    Governor Perry, when are YOU coming out?

  20. walter says

    texas doesn’t allow same sex couples but i bet a man can marry his horse or his first cousin or a cow or two.time for this idiot to hit the trail

  21. Nick says

    The irony is the openly, lesbian mayor of Houston. Dallas almost had an openly gay mayor not too long ago. Ed Oakley lost by a slim margin in a runoff election. Dallas County went for Obama in 2008 too.

  22. Jim Stone says

    Come on you good old gay boys and gals in Texas…twitter this..Facebook this..eject the creep!!!! We can do it!!

    It is funny..he is making fun of Mass.. Since gay marriage has been legal there for so many years has one of the LOWEST divorce rates in the country…

    Talk about STUPID!! You are running for office and you NEED votes..then you make a stupid remark that alienates 10% of the population..AND..their friends and family.

    He needs to attend “Runing for Political Office 101″…

  23. Craig says

    Casey, quick question. If you believe that gay marriage state “are tired of the Democrats of selling them down the river and closer to hell by just changing the definition for a small, really small minority of sexual deviants.”

    Sir, are you one of those “small minority of sexual deviants” that are so self-loathing that you actually believe that trash, or are you one of the “small, really small minority of sexual deviants” that’s so deep in denial that you’re an evangelical hanging around a gay news website?

    Either way, it’s kinda sick. Know what I’m saying?

  24. says

    “‘Would you rather live in a state like this, or in a state where a man can marry a man?'”

    Well, Rick, I’d rather live in a state where a man can marry a man, and I do.

    And, Casey, marriage equality states aren’t turning Republican in any noteworthy way, and even if they do, gay couples marrying in those states is a done deal. You and the Repubs better get used to it.

  25. RBearSAT says

    Jim we are doing much of what you ask for. White’s got one of the more advanced social media campaigns and there are great resources going after him, especially his cowardice in debating.

    Regarding losing the votes, I’ll have to be honest. He never had those to start with except those die-hard LCRs that still hold on to the TX Repubs accepting (BTW, read the Texas Republican Party platform if you really still hold that dream).

    Perry’s holding an 8 point advantage over White in the latest Rasmussen with 7% undecided and 4% MoE. There’s still time and White has a funding advantage. More to come as this progresses.

  26. TANK says

    That last question isn’t a part of his argument. Same sex marriage has nothing to do with prosperity…except beneficially due to the influx of cash from same sex partners who wed.

    And it’s a question, so it’s neither true nor false. It’s baseless, empty hate speech. There’s nothing redeeming about him.

    Get the big dogs out…start spreading rumors of him molesting children, and phrase it as a question. “DID RICK PERRY MOLEST DOZENS OF CHILDREN OVER THE COURSE OF HIS LIFETIME?” “IS IT POSSIBLE THAT RICK PERRY RAPES CHILDREN?”

    Ya know, it may seem far fetched now, but the more that people hear it, the more they’ll question it.

  27. Lisa says

    I’d rather live in a state where a man can marry a man, and I’m a middle-aged straight woman. So, shove it, Rick Perry and your rich lobbyist friends.

  28. says

    The “man marrying a man” quote seemed really out of place in the context of the rest of the paragraph. It didn’t make sense. How does one even resemble the other let alone equal it? But I guess he got a couple more fundie votes out of it, and that’s the main goal, so there you go.

  29. ASTROLAD says

    Glass houses, Governor. It wasn’t that long ago that Rick Perry was on the verge of being outted. Then along came Katrina and the story went away. Check out google. Perry’s true sexual orientation has been questionable for YEARS.

  30. tj says

    Statements like this made me glad that I left my home state, with my state-subsidized graduate degree for a jurisdiction where I both have a good paying job and can marry a man. What an asshole.

    And sad that this is what the state exports. Plenty of good people (and good food!) that are overshadowed by closet cases like Perry.

  31. johnny says

    With a jobless rate of 10.2 percent, Texas is no. 22 out of 50 for employment rates.

    So much for creating more jobs than any other state.


  32. John says

    Ricky baby – we WILL have same-sex marriage Texas. It may not be soon, but I hope that you live to see it!

  33. DN says

    Gay-baiting piece of shit. Hope he needs the help of a gay firefighter or police officer someday, and he can see that gay people aren’t worthless.

    Nonetheless, he should know that already. This man is fecal matter.

  34. Joe says

    It’s things like this that make me embarrassed to say I’m from Texas (although my hometown does have Annise Parker).

    There were so many other examples he could have used because so many other states have downright silly laws. The fact that he went after that one is disgusting.

  35. Bravecat says

    A few years ago, The Gov. spoke at the grand opening of Lakewood Church. In it, he said that the thing he loved most about Lakewood was that EVERYBODY was welcome. Where is that guy? Oh, I forgot, he’s piece of crap.

  36. RBearSAT says

    Johnny regardless what Perry says I believe in keeping facts straight. The August 2010 unemployment figure show Texas at 8.2%, not 10.2%. Texas has a resilient economy, mostly thanks to local officials providing a good business environment. Perry likes to claim that figure since it is a statewide figure but he’s done little to help achieve it.

    Personally, for all you Texas haters and leavers, I’m proud of the state I live in. It has one of the best business environments anywhere in the nation, a more diversified population, and great culture. Yes, we have idiots like Perry and Rep. Riddle who invented the “terror babies” term. But we also have Mayor Annise Parker, Sen. Leticia Van De Putte who co-chaired the DNC in 2008, and many others.

    We just need to clean out Gov. Good Hair.

  37. nic says

    if ever the locution ‘preening popinjay’ were apt, it certainly is here. gawd, this effete pantywaist has gone much too far without an iota of substance. such is texas politics. look at dubya, (big bad john)cornyn and hay-baley hutchinson. the problem with texas is that although the metro areas (houston, dallas, austin, san antonio, and the rio grande valley are largely democratic, the bulk of the state is comprised of redneck hayseeds.

  38. ratbastard says

    I have it on excellent authority that Perry is gay. I’m not being flip or sarcastic….the dude is a closet homo. And I’m not one of those people who say this about every anti-gay homophobe, I think that’s BS; but not in this case.

  39. Rick S. says

    Well, RATBASTARD, as Glenn Close’s Marquise de Merteuil says in “Dangerous Liaisons,”: “I never listen to what people are trying to say, I listen to what they are trying to hide.” And what, in particular, is Rick Perry trying to hide when he suddenly goes reaches into left field, in a context that has nothing to do with sexual morality, in order to make a comment asserting his opposition to same-sex marriage? I think his little comment speaks volumes.

  40. Boston Queer in Dallas says

    Governor Pretty Hair had better watch his gay baiting. About ten years ago there was a story that Mrs Pretty Hair caught him in bed with a rentboy. She announced a press conference and suddenly a million bucks showed up to shut her up…thanks to Tom DeLay. Well the young cub reporter on this trail suddenly disappeared. The story vanished suddenly and no more was said. Maybe he’s about to have a Ken Mehlman outing or something.

  41. Kevinintexas says


    Completely agree. I love it here. My family has been in Texas for generations, I have great friends here, there’s great food, and so much natural beauty. It’s a shame that all that people on the coasts see of Texas is Perry, or some of our idiot representatives.

    Also, I don’t know the statistics, but we do have a very business-friendly, resilient economy here. We also have the biggest city in the nation with a gay mayor, and several other cosmopolitan cities.

    I think it’s funny that Rick Perry lives and “governs” from the city that probably despises him the most. Hah. Praying that we get Bill White in the next election, and that he can put a better face on our state for the rest of the nation.

  42. Adam says

    Before you guys dismiss Texas, take note that its cities are rapidly “blue-ing,” and it’s possible that it will soon be like many swing states, with blue urban centers and red rural areas. It just takes time for people to, well, let’s be honest: grow old, die, and stop voting.

  43. ratbastard says


    Texas is cool, and the people are mostly cool.

    [I’m from NYC and Boston, live in Boston now. Been to Texas multiple times to visit close family, friends and for business. I’ve always enjoyed it overall (except for the KILLER heat and humidity!). The average Texan is no worse than anyone else I’ve encountered in this world.]

  44. RBearSAT says

    You know, for all you people who claim Perry is a closet gay I’ve heard those kind of rumors on Clinton and scores of others. You know how far they got us? Nowhere. Personally we’re more focused on dealing with Perry on issues and not scandals. You may live off that but for those who are trying to make Texas a better state on all counts that doesn’t mean anything to us.

    All I can say, if you’re a resident of Texas then get to your local White campaign office and volunteer. If you’re from out of state (even those who left the state) leave us to our bidness because this is about Texas and Texans striving for a better future and not the latest tabloid scandal. To Tank, your approach is about the stupidest I’ve heard in here. That’s not how the Republic was built or won. If you want to spread dirt go do it on your own turf.

    I’m sorry but I thought there’d be intellectual discourse in here. Instead I’m hearing a bunch of scandal hungry queens wanting to bed Perry with the prettiest rentboy they can find. That’s not what futures are built on.

  45. Edward in Dallas says

    Hey Dave. Why would you limit your travel based upon some homophobe’s comment? Are you saying that if the governor of Washington made a similar comment you wouldn’t travel to that state either? You shouldn’t assume the mindset of one political “leader” (using the term loosely for someone like him) is that of everyone living in the state. I have straight friends both Republican and Democrat alike who are in full support of equal rights for everyone. Stupidity isn’t limited to locale. Every state has an idiot working in a position of political power, and they will always have someone like Perry making ridiculous comments. That’s not going to stop me from going to Florida or Nevada. Lighten up, book a flight to Dallas, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio and come have some fun here.

  46. Kathryn says

    The only reason people kick Texas is because they’re jealous. As for the “traitors”, well ya’all if you can’t run with the big dogs, just stay on the porch! I’m sick of people kicking Perry. He’s the best Governor we’ve had in a looong time, if not ever. He has brought more Texas pride back to our state and more Americanism back to us than anyone else before him. I’m volunteering to help his campaign and anyone else out there that still has his #$@#% (or hers in some cases-I know some women that have them) better get on with helping Perry to get re-elcted!! Think about this for a minute instead of bashing. Use your God given brain for a second. DO YOU REALLY WANT A GOVERNOR (BILL WHITE) WHO SUPPORTS OBAMA AND HIS LIBERAL, SOCIALISTIC POLICIES WHO WANTS TO DESTROY THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE?? If you don’t believe me, read Obama’s book “Dreams of my Father”….don’t buy it, get it at the library. Or would you rather have a Governor that is willing to go the extra mile and if necessary secede from the USA if it gets to be in our best interests?????????????????? He’s dedicated.
    Our major problem is not so much the government but the uneducated crazy idiots who put these liberal/socialist/communist/facist creeps in office. I’m a Patriot and I will stay one until the day I die. I’m ashamed of some so-called Americans that they have turned on themselves. Think about it.

  47. Kathryn says

    After reading all your comments, is this a gay or Democrat (or both–beginning to think those two words are synonomous) site??
    Everyone, have a GOOD, FREE (for now), pleasant weekend.