JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater Held on $2500 Bail


Overnight celebrity Steven Slater, who now has Facebook pages and websites dedicated to him, was arraigned in court today on felony charges of reckless endangerment and criminal mischief stemming from his dramatic exit down the emergency slide of an aircraft at JFK airport yesterday, following an altercation with a passenger.

More on yesterday's arrest

"Port Authority police said it took jetBlue 25 minutes to report the incident, allowing Slater time to leave the scene.

Cops found him in bed with his boyfriend when they arrived to arrest him at a beachfront home in the Rockaways with a porch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, sources said.

He boasted to skeptical cops that he really did escape by chute with his carry-on luggage.

'Oh, yes, I did! I threw them down first and I went down after,' he told cops, sources said.

He was grinning as police walked him in handcuffs to a squad car. 'He left with a big smile on his face,' said neighbor Curt Karkowski."

The WSJ reports:

"Before a packed courtroom, Judge Mary O’Donoghue set bail at $2,500. Slater, 38 and a career flight attendant, is charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. His attorney, Howard Turman said his client is expected to post bail Tuesday.

Slater’s appearance in Queens Supreme Court was accompanied with much fanfare. He walked into the courtroom in a green shirt and plaid shorts, wearing what looked like a smirk on his face — a reaction his attorney said was prompted by all the media coverage. 'I think he can’t believe the amount of attention this is getting,' said Turman, a legal aid.

Turman did all the speaking for his client during the five-minute arraignment, and O’Donoghue ordered Slater to stay away from two airline employees who offered witness statements — something both sides said was a standard procedure."

More from the NYT:

"Mr. Turman said that on the ground at Kennedy, the female passenger 'was outraged and cursing' at Mr. Slater, who 'wanted to avoid a conflict.'

Law enforcement officials said that after the passenger cursed at Mr. Slater, he grabbed the intercom, cursed her out, bid passengers goodbye, grabbed a beer, and activated the inflatable exit chute.

When asked why Mr. Slater chose to go avoid the conflict by taking the emergency slide, Mr. Turman replied, 'It was right there.'"


  1. Chris says

    Maybe funny, but this guy’s an idiot. That type of reaction is unacceptable. He should know that the FAA takes nothing as a joke. I don’t know if they’ll actually end up sending him to prison, but JetBlue should discipline him- this type of behavior clearly indicates he’s too unstable.

  2. Tell It Like It Is says

    I stopped flying JetBlu because of asshole passengers like the bitch who set this guy off.

    The New York- Florida flights are the worst. I sat down next to a woman who had her screaming kid on her lap the entire 4 hour fight (she did not want to buy her kid her own seat) and then changed the kid’s diaper right next to me. On top of it, she tried to pick a fight with me when I asked to have my seat changed cause she felt insulted nobody wanted to sit next to her shrieking kid. She was so ghetto.

    I mean – how many of us haven’t had our souls sucked out of us by unruly kids or beligerent drunks on a plane that think the rules do not apply to them?

    I am surprised that more flight attendants do not snap.

    People have no propriety, decorum, or civil behavior these days. Everyone thinks anything goes.

    Like Crispy – I hope they release the name of the skank who wouldn’t sit her stank ass down.

  3. slippy says

    O chill out Chris -peeps are NOT machines ,I’ve read that his mom is dying with cancer and this was just the final straw,the more the corps try’s to cut cost the more we all get squeezed -dude just did what lots of us only dream of doing when pushed too far and man did he do it with STYLE -U GO !!!

  4. jakeinlove says

    Ok. Drama queen reaction, yes, but if he’s being held on $2500 bond what’s happening to the woman who allegedly cursed and/or hit him to begin with?

  5. mnrocko says

    I would guess nothing happened to the bitchy lady since businesses always cave to the consumer…I am in the service industry and the customer is not always right nor do I pretend they are, more often then not it’s a ploy to get something from the company..the majority of people are evil. It is the product of a “me society” where no one else counts. I always reward my customers for “good” behavior, never bad.

  6. A. Beaverhausen says

    “wearing what looked like a smirk on his face — a reaction his attorney said was prompted by all the media coverage.”

    Oh. Come. On. You call yourself a lawyer? Here’s how to spin it:

    “wearing what looked like a smirk on his face — a neurological condition his attorney said was caused by getting knocked in the head by the unruly passenger’s falling luggage.”

    The New York State Bar Association should look into this guy. Did he even go to law school?

  7. Chris K says

    I’ve always felt so horrible for flight attendants. They have to put up with people’s stupid shit all day long. How can it be so difficult for people to behave on an airplane, and not make the crew members’ days an all-out hell? Yes, it was his job to serve passengers, but everyone has a limit, and no one has to stand cursing. I hope the woman – who really is to blame for this – get’s some kind of a punishment as well. That’s never gonna happen though..

  8. Rory says

    Airline travel is thoroughly unpleasant, even in business or first class. I suppose being a flight attendant is no more difficult than many other stressful jobs, but I am surprised more do not go postal. I guess it’s the pay.

  9. Eric26 says


    Although changing a baby next to someone is obviously disgusting, I’m sorry to say you have no right to complain about screaming babies. Of course it’s unpleasant, but sometimes people need to go places with their kids, and their kids scream. It’s a fact of life, stop crying about it (you’re a grown up).

  10. A. Beaverhausen says

    @WTF: You seem to be a tiny bit humor-impaired. Whose luggage knocked you in the head? [Beaverhausen suddenly gets idea for Halloween costume…hmmm, will this Steven Slater/jetBlue thing last through October?]

    If we can’t make fun of lawyers anymore then it’s all over. Seriously.

  11. Fred says

    Priceless –
    A couple of ex bf’s are flight attendants. They had amazing stories of situations where stress and emotions rose to extremely high levels.

    Felony charges should be dropped. Slap the guy on his wrist and say thank you for not punching the customer.

    If that doesn’t happen, JetBlue better cover their ass and file a complaint against the customer to avoid shit hitting the fan with other flight attendants… I’m just sayin’

  12. chasmader says

    I’d be honored, if asked, to post his bail for him.

    Fortunately, I’m at the point in my career where I no longer have to travel weekly for business. Travel sure aint like it used to be and this poor kid deserves a medal, not a jail cell.

  13. Lead says

    Take a nice warm enema CHRIS and wash that big ‘ol hair that’s lodged across your big arse away…It’s August ‘silly season’ and this is the best entry so far. Bravo!

  14. SSCHIEFRSHA says

    Oh the tragedy of riding the economy class. I miss it not-not for a moment. I beg you to overcharge me to have a pleasanter travel experience with people my own class.

  15. alex says

    Hero? Not even close. By deploying the slide, he cost JetBlue thousands as they had to replace it. (I read $40k on another site; although, it wasn’t an official source.) Additionally, the plane was not available the following day, which caused cancellations that affected hundreds of passengers.

  16. Tracy says

    Charge the passenger with assault.
    She broke airline rules, FAA rules and she assaulted the flight attendant, yet he is the one in trouble. I’m sure if it were a male passenger and a female flight attendant, the passenger would be cooling his heels in jail.

  17. anastasia beverhausen says

    Ok, let me just clarify; Im the original Anastasia Beverhausen.
    A. Beverhausen above is a fake and I have DNA tests to prove it.
    I fully agree with her legal Analysis though. But let’s bitchslap now A.B.

  18. Dave says

    That guy is no HERO, he is a selfish asshole who violated FAA safety rules by deploying the escape chute for no reason. He committed a federal offense and put himself above the safety of the passengers. He’s an embarrassment to homosexuals everywhere and does nothing but hurt each and every one of us in the eyes of the public, not the least other male flight attendants, gay or not.

  19. The Other Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    I could be Anastasia Beaverhausen, Esq. to avoid confusion. I’m not a member of the bar, but I’ve been thrown out of a few over the years.

  20. Dave says

    No I’m right. He is a disgrace to the gay community. The vast majority of the public’s opinion is not relevant here. We are a nation of laws and he, once being a flight attendant, knew the laws specifically as they apply to his role as a flight attendant and he knowing violated the law and in doing so put the safety of everyone in and around that aircraft in peril. He could very well have killed someone on the ground crew servicing that aircraft or a passenger could have walked out that door and fallen to their death. He cost his former employer at least 100k that day in the cost of replacing the chute and the expense of the cascading delay that he caused because he is a selfish asshole. He is facing up to seven year in prison for his needless act and he will never work again unless you call handing out towels at a bath house work. I sure hope he saved his money.

  21. justiceontherocks says

    Dave, You are a great example of what’s wrong with America. You say that what a majority of people think doesn’t matter. Only your opinion does, I guess.

    Lighten up a little. You’ll live longer.

  22. asdf says

    Sorry, Davey Doodles. Still wrong. Most people consider him a hero of the working class and a crusader against rude behavior. If anything, the fact that a gay man has become an icon of our times is quite remarkable. He’s no disgrace.

    As for work, I’m purty sure he’s gonna be fine. I’d wager he’s considering multiple offers right now.

  23. Dave says

    I’m what’s wrong with America? Hardly. Lighten up? I could not be lighter when I’m at a concert, partying with friends or frolicking gaily in a field of flowers; however, work as a flight attendant is very different than that of most industries. When your role entails ensuring the safety of the flying public, your flight crew and the ground crew the margin for error is narrow and you have to put yourself not second, but 500th. His lack of professional control is shocking. Attitudes that what he has done is permissible in anyway is symbolic of what is wrong with America. In this matter, my opinion, yours and that of the public is not applicable, it matters in so much as I think it’s a nice day but who cares. If the vast majority of people thought that it was of to shit on the street, the vast majority of people would be wrong.

    He, in throwing his hissy-fit violated FAA regulations he literally committed a FEDERAL OFFENCE. I for one prefer living in a society where people know the difference between self and selflessness. If he felt threatened he could have had the guy arrested for disobeying a member of the flight crew; instead, he behaved like an idiot and put everyone’s safety second. He is lucky that he didn’t kill someone.

  24. Mike says

    What a drama queen! Yeah, it was pretty fricken’ funny though. I’ve been on plenty of flights where there is ALWAYS some idiot who jumps out of their seat and starts getting their luggage on an active runway. He obviously over-reacted but if I got hit in the head by some idiots luggage I would be pissed also. He should have gotten the stupid passenger arrested. In any event, he should go free.

  25. says

    You, Diva Slater, are my MOTHERFUCKING HERO!!!

    But I have a question:

    If bail is set at $2500.00, don’t you only have to come up with 10% of that to slip-n-slide out of jail on a JetBlue chute? If so, that means Diva Slater (my MOTHERFUCKING HERO!!!) can’t come up with 250 bucks to get sprung from jail.

    I know they work flight attendants like slaves – with the slave wages to boot – but DAMN! I’d have my boyfriend (who he allegedly was in the middle of fucking when the police showed up at his front door) work the ho stroll up in the South Bronx fou a couple hours and get my ass outta jail!

    I’m just sayin’…

  26. The Other Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    I’m in for $50. Do they take Visa or do I have to wire it from my bank? None of that PayPal crap, please; I’m so over them.

    Hey, maybe we can get Target and Best Buy to redeem themselves by allowing gift card balances to be contributed to the Slidin’ Steven Slater Bail & Legal Defense fund. I’d go to Target just to make the donation.

  27. Tom in long beach says

    Wow what a story:
    I really wish for him he would have had the woman arrested for not complying with instructions before the plane made it to the gate. And sued her for bodily harm.
    However having worked with the public most of my life (waiter) I can understand how you want to snap. One idea that made me laugh is that the woman who must have been in a hurry to get somewhere was most likely very delayed by the shoot deployment. Sorry for the other folks, But HA HA for her. If a customer ever hits me even with an object I am calling security and the LBPD.

    Tom in Long Beach

  28. FlightAttendant5years says

    I have been a Flight Attendant for 5 years…I know the pay, conditions, customers, and expectations. This guy is nothing more than a crazy selfish idiot. Being a Flight AttendNt can be stressful and frustrating, sure. But I get MORE vacations to blow off steam than any job out there. I have been hit, threatened, cursed at, and disrespected by asshole customers on a weekly basis but NEVER would I endanger my fellow crewmembers or customer the way this guy did. Fed up? Yell and get out. But the lasting damaged he caused to a reputable airline like jetblue is selfish and ridiculous. Sorry everyone, but regardless of all the public support for this so called “hero” he is Going to jail and will pay more than$2500 in bail. He will owe jetblue hundreds of thousands in damages. He is a dumb ass…

  29. shanghai lil says

    girlz, this is the way to leave a job.

    with dignity and drama

    you just know this bitch has watched valley of the dolls over 1000 times.

    you just know

  30. EJ says

    As A must fly every week I have to say there are one hell of a lot unhappy crew on must flights. It seems they think we are inconveniencing their life, forget that we are paying their salaries.

    There are times when the shoe is on the other foot and this might have been one of them; enough is enough so let the new folk hero have his 20 minutes on Leno, Letterman etc. Maybe it will help both ends of the aisle.

    I still resent the $50.00 baggage charge, enough with the 9/11 trauma we have moved on and the airlines made $56,000,000.00 on that little charge, give me a break,.

    If it is under 250 miles I’ll either drive or take a bus or a train.

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