Judge Blocks Federal Funding of Stem Cell Research

Back in March 2009, Obama signed an executive order reversing a policy put in place by George W. Bush which limited federal funding for stem cell research. A federal judge has now blocked that order:

Stemcell "U.S. Chief District Court Judge Royce Lamberth in Washington ruled that government funding for embryonic stem-cell research was barred by a law that prohibits the use of federal money for research in which an embryo is destroyed. Lamberth said Congress clearly intended to bar federal funding of research involving embryo destruction, and added, "This Court is bound to apply the law as it is written." The judge rejected the Obama administration's argument that embryonic stem-cell research itself did not result in the destruction of embryos."


  1. Mike says

    Oh well, Congress needs to get off their ass and fix it. Let’s see if the GOP has the balls to filibuster. This is a judicial mid-term election gift! Fox News will avoid it like the plague. Come on Harry Reid, time to call the GOP out! The majority of the country truly want this…

  2. TANK says

    This is absolutely disgusting. Just know that the judge has the misery and suffering of all who could benefit from this research on his hands. Embryonic stem cell treatments have the potential to lift millions upon millions of people out of lives that are simply not worth living…lives filled with misery, suffering, and depression unparalleled by your wildest imaginings. This man is evil, and this decision is evil. And that is not rhetoric…that is the sober truth.

    To compare that to even the lives of the unborn demonstrates a sincere, sociopathic lack of the bare minimum of concern toward you fellow man.

  3. Drew says

    It seems a lot of shit really DOES come down to that BS cliche of “for the children”. Gay marriage is bad because the end result: NO CHILDREN. Sex, violence and swear words can’t be on television for the adults because of: the CHILDREN. This country is so youth oriented now, that even embryonic cells seem to have more rights and luxuries than people do.

  4. Cory says

    As a juvenile diabetic since 12 (I take excellent care of myself, A1C never about 6 and always at the gym), this makes me sad. My father has lost his sight in his left eye and both his legs as he has been diabetic since 6. Pharm companies will NEVER fund cures as there’s more money in TREATING diabetes, cancer and AIDS than a one time cure or vaccine. I don’t think this is about religion but more about the insurance and pharmaceutical companies paying off politicians and the gov’t to keep science from progressing. What the EU and Canada have down with embryonic stem cell research is mind blowing.

    It seems the U.S. becomes more 3rd world every day, oil spills that will impact the planet for decades, attacking an “assumed” Muslim man who was really a worker in NYC, revoking the rights of other American’s, killing others they disagree with, we’re looking more and more like the countries we claim to fight in the name of freedom and democracy every day.

  5. aj says

    This isn’t that big of a deal. I am a scientist working in the transplant field, and most of the funding for stem cell research is available through private organizations anyway. All this does is block the federal government from supplying the funding for research operating OUTSIDE OF the original 11 stem cell lines used. My field isn’t taking a huge step backwards by any means because of this decision. If anything, it may spur greater discovery by eliciting even more private funding. That’s exactly what happened with the human genome project… after the government got out of the way it was completed in 1/10 of the time it was originally thought it would take… by two separate companies at that. It’s unfortunate that this debate has become such a hot-button issue due to uninformed people on both sides giving their opinions on something they really don’t understand.

  6. Michael says

    The argument was that stem cell research would reduce the number of children available for adoption. WTF!!! Aren’t orphanages full of children now? It is time for Congress to enact a law allowing stem cell research and save lives. Keep the fundamentalist xtians out of science and research.

  7. says

    OK, so just an observation…

    Now we use the term “judicial activism” / “judicial tyranny” when we don’t agree with the judge’s interpretation of the law.

    We shouldn’t be using terms that the other side uses against rulings for us, i.e. Judge Walker’s Prop 8 decision.

  8. Jerry6 says

    Yes, the embryos were never going to become children in the first place. What a waste.
    When I was a child I thought that Separation of Church and State meant that religious beliefs could not be used to interfere with the Government. Then, I found out that religious leaders are members of the government So much for separation. What a farce.

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