1. says

    She said it herself: she’s a “DUMB fucking pop star.” Or “Vogue on the outside—vague on the inside.” – Bette Midler [when she was still “Divine”]

    She COULD have made a real difference. Her refusal to perform there could have made her fans angry enough TO do something. It could have inspired other performers to boycott, too, along with sports teams and labor groups and other conventioneers, which, as Robert Kennedy once said, “collectively can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

    Or she could have at least passed out flyers as people were leaving, telling them HOW to become involved in overturning the law; or just flashed the contact info for the appropriate group on one of her Jumbotron screens that everyone could have simply snapped a pic of with their cell phones. Or DARE I say, announced that she was donating a portion of her haul to some immigrant rights group?

    But all she did was preach to the choir, hype their egos for being in the presence of someone hip inside a concert hall bubble, reinforcing the myth that self-righteousness alone is a strategy for change. But they went back to their houses and apartments in the state run by bigots, while she jetted off to her next money-sucking gig over the rainbow, leaving silly little gay girls on Towleroad to imagine that she actually accomplished something.

    When does SHE perform for Rush Limbaugh?

  2. No open borders welfare state can survive says

    Why do I need documents to enter the U.S. when I am a citizen of the U.S., but illegal aliens do not?

    Get real people, undocumented aliens are illegal and subsidized cheap labor for our exploitative classes!!!

  3. JJ says

    I like Lady Gaga and have seen her twice before. Out of those times (one was on FI and another at Terminal 5), it sounded like she was singing completely live. I will say, however, that I can tell from this video that she is singing with a backing vocal track. Not complaining tho just an observation …

  4. Paul R says

    Actually, Michael, she was far more eloquent—after a year or two in the spotlight—than Elton John in his asshole comments. And he’s been around 40 years.

    I don’t see how punishing her fans would accomplish anything, and since you weren’t at the concert, I wouldn’t assume this speech was her sole action. Not to mention, most of the money made from the show will go to her and private promoters, not the state of Arizona. And the matter is now for the courts to decide; endless protests can only achieve so much when the fate of the heinous law is in the hands of the judiciary.

    Oh, and calling her fans “silly little gay girls” speaks volumes about you. Especially when you open your comment with a quotation from Bette Midler. Doesn’t that make you a silly old gay jerk? Move on, instead of attacking the most GLBT-friendly performer on the face of the earth.

  5. Josh says

    Actually the more LGBT friendly artist out there right now is without a doubt: CYNDI LAUPER! I would love to see both making a duet!

    Our Community knows very well what if feels like to be discriminated! This may be a good time for the HRC to speak with the Hispanic Community and make a deal. We will support your cause if YOU support OURS!

  6. Larson says

    I get the message and she means well, but she’s surprisingly (and woefully) inarticulate…”all you immigrants”? And obviously she’s a pop star so I wasn’t expecting anything deep, but her speech was so superficial that it bordered on pandering…a liberal Sarah Palin if you will.

    And it’s not about making a dent in the economy in Arizona (i.e. the canceling or boycotting of shows), but more about the message and intent behind it. I’m surprised someone in her camp didn’t pass that memo on to her.

    It’s all good. She’s big now, and it’s great that she’s at least addressing the issue.

  7. SkepticalCicada says

    I agree with Michael. This was disappointing. She didn’t allow SB1070 to interfere with her raking in money for her concert. Now, if she’s donated all her concert receipts from Phoenix to the anti-SB1070 forces, that would be a different story.

    As for Elton John, I’ve long ago written off that egocentric queen.

    Hey, No Open Borders, stop trying to dress up your rabid xenophobia in class-consciousness. Deportation is not a form of liberation for undocumented workers.

  8. Paul R says

    @Josh: I’d say they’re neck and neck on GLBT friendliness, but Gaga reaches a much wider audience. If it’s any consolation, they just did a product duet on MAC lipstick supporting HIV/AIDS causes.

    @Larson: “all you immigrants” is accurate for all Americans save native ones. And a deep speech wouldn’t exactly fit in at her show. But as you said, at least she spent 5 minutes addressing the issue.

    @JJ: Yes she often uses backing tracks. Given that she’s been performing nonstop for a couple years, I’m sure her vocal cords are incredibly strained. Some of her recent performances have been fairly embarrassing in that regard.(Frankly, I think she needs to take a break or she’s going to burn out.) Luckily, much of her show lies in the visuals—like her gorgeous dancers.

    Michael saying “blah blah blah” is the funniest post he’s ever made, though obviously unintentional since he lacks any sense of humor.

  9. JEREMY says

    Lady Gaga’s fans have an average IQ of 30 (and I’m being generous with that). She’s a trashy, beak-nosed Madonna/Grace Jones/Ace of Base rip-off “artist” who can’t sing, can’t dance, and whose lyrics sound like they were written by a See-N-Say (“Ra Ra Ga Ga/Cow Says Moo”). And her biggest fan is the nasty scum and shame of the gay community known as Perez Hilton.

    To suggest that Lady Gaga could influence this debate either way is absolutely ridiculous. Even if she did pass out flyers at one of her concerts, her fans would probably just eat them and say “THIS TASTE LIKE YUM!” on their way out to the short buses in the parking lot.

  10. Brett says

    I mostly don’t care for her music unless I am running and I certainly don’t give a crap what an un-educated singer has to say about the law.

    I am hoping that the Supreme Court will pick this up and it will be the first time in my life that I will be rooting for and hoping the right leaning contingent wins out and finds the Arizona law good law.

    I would like to see Florida pass an equally stringent law; get rid of the wet-foot-dry foot bull crap for the cowardly Cubans (remember they didn’t fight for their beloved Cuba; they left) and make it extremely difficult to live here as an illegal alien. No more immigrants period; unless you are really smart or have a lot of money. The Aussies and the Kiwis base your immigration potential on those two aspects and we should too. We are not the worlds halfway house anymore.

  11. Jones says

    Everyone who is throwing their arms up in anger over the fact that Lady gaga spoke on this issue without somehow coming across as a Harvard civil rights scholar has got to have an astounding amount of egotistical venom in their blood. 1) It’s her damn business to perform where she wants, 2) It’s her damn business to speak out on issues that she wants, 3) She gets her message across and America still loves her. Finally, everyone who complains on how they hate gaga for being too “madonna” needs to realize the music they liked years ago is now labeled “oldies” and you have to go to the club on Tuesday nights in order to hear it. You’re old, your music is old, and it’s over. Go drop your cassette tape in your boom box and leave your bitchiness at the bottom of your 3rd glass of wine. Peace and love!

  12. Jacknasty says

    That was a thing of beauty, Jones.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m old enough to remember all the folks Madonna was ripping off when she first cropped up on the pop culture radar (hello, Debbie Harry – and didn’t Marlene Dietrich strike that pose first?). Bitching that Gaga is ripping off Madonna just shows how fucking ignorant you are, as if Madonna were some great fountain of pop culture originality. Ha! Tools!

  13. JEREMY says

    Yeah Homer, the last thing you want is a friend whose opinion differs from yours. Because you support diversity and all.

    And Jones and Jacknasty–The only reason you think Lady Gaga is a brilliant artist is because her record company spend millions of dollars marketing her as “edgy” and “unique” and “trendy,” and you fell for the marketing campaign because you are terrified of not being in on the latest trend because you are desperate for your peer group’s approval. Lady Gaga is complete and utter garbage.

  14. crispy says

    She actually mentioned SB1070 numerous times throughout the show. Yet it was almost laughable how little she knew about it.

    At one point, she dedicated a new song to a “precious boy” she met in Arizona whose home had been raided and brother deported to Mexico “because of SB1070.” It couldn’t have been more obviously fabricated considering SB1070 has nada to do with home raids and most of it was blocked by the court anyways.

    But hey, A for effort.

    Unrelated to immigration, she also mentioned that at every show, $20,000 is donated by her sponsors to an organization that supports homeless GLBT youth. Had she boycotted Arizona, that wouldn’t have happened on Saturday night.

  15. Jacknasty says

    “The only reason you think Lady Gaga is a brilliant artist is because her record company spend millions of dollars marketing”

    Wrong, dumbass, but thanks for playing. The reason why I think she’s brilliant is because I caught her MTV Video Awards performance on YouTube. It’s way beyond anything that dried up cultist hack Madonna ever managed to pull off. Up until that point I’d seen the Gaga hype, but hadn’t bothered to check out the Gaga reality. Afterward, I was definitely a fan.

    Hell, Gaga deserves credit not just for that performance, but for the slack-jawed, glazed-eyed reaction from the assembled no-talent industry hacks out in the audience. That alone was more impressive than anything I’ve seen Madonna pull off in her multi-decade career. You could see the gears slowly turning inside their empty widdle heads, “I could never come up with anything as imaginative as this. I can’t even sing. If she’s the new definition of a pop star, I’m fucked!”

    Yes, dimwits. Yes, you are.

  16. KFLO says

    Wow, Jeremy sure is whiney. I guess it happens to all of us when we get old. Age is just a number, but the way you act is a completely different thing.

  17. says

    Michael will never be happy with GaGa unless she named her next album LEONARD MATLOVICH.

    But anyway, I think it’s valid to argue about whether or not boycotting AZ makes sense. I respect the artists who’ve done it and I also see the value in not boycotting. Elton John is an abomination—he played South Africa the height of apartheid, an indefensible position, I would say, and then called conscientious artists boycotting AZ “fuckwits”—but plenty of artists continue to play AZ and I don’t necessarily think lesser of them

    GaGa disagreed with the boycotters, but her reasoning is heartfelt and sound.

    (I wish Obama had not taken Napolitano into his cabinet!)

    Oh, and Jones is right—anyone using this moment to trash Lady GaGa is an idiot. The argument that she isn’t educated so shouldn’t speak up is elitist and grotesque. How educated does one have to be before one has an opinion? Who’s in charge of deciding that? Because I think this law is pretty simple to understand and I would encourage all citizens to have an opinion one way or the other.

  18. JEREMY says

    And how old am I, KFLO? Way to make assumptions about someone you don’t even know. That’s called bigotry. If you remember Madonna’s early years, you’re older than I am.

    And Jacknasty–everyone was slack-jawed because they couldn’t believe she was butchering her own song that badly. And genius–who do you think paid for the backdrop for that performance? And the costumes?

    Lady Gaga is a corporation masquerading as a singer. Sorry, “singer.”

  19. Scott says

    Hey, can we stop with bagging on the old fags and shit. I’m an old(ish) fag and I like me some Gaga. Its not that they’re old, its that they’re haters.

    Haters gonna hate. Let it go.

  20. Phillip says

    A little support for our community is better than NO support for our community and Lady Gaga gives us a whole lotta support. So if you feel hate towards someone who is pro-LGBTQ, look in the f-ing mirror and try to understand why you would hate someone you don’t even know, and that is on our side. I really feel sorry for all you negative bitches because it appears to me you are completely empty inside!

  21. KFLO says

    @Jeremy – I obviously don’t remember the old golden years of Madonna because I wasn’t even alive yet. If you read my comment again, I said age is just a number – but you sure are acting like an old grumpy ass tea party enthusiast. “Grrr that lady gaga! There she goes again with all that nonconformity! I’ll get her yet!”

  22. Derek says

    Why do people insist on calling him Michael when he is in fact Leland Francis? The same nasty, bitter, angry troll that’s been a regular here since forever.

    Michael Bedwell = Leland Francis, Leland Francis = Michael Bedwell.

    How much stock can you put in anything he says when he pretends to be someone else entirely?

    Leland what’s the deal, are you now schitzo or something?

  23. wonderer says

    @Jeremy…..there IS a difference between having a friend whose “opinions differ from yours” and having a friends whose “bitter, negative and angry”. You WOULD NOT be a friend mine. Sorry….

  24. HawaiiBill says

    @Derek: I’ve understood him to need a bit of anger management and maybe a dose of tolerance for opinons other than his own (I know I can’t possibly live up to his pronouncements for how I MUST think and act), but seriously? He’s not even “Michael”?

  25. Derek says

    No, he isn’t Michael Bedwell Bill, his REAL name is Leland Francis.

    Only he can answer why he has assumed the name of another person and continues to post under that name.

    Leland you want to join in?

  26. JEREMY says

    @Wonderer–I fail to see how Brett’s comment was “bitter, negative and angry.” If anyone is bitter and angry, it’s the Lady Gaga fans, who act worse than Twi-hards when you tell them vampires don’t sparkle.

    “You WOULD NOT be a friend mine.” Dude, you can’t even speak in complete sentences. I doubt I’m missing out.

    Sorry, I’d comment more, but I’m too busy following Phillip’s advice, staring in the f-ing mirror, wondering why I’m so empty inside, as I drink my prune juice and make Tea Party signs. Why do I not like Lady Gaga, a woman who exploits the gay community–the same way Kathy Griffin does–by treating gays like her pets, promoting empty gay stereotypes of swishy queens who are obsessed with fashion and disco sticks, then raking in the pink dollars and giving a small portion back as part of her record label’s endless PR campaign? I mean, she COULD HAVE cancelled her concert in Phoenix. She didn’t. But she loves the gay community, because she gave a small portion of the earnings off that concert to a gay charity…and I’m sure that’s not PR. And vampires sparkle, too.

  27. crispy says

    Derek, you have it backwards. His real name is Michael Bedwell. Leland was a pseudonym I haven’t seen him use (at least at Towleroad) in years.

    The crazy is all real though.

  28. gagarbage says

    This woman is an idiot, now that she realizes that her ratings are low compared to Madonna (because she’s just copying her) she feels the urge to criticize Arizona’s SB1070 law like a traitor hoping that her most naive audience will not realize that the law only affects illegals. Let’s delete her songs from our mp3s. GO ARIZONA!

  29. just a guy says

    here here Jones. go Gaga. don’t hate.

    Gaga did good for Arizona: 20K for glbt homeless organization, shout-out on stage against 1070.

    she is no more than she is, but made a good gesture at least. warm feelings for her.

    but yes, it’s not enuf until things actually change.

    and yes, HRC should get hispanic groups’ buy-in on lgbt issues.

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