Lady Gaga: God Put Me on Earth to Make Gay Videos


Lady Gaga released a statement after it was announced today that she had earned a record 13 MTV VMA nominations:

"I'm so honored for all the little monsters and self-professed freaks of the universe, to have more VMA nominations in a single year than any artist in MTV history. Ironically, I'm even more proud it's an unlucky number; 13.  A long time ago the world told me and my little monsters we would never be heard, together we changed the rules. God put me on Earth for 3 reasons: To make loud music, gay videos, and cause a damn raucous. Thank You MTV!"


  1. JEREMY says

    Ah, the public face of Interscope’s “Grab the Gay Dollar Campaign” speaks again.

    “A long time ago the world told me and my little monsters we would never be heard.” Bitch, when was that? The world can’t get you to shut the eff up.

    And when is she going to get around to making loud music and causing a raucous? The more this corporate pawn pretends to be edgy and ahead of her time, the more annoying she gets. Everything about her–including her support of the gay community–is fake, phony, and calculated.

  2. Aaron K says

    She got a record number of nominations today and she’s happy. How is that so horrible? With baby killers and disgusting politicians the subject of so many posts here, it’s hard to believe someone so supportive of the gay community can earn such disdain.

  3. Bill says

    Great for her. But she hasn’t changed anything. You can be “different” as long as you are heterosexual. That has always been the case. The only people who have advanced gay people’s freedoms are gay people. You can’t name a time or place in history where heterosexuals on their own treated gay people equally. The reason gay people have any rights today is because gay people fought for them.

  4. JEREMY says

    Because Aaron K, she only “supports” the gay community to rake in gay dollars. It’s 20 effin 10. Not 1957. Other celebrities have been supporting the gay community since before Stefani Germanotta was born. Declaring your support for the gay community isn’t edgy or risky. It’s de rigueur for a Hollywood celebrity. She makes constant refs to the gays–like she invented the gay rights movement–to make party bois wag their tails like abused little puppies and throw their wallets at her. That’s it. Period.

  5. Daniel says

    Wow, some people can never stop whining. If you don’t care for someone’s music, then why take the time to be so negative about the person? It’s ridiculous. Just because I don’t care for someone else’s taste in music or I don’t care for a particular artist/group, doesn’t mean I am going to rain on the parade of others who do like the music.

    And on top of it, Lady GaGa does stick up for the rights of the LGBT community, she has many times before. She brings attention to the rights we are fighting for. Furthermore, she is really successful around the world with many fans. She has the attention of a lot of people. What is so bad about that?

    There are so many people that are fighting against LGBT causes and to spend the time being negative towards someone who speaks good about us is completely backwards.

    I am happy for her success. She is a musician and brings a lot of happiness to many people. She talks about being true to yourself, something that many of us preach about in the first place.

    She is an incredibly talented woman. Just to get this off my chest, I am sick of people saying she is another pop star. Yes she has fun and catchy lyrics, but she can also sing extremely well, she does it live, and she is extremely gifted in musical instruments. So what if her songs are fun and don’t have the deepest of meanings? Does everything have to be so serious all the time?

    People need to learn to relax and just have fun.

  6. says

    Totally agree with you Daniel. Lady Gaga has by no means managed to single-handedly changed anything for the LGBT community but anyone who gives our fight for equality some positive publicity gets a big old thumbs up from me.

  7. Tonic says

    Hate is not relegated to homophobes. My god. It’s a popstar who espouses love for gays, let’s kill her!

    Doesn’t reading blog comments make you glad you can’t actually read peoples’ thoughts? How depressing that would be.

  8. MM says

    “I’m so honored for all the little monsters and self-professed freaks of the universe, to have more VMA nominations in a single year than any artist in MTV history.”

    Bitch, please.

  9. JEREMY says

    Some of you still don’t get it. This isn’t about hating a celebrity who speaks up for gay rights (seriously–how many Hollywood celebrities speak AGAINST gay rights?)

    This is about hating a corporate ploy to exploit the untapped gay market. Interscope execs didn’t sign and promote an out gay singer–too risky. Instead, they trotted out a white (of course) female to delcare her love for the gays and rake in their money. Sure, she’s given a small portion back to gay charities, but that’s nothing compared to the millions she’s made off the gay community.

  10. Wes says

    Bad Romance needs to win best video.

    God I’m tired of the bitching. Who really fucking cares.

  11. B says

    Bill: yes, but with assistance from straight people.

    Gaga is a great artist and even better human being. Who else do u know, in the public arena, that is as vocal as her? She has millions of fans/people listening to her and she’s most likely changing views and making those, who feel different, comfortable. she even actively reaches out to fans in need.

    So when you hater bitches actually do something productive for the betterment of equality, I want to see an article of it here on TR.

  12. crispy says

    Jeremy, the difference between you and our ol’ pal Bill up there is that he is functionally retarded. He has an excuse. You’re just fucking stupid.

  13. Wes says

    btw what are the common complaints we hear about pop stars from pretentious art snobs throughout the years?

    they are ‘manufactured’ by corporations, they don’t write their music, they don’t sing live, they can’t play instruments…

    here comes someone who does so much herself, and yet still so many find reasons to bitch. nobody can prove themselves to you, because you LIVE to bitch. its not healthy

  14. SKOC211 says

    GO GO GAGA GO!!!

    I am a huge fan and incredibly proud of her. I love reading posts about Gaga on this site, the haters really provide me with a good chuckle. (Evita? Really? Patti of course but the movie is a travesty)

    I hope she wins them all (well I guess that’s not technically possible since she’s nominated twice in a few categories)! And I pray that she performs at the VMA’s in September. Her performance of Paparazzi last year was stunning.

    Whatever, everyone can hate away. I’m gunna go rock out to “Dance in the Dark.”

  15. Wes says

    and btw again, if she didn’t speak up for gay rights, we’d hear bitching about how she’s afraid and cares more about ‘sales’ than supporting us. when she does speak up, loudly and regularly, she gets trashed for being ‘fake’ and ‘milking’ gay money. she even called out the prevalent homophobia in the industry (finally a big star who actually says something), more than once, and gays proceed to trash her.

    you demand so much support but are willing to give so little. one little thing you don’t like and ITS OVER

  16. Wes says

    Bill, openly gay people are an incredibly tiny fraction of the population. We wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without heterosexual allies. Thats just an obvious fact.

  17. says

    She’s a queer performance artist with an incredible knack for packaging and marketing herself. Whether you like her music or not, she’s brilliant at what she does. No one is forcing her to proclaim her gay love, and no one is forcing gay people to buy her music. I haven’t spent a dime on Lady Gaga, but I’d much rather have corporations behind her than behind some of the other talentless bimbos out there.

    And Bill, news flash: Gay people should be on the front lines fighting for our freedoms. They’re OUR freedoms. But it sure doesn’t hurt to have straight allies, pop stars and politicians alike; in fact, without them, we’d get nowhere. Every state that has marriage equality, including my own, has straight people to thank for that advancement.

  18. Queen E says

    Dear Lady Gaga, when all that bitching in the USA gets too much for you, please come to London to live with us. We LOVE you and your amazing creativity.

  19. matt says

    While I will admit that Bad Romance was a pretty cool video, I hardly think she’s the revolutionary she thinks she is.

  20. jones says

    Aw, cute. Jeremy is back pitching her little hissy fit. Go join the Westboro Baptist Chruch – they feel the exact same way about gaga. Bitch, go drown your sorrows in a box of wine.

  21. alguien says

    wow! i’m no lady gaga fan but the amount of hate towards her is kind of unbelieveable.

    yeah, her music is derivative and unoriginal but i cannot and do not question her sincerity or the motives of her support for gay rights. she’s on our team and highly visible. why shouldn’t she be a spokesperson for us?

  22. ant says

    “Interscope execs didn’t sign and promote an out gay singer–too risky.”

    Or, maybe just too hard to find one with the incredible range of talent in Miss G’s pinky finger.

    Some of you guys never cease to amaze me; nothing in the world is ever going to be good enough for you … Wait, that’s it, you’re all just too good for this world – perhaps time to try another one?

  23. Joe says

    She’s very talented and has done a lot to market herself as someone who is political and loyal to gay men.

    But this statement is too much. Even for her.

  24. sal says

    i love the haters!!!!!!!!her name MUST BE SWEET CAUSE THE HATERS ALWAYS HAVE THEIR MOUTH FILLED WITH HER NAME!LOVE IT…some people need to learn the meaning of the word hate ,damn

  25. Jesus says

    Watch out ya’ll, she’s gunnin to be the new ChiChi LaRue or some shit…

    But for real, Gaga crusaders, get a grip. You shouldn’t idolize anyone, period. People are people and therefore prone to error. The way some of you talk about her, you’d think she’s on the way to being the new L. Ron Hubbard or some shit. I like her music, but not everyone does, or has to. Mmmkay?

  26. Strepsi says

    Look, BAD ROMANCE was the best video of the year — easily — and it was one of the best pop songs of the last 5 years. That’s all you need to know.

    The fact that she loves how gay her work is, is just icing on the cake! Oh wait, that’s semen. Still, delicious.

  27. says

    Only Lady Gaga and apparently Glambert can pull in two strings of opposing viewpoints on this site. I have to say, it completely amazes me how much vitriolic hate spews out of the minds of many posters here.

    More than a just a corporate product, she’s a woman that can sing, play her own instruments, writes her own music, designs most of her costumes, is a HUGE supporter of the gay community and has probably done more to make young gay kids and their straight friends feel better about who they are than anyone in the history of entertainment (including Madonna).

    I bet your assholes are so tight, I couldn’t get my pinky up there. Loosen up already.

  28. Derek Pearce says

    Well said Keith! If only the haters who spew on here every time she’s mentioned spent half as much energy on problems that really mattered.

  29. Gnarlstone says

    You know, Gay money grab or not, it is nice to have such a widely heard voice in our corner. Don’t be catty. Be happy.

  30. says

    I like how “our own people” hate the support we get. Every person that gets up and speaks toward the gay community, or any community for that matter; someone always wants to talk about “THE MAN” and the artist’s, or whom ever’s, integrity. Can we just enjoy Lady Gaga. Goodness, it’s pop music. We can worry about the raging war on homosexuals when we’re NOT talking about her VMA nominations. Let’s just keep this shit in perspective. Kay?

  31. qjersey says

    Random thoughts:

    Has anyone read the reviews of her shows across the country in which more than one reviewers called her show “Party/Gay rights rally”? Ms. M. was NEVER so vocal in her live shows.

    Has every one who calls disses her as a “false prophet” gotten off their ass and done something for our community? Or donated time or money to your local gay community center or HIV org?

    Does anyone else find it telling that stories on this site that are really about US, get fewer comments than stories about celebrities or hot men?

  32. TheSeer says

    Gaga is my Jesus. The one who loves everybody. I can’t wait seeing her in Croatia in November.

    Little monster free bitch forever!

  33. shae says

    Bitchs shut the hell up omg! What does she have to do to make you belive she is for gay rights. I LOVE GAGA and ive been to one of her concerts and its the gayest event ive ever been to and it was awesome! She has gay dancers and everything. She is an amazing woman and huge supporter of gay so stfu and go away cause she is amazing!

  34. shae says

    Oh and she donates like 15% of her concert money to help fight GLBT homelessness….like i said amazing!

  35. ZaZu says

    I have my own opinion regarding this commodity, but it does not make me antagonistic to allies. That is quite a stretch of logic. The point is you can be queer and not like this individual. Whoa, we all are different.
    I think this statement re: her awards exemplifies her patronizing attitude, and there is ample evidence that she started out being marketed to gay men in clubs. Just a pop tart who Universal told to drape herself in a rainbow flag. Sorry, she does not write her songs, design her clothes, etc. Madonna was an adult who did have a minor hand in that. This girl is trying to straddle the line between sexualized little girl and gay club kid, and it is working….for now. As a queer adult, the “hater” tag is tedious. I am just lucid. Just because she is so vulgar that she screams her love for “gays” at every bloody opportunity and her videos present them in heels and fishnets (no stereotype perpetuation there) does not make her more of an ally……in fact it makes her more suspect. Also, the money she donates is part of her contract, not out of her own benevolence. Just the reality.

  36. Austin Rozzell says

    To THE LADY GA GA May the Gods Bless you every day.

    all you Ga Ga haters,
    I hope one day you see jut how worthless your life is and do the world a favor and GROW THE FUCK UP.
    Now i understand you have your opinion, even if it is on the level of worm shit but you do have your opinion.
    Now that we all know what self hating, only want to bitch so that u can feel important for a second, piss stains you are.
    Go back to your sad little life bitch and leave the world to the people who try to do better. Yes Matt I am talking to you and all the other ball less bitches out there.

    Just for the record My name is
    Austin Wade Rozzell, the ONLY ONE THERE IS.
    so if you have a problem with me, I assure we can work it out. be sure you have proper medical insurance, fuck with me and you will need it.

  37. max says

    Are some of the comments on here being left by Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh in disguise? I understand cynicism. I have an honestly earned, over abundance of it myself. but reading these comments sometimes makes me realize what I don’t want to become.