Larry Kramer: Barbra Streisand a Hypocrite on Gay Rights

Following Wednesday's ruling striking down Proposition 8, Barbra Streisand released this statement of support:

Streisand "With this judge's decision, we are closer to the day that all people will have access to the same fundamental rights. Hopefully, this remaining civil rights violation will soon be a part of our past and we can look to a future where all people will be treated equally under the law."

Streisand's statement really rubbed playwright and activist Larry Kramer the wrong way, enough so for him to post this searing response on the ACT UP forum:

"Barbra Streisand is a hypocrite. If she had made my play about AIDS, The Normal Heart, in 1986, when she first acquired the rights, only to sit on them for a full ten years without filming it, she could have done something for gay rights when we were really in the sewer of death. But no, she chose to go off and make such vitally important and classic movies as Nuts and The Mirror Has Two Faces. Barbra Streisand cares about gay rights as much as i care about spending a zillion dollars decorating a colony of houses in Malibu. As the mother of a son who is not only gay but HIV positive, she should be ashamed of herself.

Fortunately and at last, an exciting movie version is now being prepared by openly gay director-producer Ryan Murphy to star Mark Ruffalo. i hope it will prove that the best thing that happened for The Normal Heart is that Barbra Streisand didn't make it.

I think it is important for all her many gay fans around the world, which certainly had once included me, to know the above.

Note: Kramer sent a correction regarding the earlier, incorrect date.


  1. says

    Interesting how Mr. Kramer accuses Ms. Streisand of getting the rights to THE NORMAL HEART about ten years before he wrote it.

  2. Aaron B says

    Did Kramer misread her statement or has he been drinking, bless his heart? I respect his work as a writer, but his role as bitter queen leaves me tired.

  3. B-rod says

    Did Kramer just disclose Streisand’s son’s HIV status? I never heard that before. I heard he was gay but not HIV poz. I sure hope that that information was public already, otherwise, that’s pretty cold.

  4. Mike says

    Oooh sounds bitter. I guess there are any number of reasons she might have passed on the project… it’s not always homophobia or lack of support for gay rights.

  5. Jimmy says

    Larry has to belch these things out from time to time to remind us he is still alive and bitter.

  6. Gus says

    The 1976 is prob a typo for 1986. Who knows what finacial and other considerations stopped/delayed the movie.

  7. JT - the original says

    Oh my! Mr. Kramer may just have won the award for Most Self-Serving Egotist of 2010! Somehow he feels that his play would have changed the world, cured AIDS, and ended homophobia. Balderdash. He’s bitter because Ms. Streisand is a director who wouldn’t give in to his need to control the production.

    And, as Roscoe points out, he got the wrong date! What’s up, Mr. Kramer? A writer of your Olympian stature, whose works can change the world, can’t proof your own stuff?

  8. True Words says

    While I think Larry is coloring outside the lines and connecting all the wrong dots…it is saddening that he has dragged her son (Jason) into his comments. If you fight is with Ms. Streisand keep it that way.

  9. bobbyjoe says

    Imagine being in the same room with Kramer and Streisand for a second. Not only would Kramer probably yell at you, Streisand would have charged you like $1500.00 to be there.

  10. MammaBear says

    Sounds like one part p.r. for “an exciting movie version … now being prepared by openly gay director-producer Ryan Murphy to star Mark Ruffalo.”, mixed with two parts anger and one part self-importance.

    The movie might be good – it’s mind blowing to look back and remember what it was like 25-30 years ago – but it will be hard to recapture the angst of that time for viewers who weren’t there. Obviously not for Mr. Kramer – angst and anger, as well as action and a sharp tongue, define him.

  11. elg says

    If not for that “bitter old queen” (Larry Kramer), and his group ACT-UP, where would we be today in terms of medications to treat HIV-AIDS? Some of us owe Larry and ACT-UP a lot of gratitude for the heroic work they did in the 1980s and 1990s when people were dropping like flies due to AIDS.

  12. Wavin' Dave says

    I’m tempted to paraphrase the first lines of FALSETTOS: “Old Jews In A Room Bitching!…” Kramer has no notion of Barbra’s generosity. It’s a Jewish tradition that gifts given anonymously are doubly-blessed, and she’s given endlessly. Can we assume Larry would donate his royalty checks? He makes a very classless inclusion of her son and homes, too. Bitter much?

  13. says

    Larry has made being a Bitter Old Queen totally FABULOUS! I can appreciate his anger at Babs for stringing him along for so long on the project. When she acquired it everyne naturally thought the movie was a done deal. But it wasn’t. I very much look forward to Ryan Murphy doing it and Mark Ruffalo is perfect for the central role of Ned Weeks.

    That Jason is HIV+ has been known for a great many years but never discussed publically. He’s no longer interested in acting, preferring to work behind the scenes instead.

  14. Paul says

    The fact that her son is HIV positive has nothing to do with her opinions about gay marriage.Doesn’t matter whether her son is open about it or not. I think it’s really low of Larry Kramer to throw this in the mix.

  15. jason says

    AIDS has never been a gay issue. Nor should it be. No illness has the ability to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. If Larry Kramer wants to play the victim card, so be it. He should be reminded that it was mainly the promiscuous set – and not the orientation per se – which made people vulnerable to immune deficiency.

    Behavior does have consequences. If you want to fuck total strangers in dark corners, don’t be surprised if you get more than you bargained for.

  16. says

    @Jason: Behavior does indeed have consequences. For example, the consequence of your ridiculous rant about AIDS being a disease of the slutty results in most rational people thinking you’re an asshole.

  17. Chad says

    Barbra is really too sacred of a cow. No matter what bad things some might accuse her of, there will be an endless number who love her unequivocably.

    The news about her son’s HIV status is news and saddening to me.

    One last thing, I’ve noticed that a lot of people get cranky and intemperate in their old age. I’m willing to throw Larry Kramer a little slack for his outburst at Barbara, but he’d probably tell me to take my slack and put it “where the sun don’t shine”.

    I hope I live forever, but never get old.

  18. says

    I would hate Streisand, too, if I were Kramer.

    But wow, so Kramer feels Streisand is a hypocrite because the only way in which she could have expressed her support of gay rights back in the ’80s would have been to make a movie out of his work?

    I respect Kramer’s place in gay history, but with an ego-addled statement like this, I’m afraid that is where it belongs—in history.

    (And holy crap, Jason is worse than an asshole or is mad that nobody is interested in his. As if the people who originally contracted HIV could reasonably have been expected to figure out that a deadly disease would spring up and infect them, and as if the majority of people who’ve contracted HIV since have contracted it because they’re having sex in dark corners with total strangers. What a misinformed misanthrope.)

  19. says

    The complexity of film making is enormous. How dare Larry Kramer blame Barbra for not making his film. According to what I heard HE is very, very difficult to work with and had a hard time compromising with Streisand. You can tell by the tone of his nasty spew that this bitter man ain’t easy.

    Truly professional people do not resort to such mud slinging and airing of nasty opinion. Larry Kramer needs to wise up. Kramer’s remarks only make him look bad. Barbra does not deserve that kind of lashing.

  20. Jimmy says

    Whatever “place in gay history” Kramer had has long been negated by his bitterness and nastiness. His constant bitching is self-defeating and self-desctructive.

  21. Zach says

    I’m not a fan of Streisand, but is Kramer bringing this up now? What, she’s not allowed to say anything about gay people because she didn’t make his play into a movie?

    It’s rather transparent self-promotion, but I guess it’s good that he’s feeding off his own image as a bitter crank.

  22. vmvgbui, houston, tx says

    Mr. Kramer’s comments say more about himself – bitterness, victim syndrome – than they do about Ms. Streisand.

  23. Jay says

    In Barbra’s defense movies don’t get made for years simply because things don’t fall into place: the script isn’t right; you can’t get equally passionate, talented players involved that will do justice to the film; the timing isn’t right, etc., etc., etc. (And, of course, conflicting egos can stop a film’s progress in its tracks as well.) It’s happened time and time again.

    I devoted an entire independent study at Yale to the works of Larry Kramer, and I think his writing is genius. I respect everything he has done for the gay movement. HOWEVER, this is certainly his fatal flaw: he’s quick to throw friends and allies under the bus if/when they don’t do things HIS way. That said, when he takes a step back, he’s completely aware of this–as can be seen in his character Ned Weeks.

    Take a deep breath, Larry, and appreciate the progress we HAVE achieved.

  24. princely54 says

    Larry is right….one movie (HIS!) would make politicians weep, fall to their knees and run over each other on the way to changing the US constitution….

    Bitch, please.

  25. Musicboy says

    You mean to tell me that we’ve had a cure for AIDS all this time and that Barbra Streisand refused to release it to the general public? Golly.

    By the way, “Nuts” was a great movie. And I’m not even a huge Barbra fan anyway.

  26. Brian says

    Larry Kramer is just a bitter, loud-mouthed, Once-Was whose relevance as a gay activist has long faded. Seems to me he’s just using his personal beef with Streisand as a way to get his name in the news, again.

  27. Mike says

    @jason. You’ll be getting enough from others on here, but allow me to pile on. I’m not hiv+, but many of my friends are and none of them acquired it in a dark rooms with strangers. I can only feel a bit sad for you, you must be a very angry, judgmental person with very few friends who truly understand you. Your attitude probably comes out of a lonely situation where you were shown no kindness and judge harshly. My heard goes out…

  28. Adam says

    Give me a break, Larry. He has been in the film business for years. Owning the rights doesn’t mean FUNDING the project. No studio obviously wanted it to risk the millions of dollars it would have taken to make it in the late 80s early 90s and back then no star would have committed to it. Throwing her son into it is just vile and lame, not to mention absurd logic.

  29. Fred says

    I get that Mr. Kramer is bitter. I get that he wants to make money from his 80’s work. 80’s. And I get that he’s an ass for mentioning Jason.

  30. Joey Y says

    So, he says she doesn’t support gay rights because she didn’t put his vanity project at the top of her to-do list? That’s rich.

  31. kodiak says

    Is Kramer the gay Bill O’Reilly? He shoulda filmed the play as it was staged then released it himself. Don’t look to Hollywood to forward
    a cause. Hollywood follows the cause, not leads. He should know this. Hollywood is ENTERTAINMENT first and foremost, and it wants it’s money back in spades. Wasn’t Brokeback Mountain held up in development for years? It’s a typical hollywood story: script is bought, it’s announced, it takes forever and happens or doesn’t.
    Didn’t PBS broadcast it? Can’t remember. I guess his script being shelved disproves the gay hollywood mafia theory. I like that Mr. Kramer is writing a gay history of the world. Should be a good read.

  32. Mick says

    Barbra has been a lifelong, loyal, and generous advocate on behalf of LGBT persons. It’s so sad and self-serving that Mr. Kramer’s rant is all about HIS play, blah blah blah… while ignoring all the good that Barbra has done for us. From her public speaking, the Colorado boycott, the countless donations w/o publicity (do the research), Barbra has been there time and time again. Her commitment to civil rights was strong at the beginning of her career and has never wavered. We need more friends like her! I applaud Barbra Streisand, both for her amazing talents in the entertainment world and for her tireless dedication to human rights. Thank you, Barbra.
    PS: I really like the movies “Nuts” and “The Mirror Has Two Faces.” They were meaningful to me.

  33. MichaelJ says

    Ditto to most of the comments above, especially @Jimmy and @Joey Y. To @Jimmy’s mention of bitterness, nastiness and constant bitching, I would add that his egotism is self-destructive and counter-productive.

  34. DanU says

    If Kramer had such confidence that his masterpiece would have the power to change the world, cure aids and end homophobia forever, he could have written in a “make it by 19xx or revert the rights” clause into the contract with Streisand. The fact that he didn’t makes me suspect that he himself was probably more concerned at the time with the dollar figure than with the altruistic power of change.

    It’s always easier to cast aspersions on others than to accept one’s own faults. If Kramer had been a little easier to work with, his movie would have surely been made long ago.

  35. Piper says

    At one time I could see Barbara Streisand being excited about this project (much like her giddiness for Andre´Agassi.) I agree that Kramer is being an ass in this statement but Babs can be pretty fickle. On more than one occasion, Streisand expressed disappointment about not moving ahead with development on the project. Her procrastination left a timely story in limbo.

  36. rascal says

    cosign Max – getting pictures funded and produced is near impossible under the best of circumstances even by seasoned veterans. That the reason for Streisand’s failure to do so could be reduced to hypocrisy about gay rights is overreaching, naive, and just plain ludicrous.

  37. LincolnLounger says

    The reason they’re squabbling is because they are both enormously talented, egomaniacal, control freaks who deserve each other. She did string him along on making “The Normal Heart” to the point of being ridiculous. When it was clear that she wasn’t going to do it, she should have given up the rights. However, he is fooling himself that his play would have turned the tide. Breathtaking that ego.

    It will be nice to see it finally made. I don’t envy the Ryan Murphy dealing with his meddling.

  38. Jim says

    Unfortunately Larry has become a bitchy old queen. Save your rants for someone who hasn’t helped us enormously, Larry

  39. crispy says

    After what Ryan Murphy did to Augusten Burroughs, he’d be better off letting Mecha-Streisand sit on it for another 20 years.

  40. alguien says

    sounds as if larry kramer is actually doing PR for the upcoming movie. his gripe against streisand seems more of an issue with “normal heart” not being filmed than anything to do with gay rights.

  41. Sean says

    Dear Larry Kramer,

    We are tired of the gay have AIDS movies…it was a great topic in 1980s and 1990s but now…it’s just a little too over played. While I support the idea of putting the topic out there again to younger and less educated individuals in our community…I personally cannot take another AIDS/GAY movie.


  42. Mitch says

    With all due respect to Mr. Kramer and his achievements, he too is a hypocrite.

    He complains about not being able to protect his assets for his partner when he passes, yet they live in Connecticut and refuse to get married.

    He gave a million to Yale, yet asks non profit groups for travel expenses when talking to them.

    His contributions have improved the lives of many, but he is a bitter, nasty man.

  43. says

    He’s entitled to his opinion, and our respect. There would be a hell of a lot less Gay men walking around today if Larry hadn’t been getting angry and active during the early Eighties…

  44. Joe says

    Dear Mr. Kramer is a self serving, bitter old queen. This outburst is disgusting. He really needs a PR handler to prevent this kind of public rant.

  45. Vince in WeHo says

    Judging by Kramer’s omission, are we to assume he enjoyed “The Prince of Tides”?

  46. says

    How about this: they are BOTH wrong.

    What excuse do the Babs Blind have for her writing a commentary that was posted on the Matthew Shepard site a few months back and not mentioning her OWN gay son?

    “countless donations (to gay issues) w/o publicity”??? Please document three, Mick, since you claim to have done the research.

    “Public speaking”? WHERE was that during the Prop 8 election battle?

  47. crispy says

    Ahh, Michael Bedwell and Larry Kramer… like two dementia-riddled peas in a crushed velvet pod.

  48. Glenn says

    Not only is Kramer difficult to work with in a control freak kind of way ….. he demanded way too much money too – no studio would touch the movie because of him and Streisand could not get a budget because he wanted so much of it – greedy arsewipe! I’m still hoping the movie falls through! Imagine the attack on Murphy!!!!!

  49. Smartypants says

    To Jason, let me attack you from the other side of the slut line.

    I’ve been sleeping around (well, not sleeping actually…) with dozens, if not hundreds of men over the past 25 years. I’ve been to bathhouses and sex clubs, had sex in parks, anonymous hookups online, had sex with a dozen men in a single night. I’ve usually played safe, but not always. An unrepentant slutty old troll who according to your judgmental view deserves to get sick and die.

    But the worst thing that’s ever happened to me is a case of crabs and a urethritis that might not even have been sex related. Nothing that a box of RID and a single dose of antibiotics couldn’t cure. On the other hand, I saw a high school classmate, one of the sweetest, kindest boys you could ever hope to know, die before his 25th birthday from AIDS after having only 2 or 3 partners.

    If there were any justice in the world, he’d be here and I’d be long gone. But there’s not. AIDS and other diseases aren’t meted out to the undeserving by a mean-spirited old fuck sitting on a throne in the clouds or Larry Kramer lobbing spiteballs. If they were, Ronald Reagan would never have survived a second term. But they aren’t totally random, which is why condoms and risk-reduction behaviors usually work.

    The point is, the notion that people who get any disease did something to deserve it should have disappeared with the Black Plague. Sadly, we still have medieval-minded little fucks like you to remind us that however much material progress has been made by the human race, spiritually and psychologically many people still live in the dark ages.

  50. David Arnold says

    Well as much as I know that Barbra is above all this – she certainly needs to RESPOND to Kramer.

    This is truly defamatory and uncalled for and If I were Ryan Murphy – I would reconsider working with this delusional man. I will give Larry credit where it is due – he was certainly at the forefront of AIDS gay activism – but this is just appalling on so many levels.
    I have one pet peeve for Larry. I truly HATE how the gay community can at times “own” a performer . I am sure that Barbra Streisand has more female fans than gay male fans – and I would bet hard earned money on that fact.
    Just because gay men keep Barbra “the stereotype” alive – and of course have remained loyal decade after decade – you do not sell 70 + MILLION albums with the support of a SMALL Minority. Infact – most gay men I know have a love/ hate relationship with Barbra because the stereotype is that if you are gay – you “automatically” love Streisand ? Not to mention how flighty our community is with their “Divas” – just look at the young gay men – they can’t choose who to crown – Gaga, Brittany, Beyonce’, Christina, Pink….and most of those performers will NEVER last like Cher, Diana, Bette, & Barbra – that takes enormous TALENT – and UNIVERSAL relevance (i.e. FEMALE) support for that type of sustained career. To which Barbra has exceeded them all in terms of recognition and diverse career achievements.
    In the grand scheme of things Barbra is UNIVERSALLY adored . I can’t imagine how difficult Jason’s “reported” illness has been on the two of them but it is a PRIVATE matter – until JASON chooses to openly discuss it. Larry should be ashamed of himself – and since we know he isn’t – let me be the first to tell him
    Hey “Faggot – taken from your play of the same name” you do not own the gay community, the AIDS Crisis, or BARBRA STREISAND – you are only part of a whole – and right now you are the nasty bitter uncle that everyone ignores….

  51. says

    Larry Kramer is a huge ass!

    Reportedly, Kramer insisted that Streisand frame the two brothers as identical twin souls, but she was more interested in exploring the dramatic potential of exploring their differences. “One’s homosexual, one’s heterosexual,” she said at the time in a Vanity Fair interview that I keep under glass. “They’re equal in the eyes of God and the law, but they’re not the same.”

    Eventually, Kramer insisted on penning the final screenplay, recalling that he told her at one of their last meetings that “she didn’t understand: this was my life story. I had to write the final screenplay. No one else could be brought in.” He wanted to write an elegy for a paradise lost; she was more interested in “what I experienced when I first saw the play – the rage and the compassion I felt for these characters.”

  52. says

    Wow! The incredible Mr. Kramer must really think he and his film are so important that it would have changed the way the world views gay people. He is so bitter that he couldn’t come to an agreement with Streisand that he felt the need to degrade her by posting such an untruth about her. It’s well known to many in and out of the gay community that Streisand has honored, defended and has given millions of dollars to fight for the rights of gay men and women. If he honestly feels that Streisand was a “hypocrite,” why did he still have contact with her about “The Normal Heart” up to a couple of months ago? Surely, anyone that takes aim at someone’s children publicly (as Kramer did with his nasty remark towards Streisand’s son, Jason), then he is no better than the people who have opposed gay rights all of these years. Mr. Kramer conveniently forgets that his film couldn’t get off the ground with any other filmmaker. If the late John Schlesinger didn’t have the clout, why take it out solely on Streisand? Yes, this film has been 24 years in the making with and without Streisand. Let’s hope for Kramer’s sake that his work will be made. “The Normal Heart” is a great piece of work. Then again, so is Larry Kramer. Truthfully, he’s been a condescending ass as long as I’ve known him (been in his company), and after his disgusting way of talking about a public person (Streisand) who has nothing but give back to the gay community, I hope his new director, Ryan Murphy, sees this man for who he really is. Streisand may be difficult to work with, but Mr. Kramer makes Streisand look like a walk in the park. Good luck, Mr. Murphy! You’re gonna need it.

  53. stranded says

    Even if she had made it, Kramer would have hated it. I’ve never heard him say a good word about anything or any one. Larry hates everything!

  54. smallhandff says

    & subbing for Rupert Everett, this week, as internet pinata ….Larry Kramer. Hey Andy, howz ’bout fireing up the “way-back” machine to say 1985 & giving your readership a history lesson….huh?

  55. neverstops says

    what a horrible little troll

    bringing her son into it like this is beyond the pale & just ugly

  56. TANK says

    Wow, that’s entirely too much information…from a lot of you.

    Anyway, kramer exhibits a certain character flaw common to gay men. Crushing egocentrism…a degree of self involved self obsession that is embarrassing and shameful.

  57. TANK says

    streisand is irrelevant to the “community” now, as is larry kramer…different generation that is drawing to a close.

  58. jimmy bramlet says

    larry kramer is a bitter old queen.

    he criticizes barbara streisand for not filming the normal heart for ten years…and yet nobody else has tried to film it either, until now. probably because they didn’t want to deal with him.

    has he considered that the world does not revolve around himself, his opinions, or his play?

    attacking ms. streisand in such a personal way and making statements about her beloved son is indicative of the level of class and decency that mr. kramer posesses.

    he needs to be bitch slapped by a big ole drag queen and read to filth!

  59. JeffNYC says

    Larry Kramer–you just invalidated your entire work on behalf of HIV by OUTING THE HIV STATUS of an individual who has chosen never to comment publicly on it.

    Larry, if you had any shame, you would hate yourself today.

  60. ryang says

    Mr. Kramer you are one nasty piece of worke. You sold her the rights. You cashed the cheque. She can do what she wants to do for that time period. That’s how it works. Just because you have nothing else to do doesn’t mean the world should stop for you and your one hit wonder play. Grow up Kramer!

    I hope upon reading this vile diatribe Mr. Murphy will sit on the rights for 10 years and then let them revert back to Mr. Kramer …unmade. I can’t imagine that Mr. Murphy (knowing how he feels about Ms Streisand) would want to continue any kind of relationship with Kramer. He is a self important ass. I have seen him speak…he is just as hateful and bitter in person. The play is good but it’s not Shakespeare and to say that somehow Barbra held up the gay rights movement by not making the film betrays his sense of importance. It was already a period piece when he wrote it. And then to drag her son Jason and his health into it? You think you are a radical queer? No. You are just a nasty old queen.

    I wonder what you thought you were doing…other than trying to hurt her publicy. It’s sickening.

  61. Jane says

    Hey, Larry Kramer is a hero in my book, and our heros should be given a little slack.
    Kramer has more guts than almost any gay man I have ever met. I love Larry, I love his anger, I love how he never stops!

    And yeah, The Normal Heart would have done some good back in 1986, or anyone with half a brain who cares to remember what it was really like back then! If you are alive now, thank Larry! The lack of gratitude is staggery in the gay world!

  62. ryang says

    Slack? Why? He gets his due but call a jerk a jerk. I was there too….back in the day. I have not forgotten. Mr. Kramer did not invent GAY. He gets his props for his activism…but sometimes anger is just anger. I also am a little tired of him getting credit for medical advances etc. He help build just as many walls as he tore down and advances were made in spit of him and his ant-sexual “blame the victim” rhetoric (disgusting) We have to honor our elders and activists but let’s not re-write history to suit one man’s ego.

  63. Christopher says

    Well, now we can all see for ourselves why the film was never made with Barbra at the helm. This horrible troll of man was the insurmountable obstacle himself. He does seem to earn the reputation he has of being a bitter, angry, nasty, full of himself, egotistical loudmouth with a very short-sighted perspective on life and an over-inflated sense of his own importance.

    He was looking for any way to publicly lash out at Barbra and he drew extremely lose connections between her very succinct comments on the recent developments surrounding prop 8 and his decades-long indignation that his masterpiece which will surely change the world was not the only thing holding the interest of the most most successful female entertainer in history.

    His comment about Jason is despicable. It reveals what a truly diseased person he is.

    As for Barbra’s support of the gay community, it cannot be questioned. How many people across this planet have been so deeply touched by her voice? How many gay men and women have found comfort along their own journeys by watching that amazingly talented women, and feeling an almost spiritual connection to her?

    Although most of Barbra’s fans are straight women, the role Barbra has played in the lives of countless gay men is undeniable.

    Mr. Kramer should be ashamed of himself for making such a venomous statement in print.

  64. NYSmike says

    Oh please Larry, look how long it took her to make Yentl. Your rant sounds self-serving.

  65. B says

    For Larry Kramer to state Jason Gould’s HIV status in the middle of an outright attack on Barbra Streisand shows what a horrible person he really is. Sad little pathetic man.

  66. Chris says

    OMG…..That’s sad about Larry Kramer and his actions and to David Errorstoop. I will never understand why you feel what Larry did is APPROPRIATE?? It must does your sorry ass heart some good. What a fuck up you are. And as for Jason that sack of shit. I’m not surprise her previous rants against African Americans certify her for Bellvue

  67. Bruce Wayne says

    Kramer and Babs, working together, would have been a NIGHTMARE!! I worked with her, and she is a DIFFICULT and CONCEITED Cunt!


  68. LG Wilson says

    Good for Kramer! esp the comment about spending a zillion dollars to decorate a colony of homes in Malibu. LMAO!
    It always kills me how queens give such blind adoration to stars who wouldn’t pee on them if they were on fire.

  69. Matt26 says

    What an ugly, unnecessary, empty statement. Why he on his attack to Barbra also attakcs on her son? What has her son done to him? Shame on Larry.

  70. Gavin says

    I too have read Larry Kramer’s recent unedited comments elsewhere, and it is he who sadly emerges as the shameful hypocrite. With cowardly venom, he indirectly attacked Ms. Streisand by publicly disclosing her son’s HIV status – a fact that many never knew. As one of the founders of GMHC and the supposedly heroic protagonist of THE NORMAL HEART, Mr. Kramer’s new emergence as a pathetically embittered viper may just derails the making of his film yet again.

  71. mike kent says

    If Streisand would have produced Kramer’s play when it was most topical and controversial, no doubt it would have had a positive impact on AIDS research and its politics. *The Normal Heart* is Kramer’s *Yentl* and believe me, if anyone had gotten in the way of that film’s release (she had already been through the mill just trying to get backing, which finally came by her ex-lover Jon Peters), the shit would have hit the fan! Kramer is angry for a reason–this is his baby and he is very protective of it. Streisand needed to be more compassionate considering she has had to jump over the same hurdles and obstacles. This time she was one of those hurdles! I see why he is calling her a hypocrite.

  72. ryang says

    Do you really think his play would have changed the progress of gay rights and fast tracked HIV medication? Come on. You have as high a regard for Mr Kramer’s work as he has. It’s just an over baked melodrama. Why did he sell the rights? Why didn’t Mr Kramer jump these all hurdles himself instead and get the film made indie style instead of expecting someone else to do his work? She bought the rights and wanted to make the movie….and as late as last year was still hoping to get funding…but Kramer wanted too much money and too much control…so it’s over. If he wants control go make it yourself Kramer then you can attack yourself in the press when studios shut their doors in your nasty self important face.

  73. mike kent says

    Well, yeah, I really DO think that Kramer’s award winning play would have positively affected the shape of AIDS in the US–isn’t that why he wrote it? Ya know, Pulitzer prize nominees are rarely “over baked melodramas”. *The Normal Heart* is a slap-in-the-face drama, not a *The Prince of Tides* tear jerking love story. There is nothing melodramatic or soap opera-ish about his play.

    Kramer, I imagine, sold Streisand the rights because she asked him to do so. He didn’t point a gun to her head and force her to buy it. I also imagine that he trusted her with it to produce it expeditiously. She had to know that the play’s theme was topical and timely. But I can only imagine the conversations concerning their contract. Stories like *The Prince of Tides* could be filmed 20 years from now and still be relevant–not so with Kramer’s play. She had to know this. Kramer had little experience with Hollywood, having written the Oscar winning screenplay for *Women in Love*. Streisand has been around for decades and knows the ropes. It seems he was counting on her clout and knowledge of the film industry, not his own.

    I don’t know anything about Kramer wanting too much money for his play or for being hired to adapt his play for the screen, but I imagine that he did want control over his “baby”, as any “parent” would. He is the writer–Streisand is not. It is probably best that it is out of her hands and into the hands of a gay director now anyway. It appears she wanted to dwell on a minor theme of the play (that gay men are different than straight men?), which is not what this play is intrinsically about.

    My only regret is that Kramer told the world something the “world” did not know–that Gould is HIV+. I assumed by now that this was common knowledge, but I read that it is not. I don’t think his objective was to hurt her or her son by announcing this fact, but to offer it as a reason she should have been more concerned about getting this movie out there. I hope it isn’t too late for this play to become a film with impact enough to educate the public about the evils of the conservative agenda, and to further inform very young gay men about the history of AIDS in the US and why knowing it is so important.

  74. thor says

    “Nuts” and “The Mirror Has Two Faces

    Meh….those are nothing special , not great or anything…..

  75. Glenn Walker says

    Too bad that Mr. Kramer, who is, yes, a courageous man and an important figure in bringing vital attention to the plague of AIDS–too bad that he is also mean-spirited, cruel (to bring in Ms. B.’s son gratuitously),strident, megalomaniacal–and, really, not a very good writer.

  76. dave says

    when Barbra contemplated making this movie Kramer wanted a million for his input AND also wanted to tell the director how to direct!…………..