Michigan Senate Race Spawns Anti-Gay Flyer, Defamation Lawsuit


A race for the state Senate in Michigan has turned homophobic and ugly with the release by candidate Kim Meltzer of a flyer against her opponent Leon Drolet that's being called "the pinnacle of nastiness" and "the worst in gutter politics" according to local station WDIV.

Drolet ClickonDetroit reports:

"The mailing shows Macomb Township Republican Leon Drolet’s face superimposed over a rainbow flag, with two male figures holding hands. The accusations are designed to make Drolet, the chairman of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, out to be the ultimate liberal in a conservative primary in Macomb’s Northern District. 'It’s all appalling, but the fact that she claims I want to legalize public sex in restrooms, and introduce legislation to do that, is a flat-out bold-faced lie. Completely unsupportable and disgusting,' Drolet said. Drolet’s competition for the republican nomination, Kim Meltzer, is the author of the mailing. Meltzer did not return calls to Local 4 for comment. Meltzer’s claims cannot be backed up by votes when Drolet was a county commissioner and state representative. What he voted for when he was a State Rep. in 2003 was a bill the repealed unconstitutional laws that include banning swearing and gay sex. Drolet was one of many lawmakers who supported overturning the arcane laws."

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Posted August 2, 2010 at 9:57am ETC by Andy Towle
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