Movies: Tanked Soldiers, 3D Showgirls and Memorable Undies

That's according to Fresh Pair. It's more like National Underwear Week the way they promote it. So even if it's a not-so-secret corporate sales ploy rather than a real holiday, it should be real. Who do you think of when you think of undies at the movies? Marlon Brando in a wife beater? Liz Taylor in a white slip? Christian Bale's American Psycho exercise routine? Eddie Cibrian giving Holly Hunter a massage in Living Out Loud?


The latter is a less classic association, but I'm not the only one who is obsessed with it. Holly Hunter is magic but that's…uh… probably not why people remember it.

 road It's the 48th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death this week. She's still magical. Mad Men, which has been all over the media these past two weeks, dramatized that national tragedy beautifully a couple of seasons ago. Season 4 is thankfully putting Mad Men's own Marilyn, Joan Holloway Harris (Christina Hendricks), back in the spotlight. We deeply appreciate this. Did you see her awesome conga line?

 road That Jennifer Aniston as Babs photo posted here at Towleroad earlier was mildly upsetting. You just don't mess with the classics like that. So it's funny that the Burlesque trailer also made its debut and looked so much like an unfortunate stepchild of Paul Verhoeven's gaudy 1995 masterwork Showgirls. Cher is a classic herself but if you're in competition with Showgirls you're bound to lose. Remember Cristal's sage advice: "If someone gets in your way, step on 'em. If you're the last one standing, they hire you."

 road Are you totally over 3D? That feeling is going around. Ticket sales are dropping and Disney recently cancelled their Beauty & The Beast 3D re-release plan. Obviously big ticket movies that people would line up for anyway will still be able to get away with those steep markups. But regular movies or re-releases? Unlikely. But if someone wants to convert Showgirls, have at it. Imagine those flying beads, epileptic sex scenes and cheesy foam volcano eruptions… in 3D.

Think The Castro Theater has time to convert Showgirls into 3D before the 15th Anniversary celebration this weekend?


  1. TANK says

    Yeah…the interesting stuff. The other guys (which I saw last night), was the funniest comedy of the summer.

  2. jaragon says

    Eddie Cibrian’s should have become a bigger star after that scene but the movie was not a hit.

  3. says

    Harry Shum Jr mute? What do you mean by that, Andy? I am Deaf, the term “deaf-mute” is offensive on the same level with the n-word.

    So I’m assuming that Harry Shum Jr cannot use his voice at all but can hear? Is that what you meant to say?


  4. lessthan says

    the one and only ridor, i think that Nathaniel was referring to the fact that Harry never has any lines or songs in Glee. Glee is supposed to be about the entire club, but several characters are nothing more than bodies filling in space. Harry is one of these bodies.

  5. Trevor says

    i had the same feeling that the one and only ridor had, having only seen glee for a couple of moments( which were brutal i might add) after lessthans comment i now see how it was intended, but if you dont watch the show the only way it reads is rude. i actually came to the comments to see if it was explained, so thanks lessthan

  6. redcommieapples says

    I would have thought that, given all the loves for The Kids Are Alright here, this of all places would be the perfect place to publicise there is another gay adoption film out this week. Probably hampered by the fact that it it is in Swedish, but Patrik, Age 1.5 looks charming.

    trailer –

    Ella Taylor of NPR says it goes “further than “The Kids Are All Right” in its willingness to test the limits of mainstream tolerance for emerging family forms.”