News: Isiah Thomas, Uganda, K-2, Marriage, Elena Kagan

 road Rumor has it that we might soon see a new album from Britney Spears.

 road Isiah Thomas poses for the NOH8 campaign with his son

 road The first so-called "Jewish boat" participates in Amsterdam's pride parade, which featured about 80 other boats and a whopping total of 500,000 supporters.

 road A shirtless Joe Biden on a beach in the Hamptons.

 road Doctor who is researching to prevent homosexuality dodges a question about her experiments.

 road Gay activists: "Uganda's 'Anti-Homosexuality Bill,' which raised a worldwide uproar over its death penalty for gay sex, has stalled in parliamentary committee and it is unlikely to be passed in the current session."

 road Tori Spelling looks surprisingly plain without any make-up.

 road Tragedy on K-2: "Swedish climber and skier Fredrik Ericsson has fallen to his death on K-2 while trying to conquer the world's second highest peak."

 road You and I are a lot more like a SpongeBob Squarepants than you thought.

 road Gay sons for all mothers!

 road Suicides in the LGBT community are on the rise.

Kagan road Elena Kagan was sworn in by Chief Justice
Roberts today. While she'll be able to take on her justice duties
immediately, she won't be installed as a Justice until October 1. 

 road Possible explanation as to why the GOP isn't being as vocal about same-sex marriage as they have in the past: "'Every indicator that I have … generally speaking, is that economic growth and job creation are the tandem issues that will be the principal drivers of voter decision at polls,' Republican National Committee political director Gentry Collins told reporters Thursday. 'What I’m encouraging candidates to do is go out and run on an economic platform, a jobs platform.'"

 road Workshop organized by gay priest in California attempts to bring the church and the LGBT community together.

 road Channing Tatum does good by supporting a brain cancer charity.


  1. Paul R says

    I thought the reference to Spongebob would be along the lines of a joke someone told me yesterday, which two of my Asian friends found hilarious and two found offensive. Since I’m not Asian, I’m on the fence about it’s potential for offense, so don’t shoot the messenger:

    Spongebob must be Asian. Think about it: he’s yellow, he does karate, and he can’t drive.

  2. TANK says

    I’m surprised that amsterdam even has a gay pride parade…I mean, after all, with the fastest growing section of their society muslims…and in just about every muslim society or sub culture, the extremists control every aspect…and given that the permissive social politics in amsterdam…that they haven’t caved entirely to the demands of muslim bigots. But apparently some bigotry is acceptable…and there is no clear message being sent other than “radicalism so long as it’s islam is okay”…europe has long since washed its hands of the “jewish problem.”

  3. TANK says

    Oh, btw…the jew boat is fucking hilarious…I wouldn’t be caught dead on that fucking thing unless it were packed with extrmely hot guys…and this one CLEARLY WASN’T. Jew boats…like jews in space…lmao.

  4. TANK says

    Desert News, the publication responsible for the article about the alleged increase in the lgbt suicide rate, is owned by the mormon church. while that doesn’t immediately disqualify anything it prints with regard to the lgbt community (or anything), it does cast serious doubt on the claim…the intent of which is clear: lgbt “lifestyles” are “dangerous”

    and considering that it’s not based on any statistical data other than the suicides of three local people and the opinions of people interviwed, it is without merit.

    And yes…suicide does happen way too much in the lgbt community (my opinion…not something I’d report as news, nor claim that the lgbt suicide rate is increasing because of that OPINION)…because of groups like the mormon church.

  5. Anonymous says

    The Bible was held by the counselor to the Chief Justice. Traditionally the Bible is held by the spouse or partner of the person being sworn in. For example, see Alito..

    Did anyone else find this odd? No family up there at all.

  6. jamal49 says

    Nice move, Isiah and son. You’re support is very much appreciated.

    The “Sponge Bob Must Be Asian” joke is, um, cute. I don’t know about the first two, but the third one “they can’t drive” is true, at least where I live. They are absolutely the WORST, and I mean THE WORST, drivers of all. And, everybody I know agrees with me.