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News: Martina Navratilova, Stingrays, Zac Efron, Tornadoes

 road Rather than celebrate the premiere of their new show with their fellow castmates, Michaele and Tareq Salahi of The Real Housewives of DC threw a "super-trashy" party, along with a $25 entry fee, at a gay club.

Mar  road Martina Navratilova on the day she found out she had breast cancer: "I heard on February 24, which is kind of my 9/11. You don't forget the day when your life is completely changed forever. Although I did not hear the word cancer, your biopsies (are) positive. I am like 'positive is usually good, wait a minute, that is not good, what does it mean?'"

 road March against anti-gay crimes in Staten Island.

 road Brody Jenner makes an unfortunate hairstyle choice.

 road 1,000 year-old bison "drive line" discovered in Montana.

 road Britney Spears will not show up on the upcoming Glee episode dedicated to her music.

 road Jamie Foxx criticized the decision by Laurence Fishburn's daughter, Montana, to become a porn actor. She tweeted in response: "Jamie Foxx actually has a gay porno in the works with Vivid. Don't believe me, just ask him about it and tell him I told y'all."

 road American Idol winner Fantasia might be the latest celebrity to have a sex tape.

Z road Zac Efron was asked why he doesn't play the field: “Bathe in pussy? Yeah, I think a lot of guys would enjoy that. Believe me. I rack my brain thinking, ‘Why am I not out there playing the field?’ One of my buddies was like, ‘You have no idea what’s going on. You’re peaking on ecstasy and watching TV.’ But that’s not in my heart.”

 road First gay bar opens in Jackson, Michigan

 road Pretty amazing video of a stingray giving birth to three baby sting-rays.

 road Marc Jacobs will create a plus-size clothing line.

 road The gay rodeo returns to the Windy City.

 road Inhumane: Man dies after a sauna contest where temperatures got as high as 230 degrees.

 road Spectacular footage of a tornado destroying a farmhouse in North Dakota to bit. Fortunately, the family who owned it were not home at the time.

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  1. Zac Efron is disgusting.

    Posted by: Rock | Aug 8, 2010 4:47:18 PM

  2. Really, Rock? Disgusting? You'd tap it.

    Posted by: TANK | Aug 8, 2010 5:01:55 PM

  3. Stupidity isn't sexy.

    Posted by: Rock | Aug 8, 2010 5:06:15 PM

  4. Sure it is. Not in the long term,"I want to make a life with you," way...but stupidity coupled with negative body fat and a toned physique, can be quite appealing. It's lazy...but sometimes you don't want to have to think.

    Posted by: TANK | Aug 8, 2010 5:18:41 PM

  5. The article about Gingrich's extra-marital affairs is from 2007; still, it's nice to know that his admission is on the record.

    Posted by: Cilliam Winton | Aug 8, 2010 5:32:09 PM

  6. Zac is a wet dream for Andy and that is why he is here...while I can appreciate his body but until he takes a dick in his ass he is a loser...

    Newt is such an asshole and reeks of a shit stain...but so many American love this asshole...

    I love the gay rodeo: there is such hot bottoms there...yes I remember you Trent and that amazing backside...there is a benefit to all that riding...

    Stupid man dies in a sauna; Darwin does it again!

    Marc Jacobs is going to make a lot of money especially if he sells the clothing at Wal-Mart to cloth the EVER growing lard eating population of America...

    Brody Jenner is a total power bottom...

    Posted by: True Words | Aug 8, 2010 5:33:05 PM

  7. Gingrich is so full of shit that he is oozing undigested food through his pores!

    Posted by: CB | Aug 8, 2010 5:37:58 PM

  8. "Bathe in pussy?"

    That comment was a little too much for me. I have never felt an aversion to straight sex until I read that. It sort of helps me to understand straights' aversion to gay sex. To each his own.

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Aug 8, 2010 6:27:34 PM

  9. No're just a big, ol' hypocrite....not American's moral savior. Reminds me of NY Govnah Spitzer who very publicly cracked down on prostitution and Johns while he himself.......

    How many ostensibly homophobic/anti-gay guys, including politicians, religious people, etc. are right now jackin off to gay porn on their laptops? It's ridiculous. Oklahoma prides itself on being ultra conservative and religious, yet it has the highest divorce rate in the country and some of the highest rates of consumption of pornography, along with other bible belt states. Give me a fucking break.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Aug 8, 2010 6:51:18 PM

  10. And holy shit, what's going on with fat fucks in our country? Sometimes when I'm in a crowd of adults I notice I'm among the skinniest and I'm 6 feet+, a muscular 180lbs. 50 years ago 150-160lbs probably was the norm weight for an adult male, now it's probably 200lbs+. How do soo many guys go from being thin/skinny young man to fat fuck in a span of a few years? And some demographics are much worse than others. Every Native American I've met has been overweight/fat.....every one, regardless of age.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Aug 8, 2010 7:15:34 PM

  11. @Ratbastard: Just curious, where do you live? Some parts of the country are far worse than others. You rarely see obese people in major cities, yet the second you leave those and the more rural it gets, incredibly fat people are everywhere. I was disgusted at Disney World a few years ago (family trip). Every fifth person was in a wheel chair-type thing because they were too fat or lazy to walk. And try getting healthy food in most parts of middle America (again, outside cities). It's nearly impossible.

    I'm glad the Newt has exposed himself (I assume he knew he'd be exposed, even if the article is a couple years old) as a major hypocrite and essentially booted his chances at becoming president, which was a long-held ambition of his.

    Anyone who gets in, much less stays in, a sauna that's 230 degrees and can't recognize the danger deserves whatever happens. A sauna contest, indeed.

    I'd be happy to be peaking on ecstasy with Efron. Maybe he's not pursuing women because he doesn't find them attractive. You know, in his heart. And pants.

    Posted by: Paul R | Aug 8, 2010 7:35:03 PM

  12. Thanks for not taking the hook out of my mouth, asshole! Just watch out next time you go swimming; they don't call me a stingray for nothing, you know.

    And tornado guy: STFU! I can hear you all the way over here in this other video.

    Posted by: S. Ray | Aug 8, 2010 7:51:59 PM

  13. I guess some people have body issues when it comes to their weight. Why else refer to complete strangers as nothing but "fat fucks?"

    I don't know if their is a large enough demand in the size 14+ range for designer clothes to warrant Marc Jacob's recent move, but with America's rising rates of obesity and ever-growing waistlines it might be a smart business decision.

    I just hope that this doesn't become a trend, because it will only justify allowing people to become such an unhealthy size and not motivate them to lose weight so they can fit their once fabulous designer clothes.

    See how I articulated my position without reducing people to "fat fucks," calling people lazy, generalizing rural areas or calling people disgusting for being a larger size?

    Posted by: Leonard | Aug 8, 2010 8:03:12 PM

  14. That stingray video makes me mad.

    Giving birth is stressful enough for any animal. But then to have to do it in a place where you can't breathe, and with some a-hole yanking you around by a hook in your mouth...

    Posted by: Randy | Aug 8, 2010 8:17:32 PM

  15. The Fantasia sex tape doesn't surprise, as she's got a new album due later this month.

    Posted by: Scott | Aug 8, 2010 9:05:48 PM

  16. Two things:

    1. That Details cover isn't a terribly flattering picture of Zac....

    and, more importantly,

    2. The only thing I need to know about Zac: is he a Top or a bottom (Enquiring minds need to know)...? o_0

    Posted by: Terrance | Aug 8, 2010 9:27:24 PM

  17. The stingray video is a flashback to my childhood when my dad beached a stingray fishing and plop-plop-plop out came the babies. It has to be a response to impending death that out they come.

    Posted by: Mark | Aug 8, 2010 10:01:50 PM

  18. Yeah Paul R:

    The south and Midwest excel at fattiness. All the cornbread and gravy. But there are fat folks everywhere. And I agree, the further away you get from a major city, the fatter, more slovenly, and poorly dressed the people get. You see far,far fewer obese people in places like NY, Boston, but there's still a considerable number of guys with beer guts. But I don't mind a small,medium gut. The other day, I noticed this otherwise perfectly in shape dude with a beer gut, and I thought it was hot as fuck.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Aug 8, 2010 10:17:00 PM

  19. Is it just me or did the "News" change from Gingrich to Navratalova? What's going on here?

    Posted by: Scott | Aug 8, 2010 10:27:47 PM

  20. Well Scott, maybe we're both having the same hallucination.

    Now about the fat issues. Yes, overeating and lack of exercise are two main causes of obesity. However, there are social-economic causes as well. I have worked in low income areas in both Philly and the Twin Cities. Many of these people rely on either, welfare, food stamps, or unemployment. There is not much money for food, so they rely on cheap carbohydrates for survival. That's things like pasta and potatoes. The bit of meat they are able to afford usually is used to make gravies. Also white bread and corn bread are staples. Now add to this the fact that many of these people have a social background of frying foods. That would be things like fry bread, fried biscuits, french fries, and chicken when they have it. The cards are really stacked against them.

    I really believe that many Native Americans have a genetic factor for their obesity.

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Aug 9, 2010 12:14:45 AM

  21. People can we please stop celebrating these ridiculous people? I will not and never will watch a "Housewife" show. Still I know "the gays" eat this crap up, but honestly the Salahi's? Enough already!

    I see nothing about Gingrich here...

    I was at the Magic Kingdom recently and I saw exactly the same thing enormous, I don't mean just fat, I mean horribly obese people, groups of them in hover rounds. It was the people from Wall-e in person. I don't mind fat, hell I am a bit overweight myself lately. But this makes me ill. These people could not even get on the rides. This is such a dangerous trend.

    Posted by: critifur | Aug 9, 2010 12:50:40 AM

  22. Oh, one more thing. The stingray video was not interesting it was sadistic and cruel. I am really unhappy that you would post this bait and switch, titling it a birth when in reality it was death. Thanks so much.

    Posted by: critifur | Aug 9, 2010 12:54:34 AM

  23. Zac's comment seemed too forced, IMO. It's like he's trying to be more "manly" with the pussy reference. Evs.

    Posted by: Glenn | Aug 9, 2010 2:20:50 AM

  24. Yeah, like Zac's ever bathed in pussy before (his birth excluded)

    The stingray video is horrible. None of the poor things can breath in air- birth is traumatic enough for all parties without adding asphyxiation and some giant monkey poking you around with a fishing rod added to the mix...

    Posted by: wirrrn | Aug 9, 2010 5:26:34 AM

  25. The fact that it's written "Bathed in pussy?" indicates that he's responding to a question from the interviewer asking, "Why don't you go bathe in pussy?"

    Doesn't seem like a comment he made, just repeating what he was asked.

    Posted by: Paul R | Aug 9, 2010 6:15:16 AM

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