One Dead At Gay Pride Parade In Brazil

In what sounds similar to what happened during the kick-off to pride in San Francisco in June, one teen is dead after a gang battle at a pride parade in Brazil. Reports The AP:

Brazil "Authorities say a teenager has been shot to death in a fight between rival gangs at a gay parade in southeastern Brazil. Police say the teenager was shot when the gangs got into a confrontation late Saturday as they headed to the parade attended by nearly 70,000 people in Juiz de Fora."

"Authorities told local news media another teen was shot in the leg, but the injury was not life threatening. Globo's G1 website said police detained 17 youngsters, including a man suspected of firing the shots that killed the teenager. Their ages were not immediately released. Calls to the police in Minas Gerais state were not immediately answered."

According to Rod 2.0, police have a suspect in custody.


  1. ratbastard says

    Hey! I have an idea! Why not have law enforcement and the judicial system really,really crack down hard on gangs, violent criminals, ‘Youngsters’ involved in violent criminal behavior, especially those illegally owning firearms and using them to hurt others!! You guys know! Like the typical ‘Urban’ youth who robs and assaults people in the streets carrying guns with altered serial numbers and stuff! Here in America, why not stop giving gubmint benefits to women who spit out babies for the $ and attention! Why not put an end to housing projects, many of which were built for veterans returning to a housing shortage from wars 50-60 years ago but are now filled with savage predators who stalk and prey on the very people who pay their gubmint bennies!!!

    Yes, I know, Satan will be snow-boarding and making snow angels.

  2. ratbastard says

    Yeah cornrow…everything I said is a fantasy. That’s it, that’s the ticket.

    And tens of thousands more people will be jumped, pistol whipped, shot, stabbed, beaten,raped, murdered. Urban decay and decline will continue. Economies of entire cities and metro areas (states: ask Michigan if there’s any connection to the collapse of Detroit and the decline in their state) will continue to decline….all because people like cornrow refuse to face reality.

    And WTF does Palin have to do with this? Is everything leftwing/rightwing to you? Is your world that (pardon the expression) black and white?

  3. Nick says

    Ratbastard: No, but you sound just as ignorant and short-sighted as Ms. Palin herself. Talk about seeing things in black and white.

    Also, seriously, you think poor women “spit out” babies for money and attention? Let me tell you, the women who manage to GET any kind of government aid sure aren’t getting enough to live the high life. This whole delusion that single American women are somehow rewarded for getting saddled with full care of babies seems to be most perpetuated by those who can’t get pregnant themselves. Well, and Sarah Palin.

    Also, did you not see that this was in Brazil? How do your opinions on American policies have anything to do with gang violence in Brazil?

  4. ratbastard says

    Gee, yes Nick, I know this is an story about Brazil; I clearly stated this in my first post. I’m extrapolating to include violent crime in America and it’s causes.

    Nick: My opinions on this matter are actually deeply personnel, in addition to academic. I know, for a fact, there is massive fraud occurring in America in regards to social services for the ‘Poor’. I also know, from a personal up close perspective (I grew up in big inner city neighborhoods) that A LOT of crime is the direct result of lousy up-bring in broken families that are financially rewarded by the government to remain broken. Having a dad around is discouraged. You’ll get more of everything if you have more kids and no daddy around. It’s a fact Nick. It’s this type of ‘Family’ that most thugs come from.

    And yes Nick, believe it or not, there are MANY women who deliberately get pregnant with no intention of creating a normal, healthy family with the baby(s) daddy, and they do it for financial reasons. Ever notice whenever some violent crime or tragedy gets reported in the news in the hood, and the siblings in a particular family all have different last names? Why do you think that is Nick? Ever notice the mom or grandma is always around being interviewed, but there’s no daddy in sight? Why Nick? Guess what Nick? They’re committing fraud against various social services agencies, including stuff like SSI, which each child can collect in his/her name.

  5. ratbastard says

    I should also add the baby mommy is also frequently shaking down the daddy for cash in the courts, in addition to getting subsidized housing, daycare, healthcare, food, subsidized utilities, and of course cash payouts. Among various dysfunctional subcultures in America Nick, it is commonly accepted practice for do these things I described.

  6. ratbastard says

    Please excuse my typos, and that should read personal not personnel. I’m sure there are super-smart people like Nick proof-reading my posts for errors in grammar and syntax.

  7. ratbastard says

    And more gays should be licensed to carry a firearm, cornrow. Maybe fewer would be victimized. What a novel fucking idea….defending yourself.

    Yeah, deny people the right to defend themselves with the best, most effective technology available (which criminals and thugs have) and happily pay your taxes to pay-out government benefits to the very thugs who victimize. Be a good, little fag…we’ll give you your marriage as long as you go along with the whole master plan.

  8. gwyneth cornrow says

    @Ratbastard, to paraphrase Barney Frank, arguing with you, madame, is like arguing with the dining room table.

    To return to the news story, I believe the gangs in question were gay gangs. Perhaps Andy can shed some light on this as the story says they were on their way to Pride.

  9. ratbastard says



    My thoughts are well constructed, well written, and legit. You just don’t like them. So you resort solely to insults. You know what I say is true.

    Barney Frank is my congressman. On a personal level, the man is a socially maladjusted ahole and not as smart as he thinks he is.

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