1. g_whiz says

    Obviously being attracted to women in the most general sense means not giving a crap about what they think or what values they have…because if Hasselbeck can be considered more than just physcially attractive, its by the most shallow people in the cosmos.

    Also. “I can’t look at you and not find you attractive.” Not exactly the best defense in the universe. The “Gay or Southern” game though, thats one I played when I was going to Grad school in North Carolina for years. Its incredible how many homophobic southern baptists can be mistaken for the people they’re informed to revile…(seriously, khaki shorts and polos…)

  2. Bill says

    Whatever he is — as a GAY, Southern man myself my advice is to put a lid on it, Jake baby. Truly STRAIGHT southern men don’t air their tacky, tawdry, largely questionable sex lives on national talk shows, they’re too busy chasing poontang and cleaning their rifles.)

  3. Troy says

    Hmmmm…so many formerly straight married guys I know married the “prettiest” woman they could find. It was almost like they thought, “Hey, I can do this if the person I have to sleep with is THAT good looking. When I can’t get excited about sex, I can at least show her off and convince people only a straight guy could get her.” Not saying Jake is gay, but his behavior on the view is hardly a ringing “refudiation.”

  4. Rob says

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    Maybe he’s straight and dumb. Maybe he’s gay and closeted. I don’t give a damn. There’s a lot of guys who are far more intelligent, charming, funny, good-looking and just altogether more worthy of our time.

  5. TampaZeke says

    For those of us who were in the closet and trying to convince people that we weren’t gay comments like Jake’s are hilarious and very familiar. Just listen to how strained and contrived that comment is. It is NOT the kind of thing real straight men say. It IS very much the kind of comment gay men trying to pretend to be straight would say.

    It’s also funny to me that every closeted gay person seems to think that they are the FIRST and that everyone who’s gone before them isn’t personally, intimately familiar with every closeted move they make and word they say.

    It’s like the way newly out masculine gays seem to always be convinced that THEY are the very first masculine, “non-stereotypical” gay ever created.

    Funny and sad at the same time.

  6. Goodforyou says

    Not wanting to sleep with your girlfriend who you chose and who is begging for it makes you gay. It has nothing to do with being Southern. And you were not attracted to your 2nd choice Tenley. That too, makes you gay. She was annoying but Dear God she had an AMAZING body. Yes you are gay. Nothing wrong with it. Just admit it you douche bag.

  7. TANK says

    Okay, keep in mind that jake pavelka is 5’8″ tall…okay? That should eliminate most interest in his sexual orientation…he’s a short, little dude. So…who cares one way or the other?

  8. William says

    Yes, there is a very fine line between an effeminate homosexual and a pale white Christian. Practically the entire male student body at Baylor is a prime example.

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