Tasmania Set to Recognize Same-Sex Unions Performed Elsewhere?

Tasmania's legislative council is set to consider a bill approved by its Lower House of parliament that recognizes same-sex unions performed elsewhere, ABC News reports:

Tasmania"Only three of the 25 Members of the House of Assembly – Liberals Rene Hidding, Michael Ferguson and Jacqui Petrusma – voted against the amendment to the Relationships Act. Attorney-General Lara Giddings says the changes will remove discrimination for same-sex couples in registered relationships. 'This is really a small step, but a significant and important step for those people who have registered or been through a civil union process elsewhere around the world and want us to recognise that relationship as indeed being in existence,' she said. Gay rights campaigner Rodney Croome has welcomed the bill and says he hopes it puts same-sex marriage back on the agenda."

The bill now goes before Tasmania's Legislative Council for approval.


  1. Eric26 says

    What, so now gay Australians who want to get married all have to live in Tasmania? Just come over to Canada and apply for your citizenship, we’d be happy to have you.

  2. John says

    Now watch as Prime Minister Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott (either homophobe will do) “advises” the Governor General to disallow this legislation because it contravenes the commonwealth’s ban on same-sex marriage.

  3. says

    If this bill passes in Tasmania then I will have just added another touristic destination to my gay-wedding trip around the world with my man..