Towleroad Guide to the Tube #711

WANDERERS: A Carl Sagan tribute.

BRYAN FISCHER: American Family Association's Fischer says gay adoption is inhumane.

BEN QUAYLE: Spawn of Dan Quayle running for Congress, calls Obama the worst President in history, says someone has to go to D.C. and knock the hell out of the place.

JACKIE EVANCHO: America's Got Talent's 10-year-old opera star.

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  1. John says

    I cringe for the little opera singer. There is no breath under the voice and she has the beginnings of a wobble. She will be lucky to have a voice left by the time she is eighteen if she continues on as she sings now. Shame on everyone for exploiting her like that!

  2. dreamfish says

    “knock the hell out of the place”

    Sounds somewhat fascistic – as if he’s advocating dictating to everyone how it’s going to be whether they (and democracy) like it or not.

  3. breckroy says

    Ben Quayle thinks Obama, two-years in is the worst president in American history? Uhm, was he off studying in some hateful, conservative ashram in India from 2001-2009? I think that was, by many historical measures, a much stronger candidate for “worst president in history” don’t you think?

    At least his Dad knew to stand there, look cute, and not get into too much trouble. WTF, Ben? You suck.

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