Towleroad Guide to the Tube #721

PRINCE POPPYCOCK: Smashes vases in Bohemian Rhapsody on America's Got Talent.

CHANEL: Gaspard Ulliel is not going to be the person he's expected to be anymore in this new, Martin Scorcese-directed ad for Chanel.

BEAR HUNT: What D.C. bears like on pizza, and other explorations…

BODYBUILDING BRAWL: Contestant at competition in Mexico leaps off stage to fight judge.

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  1. sparks says

    Agree with RIN. Prince Poppycock is one of the most original people I’ve seen in a long time and his voice is divine. And no offense to my sweet Freddie Mercury may he rest in peace, but I think I prefer Poppycock doing more traditional operatic pieces… with his own humorous twists, of course.

  2. says


    Ask and ye shall receive… Thanks Andy for finally noticing John Quale aka Prince Poppycock. I no sooner rant on the previous post about kylie on AGT and here you go and post his performance. Must now tell all my flist on LJ who have been watching him as long as I have and been rooting for him.

  3. ♂ says

    I adore Prince Poppycock.
    And his alter ego John Quale isn’t so bad either. I hope he wins.

  4. TANK says

    So…the lesson from that clip is that being a bear is synonymous with having an eating disorder…k…are all bears morbidly obese and disgusting fat pigs, or just most of them?

  5. Rad says

    I thought it was “America’s Got Talent”, not “America Warbles Horribly through a Freddie Mercury Set”. Perhaps “America’s got no taste”, maybe “America’s got a tin ear”…?

    No talent other than makeup and a wig.

  6. Rin says

    RAD?? Are you crazy? He has an awesome voice. Many people like myself have probably been trained in voice and opera. There are NO bad opera singers. You won’t get training if you have a terrible voice. No opera school will accept someone who can’t cut it. John performed at the Kennedy Center as part of an opera program–argh! Why am I bothering?

    I love Prince Poppycock. I love that middle America loves Prince Poppycock.

    This isn’t Rupaul’s Drag Race on LOGO where gays and gay friendlies tune in, this is middle America television and they love him in spite of themselves.

    And I love that! His sweetness pours through and…I think he’s just awesome.

  7. Rad says

    Yes,the Branson Missouri crowd loves him. I, on the other hand, do not. It’s talent not so much to bring music to the masses, but more like blood to the ears. The whirling you hear in he background is Pavarotti (the king of Pop Opera) spinning in his grave.

    Thank the maker this show will be ending soon and all this nonsense will quickly fade away.

  8. Rin says


    if I had a white kid glove I would slap you with it and then ask if you prefer pistols or swords!

    There is only one Pavarotti. He doesn’t have to be that. He has an operatic voice, he is a showman, etc. There are wonderful, talented singers in small operas across the country. Pavarotti was famous for being the best. Allow John to be excellent without having to add a superlative.

    And this is from someone who had to try out to study opera. You don’t even get to take the class without having some chops. As I said before, I can sing quite well, but I’m not Kanawa. I can recognize that John can sing the shit out of some opera without having to sell out the Kennedy Center.

  9. says

    Rad, not to beat you over the head with this, but the whole purpose [and I’ve heard the judges make mention of it time and time again] that the show is to find whom the judges believe are the best performers [say that word with emphasis].

    John has this in spades.

    He is an eclectic performer/singer who has a LONG and distinguished career already in performing arts since he was 11 yrs old and performed at the Kennedy Ctr., in an off-broadway critically acclaimed musical, wrote the civil rights anthem and stared in the documentary of the same name “Rise Up and Shout”…etc.

    Prince Poppycock was borne from a dare back a few years ago. He was invited to sing “Largo al Factotum” at a friends club [with the stipulation he do it donning a wig]. The patrons loved it so much… well, the rest became history.

    And maybe I want him to hit it big because he not only deserves it, but listening to his alternative music, makes me long for the days of my youth and I would sing along with my idol David Bowie… who just happens to be one of his… and sounds so much like him it’s eerie…

    take a listen…

    also find him here:

    and here:

    My hope is that an “out” performer who isn’t just a ‘pop’ singer make it as big. For he IS truly unique and his character Prince Poppycock is a modern troubadour-harlequin-pantomime- and yes, court jester even, for the 21st century.