Vladimir Putin’s Latest Macho Photo Op: Shooting a Whale


Add this to the shirtless Brokeback Mountain fishing expedition, swimming in an icy river, tiger and polar bear tagging, and Harley Davidson riding photo ops, and there can be no doubt that Russian PM Vladimir Putin is ALL MAN!

Putin wasn't out to kill the grey whale. He was working with a team of scientists to try to determine, by shooting it with a crossbow and getting a skin sample, where the whale came from.

Exclaimed Putin: "I hit it at the fourth try!"


  1. Grant says

    I really think that using the term “Brokeback Mountain” in so many stories is really becoming Jay Lenoesque. It’s not funny or cleaver and it cheapens the impact of the movie.

  2. Alex says

    Your headline implies Putin is harming the whale, when actually he’s not. And his “tagging” of tigers and polar bears is part of scientific research to help those species. I’m actually glad to see a leader of a major country with unique wildlife publicly demonstrate some efforts towards protecting the environment. One wouldn’t expect Russia to do much in this regard, so at least it’s hopeful that Putin is actively supportive of conservation efforts. Orher aspects of Putin’s leadership are not so hopeful.

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