1. Corey Thompson says

    I have to say this is so ridiculous, the people who work for target are not the people that made the donations, they are just hard working individuals trying to get by like everyone else, Protesters should be lining up outside the corporate offices and finding more effective ways to protest this instead of just finding a way to make it on youtube..

  2. Billy says

    WHEN is this Target crap going to end? Why aren’t people going after the 80% of major businesses that support the Republican party even more?

  3. Peter says

    Breaker Breaker one-niner; we have a code six-niner in the front of the store.

    Did you she birtha get all in your face badass….after they were leaving? Too funny.

  4. Chris K says

    This is getting a little out of hand. The only thing this did is make the employees’ day more difficult. They’re not the one’s who made the donations. Take your protest to the Target headquarters where the real bad guys are.

  5. Joey Y says

    Well, I’m on the fence, but I’m siding with the announcers on this one. If you are an employee of the company, you might want to let them know if you don’t support a corporate activity that has made it embarrassing to work for them. Obviously, those dipshit execs aren’t letting the HRC get through to them, so perhaps widespread public embarrassment coupled with the shareholder anger reported today might make a difference that picketing one building likely wouldn’t. Also, Dave, if they care enough about the issue to do this, I doubt they are afraid of a trespassing misdemeanor, so if that’s supposed to scare people from doing what’s right, then I guess we have different viewpoints on things.

  6. Rann says

    As the song says: “Target aint people so why should it be allowed to mess around with our democracy?”

    Target’s board should be the ones getting the protests but I think any pressure on them is good pressure. As to the idea that 80% of the businesses that support Rebubs should be the ones protested, Target is being targeted because they claim to be on our side so that makes them hypocrites.

  7. josepe says

    a lots of employees from target have the same mentality as target corp. that’s way they work there, and it really doesn’t matter if they gave the money or not, you just don’t feel welcome there,and to sadness all of the retail companies make you feel the same way , you used to go shopping because there was always good customer service and people were always nice to you , now it feels like all the way around , like you have to be nice to the people working there or they don’t give you good service, most of the time they don’t know anything and they get bother if you ask questions,or simply you don’t exist and if you complain they laugh at your back i know is not much the pay but then you should get other job that pays better or get a job you might like,this is not a complaining rant , is just not looking good anywhere you go , there is always drama not concerning to you but somehow becomes your drama and you have to get involved

  8. Strepsi says

    While I agree that corporate needs to be targeted, I say targeted “as well as” the stores, not “instead of”

    So it made the employees’ day more difficult — their company made our lives more difficult. This is about educating the consumers of Target, and education works, as does economic freedom of speech / boycotts.

    I am old enough to remember boycotts of COors and Nestle, and I will not go to Hyatt hotels or support Jamaica today — these things WORK.

    Plus, I am glad to see Queer Rising — we need a new in-your-face Queer Nation / ACT UP type of group as well as lobby groups….

  9. Tone says

    Arguing about boycotts is something prissy fags sit around and do while sipping their fancy foreign beer. Real activism is actually getting off your ass and writing a cheque to the queer/queer-friendly charity of your choice. Real activism is more than just not shopping at this discount store versus that one. Real activism is more than just pranking Target.

    Boycott Target if if fills you with that much pride, but help the many worthy LGBT charities out there while you’re at it. Donate, volunteer, get active. We haven’t come this far by whining, but by doing.

  10. qjersey says

    @Corey Thompson

    “they are just hard working individuals trying to get by like everyone else”

    That’s right. I work very hard for the…

    plantation owner, he owns the slaves, not me

    for the construction company that won’t hire minorities, has nothing to do with me

    Catholic (or Mormon) Church that promotes anti gay ballot initiatives, but I like the gays.

    Shall I go on?

  11. crispy says

    “a lots of employees from target have the same mentality as target corp. that’s way they work there”

    Wow, that is some simple logic. And also just not true. The Target PAC, which its employees contribute to, gives about 50% of its contributions each election cycle to Democrat and progressive candidates.

    As for why they work there, I seriously doubt the average Target employee who earns about $8 per hour is turning down job offers left and right so they can work for an employer who supports their same political causes.

  12. Jonathon Edwards says

    Same trolls endlessly complaining when someone actually expresses their anger in concrete ways. It doesn’t matter whether these protests change target…they change the protesters. They increase their feelings of self-worth and esteem by tangibly expressing their feelings of hurt and anger against the corporation that hurt them.

    And the employees go home arguing over it. some agreed or didn’t. Same with the customers. And if enough of us – trolls included – got of our asses and joined in instead of complaining endlessly about the people who are actually doing something (like all the mewling about Dan Choi we’ve witnessed), then Target would see a drop in sales and that would speak much much more loudly than polite “protests” at headquarters in Minneapolis.

    More, please. Much more.

  13. Joe says

    You can clearly see that the woman making this announcement is talking into a mic with a cord leading to a bullhorn on the floor.

    They were not using the “P.A. system” as the article states.

  14. Cory says

    Jonathan: That’s exactly what I stated about a posting regarding San Diego marriage license protestors. Some people don’t understand, it’s not just the message, it’s the feeling of belonging and pride that comes with uniting under a common cause, speaking up for our civil rights and working to make equality for EVERYONE a reality. How many of the average Target shoppers even know about this issue? I gather not many. The little things do make a difference.

  15. Justin Elzie says

    This is Fantastic! These types of things have legs across the web and educate the general public to what’s going on in our society. For those who think this is not the way to do things, I am sure people said the same thing when Rosa Parks pulled her stunt and refused to move to the back of the bus.

  16. Cory says

    FYI they have the right to protest within a certain distance from the store. That nasty manager who refused to even acknowledge their rights is not correct. LET HER call the police. The most they can do it state their right to protest as long as no one is blocked from entering, their right to free speech, and if they don’t like it, they can shove it up their collective red shirt asses.

  17. Randy says

    I’m sorry that the employees are getting caught in the middle of this mess but at the end of the day it basically comes down to one thing – money. When you target corporate offices it’s hardly noticed. The efforts roll off like water on a duck’s back. When you target the store it hits the pocket and stock holders don’t like that. The corporate offices are not happy that their stores are being affected so they are dealing with unhappy stock holders, employees and stepping up security measures. I’m an out gay man and until everyone has the courage to come out and say I’m not going to take being a second class citizen anymore, I’ll be grateful to those that are willing to protest. If you think about it, most great protests throughout history were taken to the frontline and not to the corporate headquarters. Not all have been successful but all were noted across the world.

  18. Mitch says

    Bravo to the protesters and well done! I hope to see more of this kind of thing in Chicago. Target has a huge gay following in Chicago and just opened a new store that the gays fell over themselves to shop at. So far we have had one protest at that new location.

  19. Worker says

    Just my 2 cents here.

    I work for a Target store part-time. I’m also gay. I don’t agree with what corporate did with their donations. However, I also know they are about diversity (maybe not as much as I would like but it’s a start). They mention a zero tolerance policy about discrimination regarding race, religion, sexual orientation, etc etc.

    That said, I have expressed my outrage to my HR manager regarding the whole donation thing. She feels the same. Many in our store do. What can be done? Contacting the corporate offices. May not help, but at least they know their team members disapprove.

    As for the protest in the store….I’m all for protests and picketing. I’ve done my fair share…however, going into the business like that and doing what they did does NOTHING for the cause in my book. All it did was make the activists look like spoiled bratty children who pulled a childish prank. It disrupted business and it offended the guests in the store.

    @Josepe above….I don’t know which Target you shop at, but at mine we have a reputation of being VERY friendly and helpful towards our guests and knowledgable of our stock. If we don’t know where something is, we ask another team member. We have been highly complimented on our politeness and courtesy and the fact we are much friendlier and better than the neighboring Walmart. I’m just saying…..

    Also, regarding getting a better job….Target offers flex hours and it quite accomodating towards single parents with children in daycare and school. They will WORK with your schedule to make sure you have time with your children whenever possible. The pay ain’t the greatest, trust me, but in this economy it beats not having any job at all and being out on the street or in a shelter.

  20. Bakeley says

    Oh yeah, hijacking the PA and swearing into it is a GREAT way to convince haters that we’re not godless degenerates.

  21. Randy says

    @Worker…I’m just curious. You said you have expressed your outrage to your HR person and they agree with you as many others workers do. But has your HR person contacted the corporate headquarters? Are employees of Target speaking out to the corporation or are you afraid to for fear of job loss? I appreciate you speaking out against this but I really am curious if store managers, HR managers and workers themselves are contacting headquarters and expressing disapproval. Just wondering if you feel you have the freedom of speech to speak to headquarters or if that is something you feel don’t have.

  22. Frozen North says

    Where’s the outrage, protests and boycott’s of Newscorp and Murdoch for his $1M donation? Not a peep on it here.

    Or better yet, let’s drive everyone to shop at Walmart. You do realize that Walmart’s plugging money into political groups too, right? It’s just they are HQed in a state that doesn’t have any disclosure laws.

    If Queerty or Moveon were really interested in an end to corporate political donations, they’d be lobbying for disclosure laws in all states or at the federal level.

    Now THAT! that would put an end to corporate donations, or at least let us target (pun!) serious enemies.

  23. dattexas says

    This is great. It all gets back to corporate. Some employees might even pressure managers, and up the chain. Quit being so short-sighted, queens.

  24. Matt says

    This must have been done by a bunch of trust-fund babies who’ve never worked retail or food service in their entire lives. All this does is ruin the day for the workers. Saying that it makes the people protesting feel better just completely devalues the workers who feel much, much shittier when this stuff happens. I currently work at another huge national retail store and one of my first jobs was at Target. I can tell you when I worked there my day was spent picking up after people who couldn’t be bothered to pick up after themselves, cleaning up the feces and urine and blood of people fucking up the bathrooms, breaking up fights, and otherwise losing faith in humanity as a whole on a daily basis. These people’s jobs are hard enough without a bunch of drama queens coming in and ruining the day of people who have NOTHING to do with this debate. They work at a huge, soulless corporation that donated money to someone you (and I) disagree with? Great, let’s ruin their day and possibly threaten the job of the managers involved. I wonder what well-off people think, that we can just quit our jobs on a whim and easily find another job with a more gay-friendly company? I have many friends who’ve been out of jobs for MONTHS and have been actively looking. Ridiculous.

    Sorry, this is rambly. I’ve read Towleroad for months now and this is the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to comment. I’m 28 years old and I’ve worked hard and campaigned hard for gay rights since I was 18 and moved out of my bigoted home town. But the affluent attitude that these people who work at one of the shittier companies in the country deserve to have their days made even shittier instead of attacking the people who really have some sway? Ridiculous.

  25. says

    This was great – stuff like this gets reported up the ranks to the top. Target big wigs know customers are angry.

  26. wslandry says

    What a great way to fight for a cause! Piss off all the workers at Target which make 7-9 dollars an hour. I agree with Brendan take it outside and also to the corporate offices. The masses are just trying to feed there family’s and the rent including gay and straight.

  27. Jeff says

    Worker: expressing your outrage is great, glad you did it… but this is another way the protesters are expressing THEIR rage. at a store they have been loyal too. Not one that they have been getting their paycheck from, like you, but one that they have been giving their paycheck TO.

    Is this level of protest uncomfortable? YES. Its about making Target realize that the protesters are actually DOING something, making a dent. I think its about time we all stopped being so NICE about demanding equal rights.

    and seriously, all u internet lurkers who have nothing better to do than whine about protesters? you suck.

  28. Anthony says

    THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I needed a good laugh today and this was it. Thank you to whoever did this. I still haven’t shopped at Target since this, it has been annoying but I’ve made due.

  29. Brad says

    I think this was a great protest, however, using profanity was not the best judgement I’ve ever seen. It really doesn’t help our cause.

  30. says

    The big guns “investors” are taking Target and Best Buy to the woodshed:

    “A good corporate political contribution policy should prevent the kind of debacle Target and Best Buy walked into,” said Trillium vice president Shelley Alpern. “We expect companies to evaluate candidates based upon the range of their positions — not simply one area — and assess whether they are in alignment with their core values. But these companies’ policies are clearly lacking that.”

    The shareholders said the donations don’t mesh with corporate values that include workplace protections ….”

  31. Worker says

    Randy and Jeff — My HR sent a note to her superior to pass up the chain. Honestly I have no qualms telling corporate I think their donation process is terrible. At the same time, I am on the board of a non-profit and my store happily donated items towards our benefit this year. I’m not talking $5.00 either.

    I have no problem expressing my disapproval or opinion when I see something is wrong.

    Matt — You hit the nail on the head. The mentality of people shopping these days is incredibly low class. People leave crap all over the store. They don’t acknowledge their children ripping shelves apart. I can’t tell you how many times I have found cartons of ice cream sitting on a shelf in some corner of the store. How many times they decide they don’t want that $20 package of steaks, so let’s just leave it under this shelf with white towels on top of it. And you are right. Many people who work there cannot just up and quit. Quite a few of my co-workers have 2 or more children, are divorced and have deadbeat spouses who don’t pay support. Also, the store is close to their home and childrens’ schools.

    And honestly, there is nothing worse than hearing someone say to me “Well, you just work here and I’m the customer and I’m right. So because I say so, give me that 40 inch flat screen for $150.00″ because they claim to have seen an ad for it online/in the paper/ heard about it from a friend with no back up or proof. Then when I say no I get cussed out big time and I have to smile and take it and be polite because “It’s my job” Sorry…rambling here…didn’t mean to. Retail sucks sometimes.

  32. Cory says

    Matt and all bitching about working at Target:

    “Trust fund babies whining”?? GROW UP. Get another job. No one made you work at Target, or clean up fecal matter (I highly doubt that). Now you’re whining about people “whining”? They weren’t whining, they had BRASS, brass you never had, to make a difference. If they were “trust fund babies, trust me, they’d be sipping martini’s with the Wall Street hedge fundies they met through their fathers’ connections, NOT protesting at a local Target.

    Some people don’t have a clue. Instead of being a PROBLEM, be a SOLUTION.

  33. says

    Dave, and Worker and several other commenters are completely stupid, and deserve second classs citizenship in my opinion. Get over yourselves. Poor baby, doing the right thing make you feel discomfort. Boo fucking hoo stupid ass!!!

  34. Micky F says

    Oh now this is just ridiculous. There are protest and there are making yourself – and your cause – look stupid. Did they change anyone’s minds? Did they actually inform anyone about what is happening? I’m betting the answer is no.

  35. josepe says

    @worker, i have doing my share of nasty jobs too, and it seems that i haven’t finished doing them , i worked retail for a while and including washing bathrooms and dealing with nasty attitudes from customers and even common thieves, i don’t work retail anymore, but while a worked i never showed my anger to customers while they shop no matter how much i hate it them ,while working at this places you have a sense of ownership towards this company most of this companies don’t care for you as a person you are nothing but a number and as long you work well under pressure they keep you, and if not they kick you out.while raising concern to your manager about this problem and she felt the same way too, nobody did anything at all?and at the end all of you were just concerned?

    i have worked for less money but i always try to give my best no matter how shitty the job is, my problem is that “i expect the same treatment from the company that hires me and most of the time supposedly we share the same values.No I’m not a republican but we have to have common sense , even target knows they fucked up and have apologized but it was because somebody find out what they did, not because they were really sorry.

  36. says

    It’s important for us to remember a few things:

    1. The furor is not because Target, like every other company in the US, has donated money to Republicans. It’s because they donated to THIS Republican, who at the time was the ONLY candidate supported by MN Forward (the other candidates came later). There are plenty of moderate Republicans Target could have supported if they were worried about the business climate in MN and thought that the Republicans were the answer for that.

    2. If the worst thing that happens in a protest is “ruining the employees’ day” then it’s a successful protest. Those employees will have a cocktail after work and get over it. I rather think that cleaning the bathroom in a Target would be much more day-ruining than dealing with some pissed off GLBT folks.

    3. I’m utterly delighted about the awakening of our community in the last couple of years. Ever since the massive Prop 8 protests, in which we marched en masse in the streets demanding our equal human and civil rights and in which we showed that some prejudices are Biblically justifiable but no longer socially acceptable, we have increasingly gotten off our asses and moved our tribe forward.

    4. We need to remember to watch our friends in addition to our enemies. Trust, but verify.

  37. Cory says

    Josepe:AMEN. I worked for Banana Republic back in the day, then Apple, first in retail, then as a Genius then management. It sucks. You are right, you are nothing but a number. That goes with poiitics and voters too. We are all numbers. BUT we don’t have to be. Getting angry at each other is NOT the solution, but working with each other is the solution.

    It seems Matt has more of an issue with his personal life than with his civil rights. Why would you EVER work for a company that deems you a second class citizen? That’s tantamount to putting money right into the donations of these anti-LGBT groups the executives at Target did without shame. The economy may suck right now, but there are certainly other retail jobs for companies that support your civil rights and the rights of others (or better yet, small businesses, FUCK large companies, they are what’s wrong with this country and world, they have destroyed middle America and the chances for small locally owned businesses to prosper).

    Your job sucks, we get it, so does mine, but demeaning these protestors for taking a stand is rubbish. Stop being sheep, look for a new job, and give notice. Two problems solved: a better job, for a better company. You’ll feel better, instead of angry.

  38. blue says

    That was fucking ridiculous. I’m all for equality, but really?! There are GLBT’s and allies who are fighting the proper and effective way and nut jobs like this that have been recently dubbed “The Gay Mafia” on some blogs/comments sections. This kind of childish/rude behavior is no better than the bigots. Do they even understand what they are doing or fighting for anymore? Was that just some gaudy display to get on the internet? How sad and embarrassing. Sorry but they FAILed!

  39. Worker says

    I just feel speaking into a bullhorn and swearing does NOT add to the cause. Picket signs, intelligent protests, yes. Insulting people…not so much.

    @Drew Murray — Thank you for proving my point.

    Up til this point, I had no problem working for Target. I have written to corporate from my home email, identified myself as an employee and expressed my concern/anger/frustration over the situation.

    I understand not all jobs are going to be unicorns and puppy dogs and baby seals frolicking together under rainbows and smiley face suns. Trust me, I get it.

    @Cory — Regarding cleaning up fecal matter…trust me…it happens more than you think. Especially in the family restrooms. Parents just think “Eh….not my problem…..” So we break out the latex gloves and mops and such and clean away. All part of a days work.

  40. Rocky Falco says

    Wake Up America! Because when the Christian White-Right WINGNUTS are done with taking away the Rights Of GAYS who will be NEXT? Blacks, Jews, Asians, and then the medal class. When the HATE BALL starts rolling we will lose everything we have!!!!

  41. Erik says

    While I definitely understand the need to get the word out there about Target’s donation practices. I wish they could do it in a more eloquent way. Really? You need to swear to get your point across? You’re not going to be winning over many people when you’re using obscenities in front of their children.

  42. crispy says

    “Why would you EVER work for a company that deems you a second class citizen?”


    The Gap’s PAC contributed to Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman… Coleman opposes recognition of same-sex marriages by either the federal or state governments. In 2004 and in June 2006, he voted in favor of such an amendment to the United States Constitution that would ban any state from issuing marriage licenses to people of the same sex. When he was mayor, Coleman refused to sign a city proclamation celebrating the annual gay pride festival.

  43. Timzilla says

    All of this makes a huge difference.

    I’ve read articles in major news publications in the last week that chronicle the adverse effect of the publicity this donation has garnered for Target and the clearly chilling effect its had on corporations contemplating such political donations under the Citizens United decision. This has put the breaks on the donations of most corporations right before the midterms. Aside from Newscorp (Fox) has any other company made a substantial donation to the haters? Nope. It’s a guarantee that any company thinks long and hard before they contribute money when the world is watching.

    To say it’s had no effect is uniformed.

  44. Dagoril says

    It’s not about bothering the store employees about things the execs did.

    It’s about educating the public, who are right at that moment shopping in the store. Many of them have no idea what’s going on. Everyone is not a political news junkie the way we are.

  45. Cory says

    Crispy: Something most don’t know about. I used to work for Banana Republic as a Visuals Manager for the New England region. When I heard/read about the parent company’s (GAP) donations sponsoring such a hateful politician, I looked for a new job, went back to school part time, and gave my two weeks notice. I also sent a letter to the company as to WHY I quit, and so did a few other colleagues.

    Mickey Drexler was the CEO for GAP in the 90’s and did a lot of good to promote equality in the company (he was the first to instate non-discrimation against sexual orientation in the retail corporate sect). In 2002 he was fired by GAP founder Donald Fisher, mostly due to differences in social and political policy. That is when GAP began moving towards a more conservative movement.

    Mickey Drexler went on to become a director of Apple since 1999, and many of Apples non-discrimanation policies were enacted because of Mickey Drexler. Apple, Pixar and Walt Disney (related companies) have some of the best pro-LGBT policies to date.

  46. crispy says

    Cory, I wouldn’t call you a “trust-fund baby” because that’s kinda shitty and in all likelihood untrue, but not everyone has the opportunities to quit a job and go back to school. That costs money. So bitching at someone who doesn’t work in corporate like you did about their economic situation is equally shitty.

  47. says

    Why must it be an either or proposition? Who says there is only one way to protest? Martin Luther King and his non-violent approach (crafted by Bayard Rustin, a gay man) gets the lion’s share of credit for the advances made during the Civil Rights movement but the truth is he was simply the easiest person to deal with when you had other organizations like the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers who said “by any means necessary”.

    In the 1980s, the gay community was dying and the United States government all but ignored HIV/AIDS until an organization called ACT UP came along and did just that. These brave men and women stood up and fought back with civil disobedience that almost always landed them in jail because they weren’t willing to sit back while people died and no one gave a damn.

    Target is a company that uses the community to create their ad campaigns and willingly takes our money but supports candidates who advocate erasing the gay community with conversion therapy (Bachman) and killing gay people (Emmer). And when called on it, their response is next time they try to buy an election, they’ll pay closer attention to the candidates they pay for. That’s not a mentality that will even notice protestors at the corporate office because that doesn’t take money out of their pockets. They need to feel that there is something at stake. A tarnished image and loss of revenue is something they’ll notice.

    Unfortunately though, based on some of these posts and speaking to other members of the LGBT community and their alleged friends and advocates, people don’t want to be inconvenienced and so they continue to shop at Target. The revolutionary spirit in this country is all but dead. In the 50’s and 60’s you had people walking miles, facing violence and even death because the refused to pay to ride busses which forced them to the back or made them give up their seat because they were the wrong color but people today can’t miss a sale on towels. Pathetic.

  48. Dave says

    More Power to the REAL PEOPLE I don’t want to hear anymore boo-hoos from slaves attempting to defend their masters. The SCOTUS ruling in Citizens United must not stand or our Democracy is lost forever. Democracy is a rare and fragile thing and has only existed for less that one tenth of one percent of our time here on this planet. You either stand against corporate control or with WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Our for fathers and mothers did not fight and die so that corporations could run our lives. GET INVOLVED! We must hang together or surely we will hang separately..

  49. ricky says

    I was a loyal customer to Target for years – spending on average $50 a week – and even made it a point to go into the West Hollywood Target the weekend after the stabbing of 3 people in the store to show my support — my sense of outrage – of betrayal – of shame at having been so stupid and gullible — is my own – and no one is going to tell me what to do with it.

    Target is not the store they pretended to be – that much is very clear. That top executives gave tens of thousands of dollars to some of the most anti-gay politicians to have ever existed in America is a matter of public record – that those same executives – when given the first opportunity – also gave tens of thousands of corporate dollars to a rabidly anti-gay candidate is also a matter of public record.

    This protest was non-violent – and when asked – they left the store peacefully – that is all that matters – if Target employees do not like it – then I suggest they work somewhere else – our outrage, our sense of betrayal – is ours, we paid for it, and we will do with it what we want – if you or Target do not like it – then I suggest you give each of us back the thousands of dollars we spent in your store based on the LIE of Target’s “unwavering” support of the gay and lesbian community and we can each be on our way. Until that time, however, or until such time as Target takes responsibility for its betrayal of its gay and lesbian customers – you can expect more non-violent peaceful protests like the one here.

    Demand more – accept no less.

  50. Darren says

    This is quite akin to the old Woolworth’s sit ins in a way. You go into the offending store and do something that disrupts the store’s ability to business.. that gets the attention of the higher ups, the media, and now in this day and age, the blogosphere.

    Yes, it doesn’t send a message as all gays are polite people.. well, the civil rights movement needed an MLK AND a Malcolm X…

  51. MikeK says

    This wasn’t a protest of Target employee’s, not sure how anyone came to that conclusion. It also isn’t just aimed at Target, I think a lot of other moderate companies will think twice about sending money to a group with hidden agendas. I think everyone expects a company to support interests that increase profit, but I don’t expect them to do it at the cost of a free society. Target’s share holders are not happy about the publicity, and this keeps the pressure on.

  52. says

    Civil disobedience at its best. Hope they don’t get in too much trouble.

    What the whiny naysayers don’t get from the comments above is companies like Target only respond to $$$. Make costumers feel less comfortable shopping at Target and target loses money, therefore becoming willing to actually change company policy.

    Target’s already shown it’s willing to piss away its positive reputation with gay shoppers because it thinks its donations to the GOP will be more profitable to them in the end. It won’t feel that way if suddenly 5-10% of their shoppers don’t feel comfortable going into Target anymore, for any reason. If we beat Target, other companies will take notice and realize they can’t get away with what Target did.

  53. says

    What good does taking it to a corporate office do? So a few secretaries get a headache and the fat cats can laugh at the demonstrators? IMHO they did it right, take it to the store where the consumers can hear the truth. Let the people who actually shop at the store make the decisions.

  54. Joey Y says

    I hate to break it to some of you, but complaining about workers and customers being insulted falls flat here. Remember, it’s the people who are “gay friendly” but don’t do jack to help us, and the customers who pretend like treating you like your relationships are meaningless who are insulting you, every day, by their faux support or their outright bigotry? They don’t like their days ruined? Tough shit. I don’t like paying more in taxes than I have to, or having to plan a wedding halfway across the fucking country because of some hillbilly pricks with nothing better to do than butt into my life.

  55. Jeff says

    For Christ’s sake I wish people would do a minimum amount of research before they act like assholes! Target has been supportive of the Gay Community for DECADES!!! If you morons would know more about what you’re protesting against and less knee-jerk reaction, we would all be better off.

    These actions just make me – A OPENLY GAY MAN – more apt to support the underdog you are unreasonably attacking. And while you’re at it, do a little research on the candidate that they find so abominable. Not everyone is so “one-issued” that they can’t see the forest for the trees.

  56. says

    Okay, Jeff… here’s some research on Mr. Emmer.

    1. He has supported “conscience clause” legislation that would allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense contraception on the basis of “ethical, moral or legal grounds”.

    2. Emmer sponsored a constitutional amendment that would have allowed Minnesota to opt out of federal laws.

    3. He opposes a woman’s right to choose.

    4. He is in favor of lowering the minimum wage, particularly for people whose pay includes tips. Apparently waiters make too much untaxed money.

    5. In 2009, Emmer sponsored a bill that would shorten the period of license revocation for driving while impaired and for refusing to take a sobriety test. (Emmer has been twice cited for drunk driving.)

    6. Emmer advocates a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages.

    7. On November 4, 2008, Emmer’s campaign made a $250 cash contribution to a Christian punk-rock group You Can Run But You Can Not Hide, International. Emmer has since met with the CEO and President of the group Bradlee Dean on his radio show Sons of Liberty in early 2010. Dean stated that “Muslims are calling for the executions of homosexuals in America… they themselves are upholding the laws that are even in the Bible of the Judeo-Christian God, but they seem to be more moral than even the American Christians do… They know homosexuality is an abomination.” Emmer’s campaign donated $250 to this group, while simultaneously disavowing their violent message.

    I lived in the Twin Cities for years, and understand completely the support that Target has provided for various GLBT events in the past. That’s why I’m feeling so betrayed… I felt a sense of loyalty to them for their support over the years. But supporting a festival or a GLBT community center with comparatively small donations here and there is meaningless when the company turns around and supports an organization whose only endorsed candidate at the time of the donation was a notorious homophobe. They could have supported other GOP moderates for Governor if they thought a Republican governor was best for business, but they chose not to.

    No. We can find someone else to support TC Pride.

  57. Timo says

    This is exactly what we need to be doing and not lining outside their corporate offices. We need make noise so we’re heard or this fight will never end. Picketing doesn’t work. They do support
    because if they didn’t they wouldn’t of donated to MN Forward.

  58. Cory says

    Crispy: It’s called student loans. Please don’t make assumptions about me, instead ask me, that’s the best way. Further, I did have money saved up for school, so I was fortunate in not needing loans. Lastly, Obama has set up scholarship programs making it much easier for students to obtain scholarships and financial aid.

    Beyond this, I didn’t just quit, I worked for another company and once that job was set in stone, I gave a professional two week notice, with many other colleagues, and left with a note as to WHY I was leaving.

    So again, please don’t assume. It isn’t easy to do, but if you have the will and the conviction, taking one stand for yourself equates to a collective stand together.

    What depresses me most is that this thread is a great a true reprentation of why the LGBT community is FAILING at making change: we are CATTY, BITCHY and MEAN to each other. Do you think this is how other civil rights movements in the past succeeded? Do you think MLK had to constantly fight with others in his community to unify? NO. They worked TOGETHER, they set aside their personal differences and realized UNITED WE STAND.

    Instead, it’s daily anonymous bitching, hatred and catty comments on Towleroad, or on the street, or at gay bars and venues. We’re all so insecure and fed up, we’re alienating each other. AND THIS IS HOW WE WILL LOSE THE BATTLE.

    WAKE UP.

  59. Worker says

    @RonnyKMarshall — Wow…..just wow. What I read about many of the posters on this site is correct. Venomous and toxic. I was just trying to explain things from the worker’s point of view. I forgot my opinion doesn’t count since it doesn’t jive with yours.

    I bow to your omnipotence

  60. ronnykmarshall says

    @Worker – The same thing is happening at Joe.My.God. Another person from Target spoke up and was attacked.

    There’s one queen over there breaking his arm from patting himself on the back for quiting his “evil” job.

  61. says

    Worker, you’re in a tough position. On the one hand, you need your job. On the other, you disagree with what Target is becoming thanks to the “leadership” of its execs.

    While no one can legitimately support rudeness toward you or any other Target employee, I’m sure you can appreciate the conflict of interest that’s blatantly obvious when someone employed by Target tries to defend the company when when its actions are indefensible. That, I think, is what people are responding to in such an emotional way. Any comments having to do with you personally are inappropriate.

    I personally support each and every person I know who works for Target (and that’s a lot of people, since I used to live in the Twin Cities), and hope that your advocacy as well as the external pressure will help change the destructive course the company has taken.

  62. Cory says

    Nice Ronny, just keep on proving my point (and the points of others) above. Why are we fighting each other when we should be working with each other?

  63. Worker says

    @The Milkman – Appreciate it. I’m not quitting my job. I can’t afford it and wouldn’t receive unemployment benefits. However, as I stated previously I have talked with HR over this. Maybe some more discussions with them and contact with Corporate can help. I do appreciate the conflict of interest.

    @Ronnykmarshall — Just curious, do you work for a company that only donates to democratic, gay positive organizations? Are all their contributions and policies on the up and up? I never said I was quitting my job my friend. I am torn between the income I need to survive and the decisions made at the corporate level. My store has no problem with me being gay. They all know I am and most of them know my partner and have been to our house for gatherings.

    It’s the corporate level we need to change, not necessarily the store level.

  64. Worker says

    Cory — I agree….fighting amongst each other doesn’t help. Nor does name calling. That post about the “queen” quitting his “evil” job was tactless.

    Honestly, I would try and band together the GLBT employees of my store but there are only 2 or 3 of us that I know about. Have to remember, this is a Red State in the Burbs. Most people don’t let their personal lives come out too much. Me….I apparently have no problem. :-)

  65. says

    The SuperTarget in our town, we’re told, is the second busiest in the entire chain… hmm… Hey, Tampa Bay ManPuppy Men! Y’all got plans this evening?

  66. Cory says

    Worker: Stand strong! Stick with it, and who knows, maybe things will get better. It’s always easier said than done, but you’re doing your best to make your voice heard, and by that you may open the minds of your coworkers and customers. You never know, but your positive attitude makes a world of difference, and you’re not alone, we may be miles apart but you have comrades every where, even here. :)

  67. evan_la says

    @WORKER – I’m not your fucking “guest”. I’m a paying customer. Big difference. The day you start serving me cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, then you may address me as your guest.

  68. Dave says

    I have a better idea than a boycott. Buy something at target that comes in a box or is wrapped someway. Open the box. Then return it. Pick something people don’t want to purchase from a box that has been opened.

    If enough people start returning opened goods (which is within their rights under targets own policy (ex: electronics))….then this will hit target where it hurts their own wallet.

  69. Amanda says

    I agree with the commenter who said that this is ridiculous.

    While I think that educating the average Target shopper about these issues is essential, what these people did is obnoxious. The poor managers work there to make a living. They are not part of the corporation, they are not the superrich execs who are making these donations. I think to antagonize them is doing a disservice to the message.

    The people to target (pun not intended) are the people that work for the CORPORATION and NOT the store workers. They are just working people like the rest of us, trying to get by.

  70. crispy says

    Cory, I was just about to cuss you out (I made no assumptions about you, hon!), but your last comment to Worker was reasonable and sane. So I’ll leave it that.

  71. Cory says

    lol Thanks! I don’t want to be on the receiving end of your comments, they buuuurn. :) But honestly I meant no venom, sometimes online exchanges can go to the “dark side” very easily.

  72. Craig says

    Hey, they wanted to influence elections “their way.” This is what comes with the territory. With “rights” come responsibility. This is incredibly stupid corporate policy. $150,000 bought the worst public relations money can buy. Good job!

  73. ronnykmarshall says

    @ Worker – I think you missed my point from my orginal post. I’m not slamming you. I’m 100% supportive of you and and I get where you’re coming from. I’ve complained to HR and higher ups about my company funding the boy scouts. My HR dept even gave me names of other people to speak to. No I don’t work for a perfect company.

    I think both of you mis-understood my first responce.

    And if I was out of live with the queen and evil job comment, I appologize. It wasn’t even on this board, it was on Joe.My.God.

    Over there I was pissed off at the holier than thou ‘tude this guy was taking towards another worker at Target and lecturing people that work for non-sunshine and lollypop jobs that in so many word “we were part of the problem”.

    I don’t look at my job as some big massive corporation, I look at for the people I work with day to day. The people I work with day to day don’t give a rat’s ass that I’m gay and a lot of them went to my wedding.

    Worker, if I came across as not supporting you, I am very sorry because that’s not the case.

    I’ll shut up now.

  74. Cory says

    Ronny, thank you, for showing that we can work past our differences, and civilly work together. It’s nice to see an apology on the threads, and some humility, it makes me smile thinking there’s hope yet :)

  75. chapeau says

    I’m glad folks are continuing to Call Target out for their duplicity to the LGBT Community.

    And to all the naysayers — Get off your asses and do something besides wringing your hands you pusses.

    It takes action from all of us in one form or another to make a difference.

  76. alfredo says

    I agree with “worker” above. I thoroughly enjoyed my stint as a Target Team member, everyone was very supported by me and my partner. Everyone needs to take a breath, look at other options for their shopping needs and make up their own minds.

  77. LG Wilson says

    While so many of u selfrighteous queens criticize the protestors, At least they are DOING Something. KUDOS!

  78. Jeff Dunivant says

    I am so proud of the gay and gay friendly people…keep it up! I especially love the line: “because if you are full of shit like Target is, you need something to wipe away the shame” brilliant! Bravo!

  79. Cory says

    Jeff Dunivant: That line CRACKED ME UP! I know, it could have been less crass, but the point was to get the shoppers’ attention which would not have been accomplished unless something abnormal like “shit’ was said. Otherwise they’d simply assume without really listening it was another in-store announcement.

  80. Dillon says

    Do you think Rosa Parks would have been as successful had she sat down in the corporate office rather than at the front of the bus? This incident at Target was a non-violent verbal protest that simply annoyed a few people (employees included). Nobody left Target thinking any less of gay people than they did coming in but the employees “might” have at least suggested to their manager that if the company had taken a different course, or corrected the course already taken, then these incidents wouldn’t happen.

    If Target is truly as diverse and employee friendly as they profess (and I have no reason to believe otherwise) then they should be willing to take the steps necessary to not only to protect their bottom line but to see that their employee policies are uniformly supported throughout the company and not overridden by a huge donation to a group actively working against the same equality the company prides itself on supporting.