1. D.R.H. says

    I wish I were in Brighton. That thing would be disappearing in the middle of the night and reappearing in my living room.

  2. Eric26 says

    @ D.R.H.

    If you’re being serious (and you probably are, because lots of people do what you speak of) you disgust me. It makes me sick when I think of the thought process going through their heads, “Oh look, a piece of art that is meant to be enjoyed by all, I think I’ll just steal it ALL FOR MYSELF, because I am the only person that matters”.

  3. says

    Banksy’s Latest Target: BP

    British graffiti artist (and self-described art terrorist) Banksy is well-known for taking on brands such as Tesco, which he incorporates above (and has co-opted for an anti-Warhol soup can) or British Telecom, which he attacked by taking an axe to a phone box (BT took it in stride). His latest target is another British brand, BP, which he spoofs with a whole new spin on “pier pressure.” Check it out after the jump.

    In his latest prank, Banksy reconditioned a kids’ dolphin ride to incorporate the BP oil spill, and snuck it onto the pier at England’s Brighton Beach