1. Bart says

    I saw this ad yesterday and laughed out loud. First, he looks like a junior high school dweeb who got caught saying something bad about the high school quarterback and now has to add a little braggadocio to it before running off to hide.

    Second, he does look like he could “knock the hell” out a paper bag. He looks like he bruises easily.

    I’m paraphrasing someone else, but none the less, Ben Quayle will make us miss his father like GW Bush made us miss his.

  2. crispy says

    No, no one takes him seriously. The other controversy surrounding Ben Quayle is that it’s been revealed that he was one of the original contributors to the skank website TheDirtyScottsdale, which is now just

    It would be like electing a straight version of Perez Hilton to congress.

  3. Skooter McGoo says

    Remember when his Daddy said at a NAACP function, ” What a terrible waste it is to lose one’s mind.” ? Seriously Ben, we have had enough of little boys that never got any “male bonding love” and need to try & impress their fathers, that’s what got us into two unwinnable wars already. Stay home.

  4. princely54 says

    What a pink turd.

    Even if you don’t like Obama, its WAY too early to designate him the worst of anything….especially right after the abortion (that should have been) GWB! The reason we are suffering like we are is MOSTLY thanks to what GWB did and didn’t do. Get fucking real.

  5. Chad says

    Poor Marilyn Quayle. Dan turned out to be a nonstarter — his Dad’s money could only get him appointed Senator and Vice President, an inadequate dud in Marilyn’s eyes.

    Now she has a chance with Ben (who, btw, proves two wrongs don’t make a right) to have a President, and its clear from his demeanor that Ben definitely will do whatever Mommy says, but as we can all see and hear, this kind of crap coming from a white male from Indiana has had its day.

    Maybe if he cross-dressed as Sarah Palin he’d have a wider appeal. Have any of his “stroke buddies” come forward?

  6. Dawnell_do says

    By “raised right” does he mean being racist to people of, homophobic to GLBTs and cheating
    on his wife with prostitutes old enough to be his daughter!?

  7. Joe says

    He does know Mexico is not part of the USA right? He is totally the dork from a rich family in an 80s movie that winds up committing and rage fueled date rape.

  8. Itburnswhenipee says

    @GREGM – “If he was “raised right”, he’d speak better English.”

    Are you forgetting that he was raised by a man who, while VICE PRESIDENT of the US, told a kid in a spelling bee that she was eliminated for leaving the “e” off of the end of “potato”?

    Hardly the person to teach ole Ben about using proper English.

  9. Alan Sandine says

    It’s funny that the Republican’s didn’t have a problem with Bush ruining the country by going to war with a country that did nothing to us. Then spending billions for that war that could have been spent in this country so it wouldn’t be in as bad shape as it is. It’s amazing to me that Obama is getting the blame for everything even though 99% is Bush’s fault.

  10. jexer says

    Sadly, being his father’s son may actually HELP him with the kinds of voters that admire Palin/Bachmann.

    As far as their concerned, better a blithering non-sensical flag waving buffoon than ‘wunna dem edjumacated liebrul eeleets”.

  11. jakeinlove says

    Even people in Arizona are asking who the hell he is. He just moved here so he could run for Congress. He represents AZ about as much as a Maine lobster.

    Jackass. (Now how’s that for butch).

  12. Scot says

    “Worst president in history…” Gee, I wonder where they heard that one before?
    I get the feeling that the quale family are going to spend the rest of eternity trying to make the bush family seem better than history will.
    LOVE the new ad!

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