1. says

    If only, manpuppymen, if only. What QR did for NYC Pride this year was a “cute the hate” style march. We dressed up in scrubs and held signs of some of our biggest local and national bigots to try and cure homo- and trans- phobia.

  2. AndrewW says

    We don’t help ourselves by imitating NOM. The world is marginalizing fanatical christians – we should, too.

    NOM’s tour would have had NO coverage if we simply ignored them. Some activists just can’t help themselves, I guess. They need attention.

  3. Jason A says

    D.C. doesn’t have any activists? We have to send some misfits from NY?

    We must be down to about 30-40 “activists” in the US. No wonder they get paid and get to go on road trips. Maybe young people will now choose activism as a career.

  4. Charlie says

    @Jason A.

    There were 2-300 people at the rally in Freedom Plaza. Metro Weekly estimates that the crowd was larger at the counter rally than at the NOM rally. If you are playing the numbers then we win again.

  5. says

    QR imitated no one. They’re tired of all the see nothing, do nothing, hear nothing, say nothing bullshit and did something.

    You can’t call for accountability and transparency and at the same time demanding everyone act complacent, Andrew.

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