1. Mike in the Tundra says

    I was watching this with some amusement until he said, “That tastes nothing like a dude.”

    I lost it at that point.

  2. Name2 says

    “Colbert Report” gay stuff is usually a lot (lot) funnier. But I guess it’s Summer. That clip of “Julian” the cameraman is taken from when the Rekers episode broke. (Pretext of that sketch: is also where Colbert hires his staff, including Julian the dancing cameraman. That sketch – Rekers was “Alpha Dog of the Week” – was another in a long line of keepers.)

    Colbert is a god. No show is funnier or more gay-friendly.

  3. Strepsi says

    @EL BRUCIO — as a Canadian, I hate the Comedy Network website, but love you — thanks!

  4. gypsy78 says

    Colbert (unlike anyone else on late night) manages to do gay stories from a straight man’s perspective while being funny AND not being offensive. Even Stewart sometimes goes down the frat-boy juvenile route. His show has made my life better, and there’s very little on non-PBS television I can say that about.

  5. Name2 says

    Quote:”Even Stewart sometimes goes down the frat-boy juvenile route.”

    What Gypsy78 said. Stewart and TDS enjoy a lifetime pass for me for all the great, unique, memorable work they’ve done for a very very long time now, but more than once in recent months, Colbert has drunk Stewart’s milkshake on teh ghey.