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Watch: U.S. Islamophobia Animated by Taiwan News


Taiwan's Next Media Animation has unleashed its latest news segment, this one summing up the anti-Muslim sentiment stirred up by the drummed-up controversy over the Park51 development.

Not only does it include Greg Gutfeld's proposal for a gay bar at Ground Zero, it takes you to the Oval Office where Obama is secretly practicing Islam, and paints a quick picture of the anti-Muslim hate crime taxi assault.

It's not quite sure where NYC is on the map, however.


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  1. Is this talk of a gay bar just talk or really going to happen?

    Posted by: Pete | Aug 26, 2010 11:38:06 AM

  2. Loving the advocacy of religion on Towleroad.
    Next up "Christianphobe" genius.

    Posted by: ♂ | Aug 26, 2010 12:35:36 PM

  3. I think it's funny :)

    Posted by: Traveler QJ | Aug 26, 2010 1:21:10 PM

  4. No, in the words of rick warren, it's christophobia. Both are fake words created to silence any and all screaming racist at anyone who disagrees with you for whatever reason. It's a propaganda tool...and eventually, if gets worse.

    Posted by: TANK | Aug 26, 2010 1:58:59 PM

  5. I can't stop laughing at the part where the protester is throwing a "whole bunch" of bananas...


    Posted by: aleabeth | Aug 26, 2010 3:55:32 PM

  6. The Taiwanese got our teabaggers down pat. Misspelled signs would have been better.

    Posted by: Jane Roe | Aug 26, 2010 4:24:46 PM

  7. Ground Zero Starbucks...that's great.

    Posted by: Pete | Aug 26, 2010 5:31:13 PM

  8. Americans needs to gaze into their collective soul and rediscover the core values that have made them great. I'd love to look across the Strait towards Port Angeles and feel proud to be your neighbor again.

    Posted by: Tone | Aug 26, 2010 8:46:52 PM

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