1. Roland says

    Wow. Really? Goes to show how the older generation really has very little knowledge on the subject except for what their bigoted preachers have shoved down their throats for years. Thank goodness that the younger generation is wising up to this propaganda and realizing that Marriage Equality is the right thing to do :)

  2. Disgusted Gay American says

    Interview with a Sodomy-Obsessed NOM Supporter..

    LOL- shame the guy wasn’t Dentally Obsessed…Ewwwww you see those digusting teeth…..gross.

  3. qjersey says

    Idiots always focus on sodomy (gay men) so how to they justify denying lesbians their rights?

    If all male homosex stopped tomorrow, straight men would still be poking women in the butt. Have these people even checked out straight porn sites? They are filled with “anal titles”

  4. thom says

    …Seems fitting that his stunning stupidty flows out of his mouth filled with the ugliest teeth I’ve ever seen. Clearly this troglodyte can’t get laid…by anyone with even the slightest margin of hygiene, Yuk.
    ..and he seemed to get off on the “rubber” things” that lesbians use…this guy is an ignorant troll who could possibly be even dangerous….ew. Go away.

  5. says

    “That’s what some guy told me….” !

    And this asshole is afraid to identify himself …..what a hatefilled example of the older generation…….
    Let’s all agree not to single out any gereration as “The Greatest Generation” ever again…….It is just a claim too far.

  6. says

    Blowjob = Sodomy (Sad that you would never allow your wife to give you one, then again…)

    AIDS is (not) contagious. No one is going to sneeze on you and then you get it.

    And these are the people that want to vote on my rights as a US citizen.

    Fuck you very much, I think I’ll pass.

  7. Matt says

    This is very common among older generation bigots. I canvassed for the HRC most of the summer, and I ran into a lot of middle aged women with a strange obsession with gay sex. One woman asked me if I liked the feeling of constipation, because that’s what gay sex feels like. Apparently, she was an expert.

  8. says

    can’t we finally admit that gay butt-sex is the real issue here? All other reasons are just excuses for the simple fact that ignorant people are repulsed by the idea of two guys doing it in the ass.

  9. Matt says

    This guy is a fucking nut. There’s a video of him on YouTube reprimanding a councilwoman for appearing in a community production of “Footloose,” I shit you not. Watch it here:

    (It’s not spam! I promise!)

    What a miserable life he must lead! What a fucking crank!!!

  10. TANK says

    Yeah, most of the older generation is significantly less tolerant, and are going away quickly, and will be reflected in fox news’s shrinking market share.

    But, I can’t imagine my older relatives attending a rally to protect marriage inequality…to protect bigotry…despite what they believe personally.

    This guy’s getting really turned on by talking about “sodomites” and the different sexual positions of gays and lesbians. He’s getting all wild eyed and sweaty about it. He’s really passionate about penises, and what he thinks they should be doing ALL NIGHT LONG, giving voice to his own sad sexuality as he twists himself up in knots of fantasy and delusion…don knotts of fantasy and delusion.

  11. Joseph Klock says

    LOL! This is actually great! More clips of people like this need to make the rounds. Associating the anti-gay marriage people with hillbillies like this actually helps our cause.

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