1. earthlingdave says

    Ugg, she’s a poor spokesperson for anything here. Timidly apologetic and unwilling to criticize people she clearly has disdain for. Meghan, Sarah Palin took your father’s already weak campaign and drove it into the side of a mountain. Palin is not a feminist, but an ignorant soccer-mom elitist who knows nothing higher than herself and the almighty dollar.

  2. JauntyJohn says

    Even a whisper of sincerity from any quarter of the political spin zone is refreshing. Whether she personally appeals to anyone or not (she grew on me, I admit) ANY opportunity to have a conversation without hysterical talking heads screaming Fox-centric sound bites is a welcome change, to me. So much legitimate resentment towards the Republican Party makes it hard to view anyone with an open mind, but I sincerely want a country where a dialog is possible. My screaming at them — as much as I have, as much as I want to, as angry as I can get — is no more helpful than them screaming at me.
    And regardless of political leanings, it *is* a fascinating backdrop against which to come of age. Un-invited from her father’s campaign AND a meal with the Bush’s? For those things alone, I think the kid’s got something.

  3. Dean says

    I have no respect at all for Meghan McCain. She can wear a NOH8 shirt all she wants. Her father is an elected official who actively discriminates against gays and is a total hypocrite went back on every promise he ever made just to win re-election and to stop President Obama.

    She was on Good Morning America today and came off as a spoiled, bratty child.

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