1. Tonic says

    I don’t care about “God’s marriage” or how they think their god feels about my marriage. However, I care that my marriage has all the same rights and recognition by the Government.

    Oy, the disconnect of these people.

  2. patrick nyc says

    What fucking idiots. How about widows or widowers raising kids? How about single people raising children who are orphaned?

    I also agree with Ryan, the more noise someone makes about this issue the more they are trying to hide something.

  3. FizziekruntNT says

    I couldn’t even watch the video at first. All I saw were little neo-Nazis in their swaddling delusions. It makes me want to set fire to them all with a flamethrower because their stupidity is a communicable disease that should be eradicated.

    Of course, that makes me just as bad as the lynch mob, but in my own defense, that’s exactly what my response is, a defense. These fucks say whatever they want, make shows of “religious piety” (what a fucking joke!) and in the interim, incite others to violence by invoking the great fairy tale about how it’s okay to kill, enslave and mutilate the enemy, just make sure you’ve got the one great “God’s” written permission (okay, so nobody was saying anything about that in the video – but the sentiment isn’t far off).

    Self-righteous stupid fucks. This just pisses me off. Go die in a fire!

  4. David in Houston says

    What a fuckin’ moron. It took 3 minutes to destroy his argument. Half a family? He just spat on millions of single-parent families.

    By the way, that sash is FABULOUS!

  5. Terrance says


    Mildly bemused by the adorable little blond twink in his faaaabulously distinctive red cape (red sash? red banner? judges?) a bold fashion statement… Part of me thinks that our little “caped crusader” is perhaps tad confused himself (he started his argument with “if two people”, realized where that road would lead and switched to “one person and an animal”).

    Is it subversive of me to suspect that if another twink were to quietly propsition him, he’d spread like butter…?

  6. crispy says

    The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and… Property? WTF? I don’t get what property has to do with anything! Is it because they think of their wives as property?

  7. ravewulf says

    Rather ugly get up overall (and that hair, yeesh), but whatever. Go have fun ignoring the painfully obvious things in life (love, equality, rational thought, your own sexuality) while we ignore you and make some actual progress for the betterment of humankind.

  8. Matt26 says

    I would guess getting married with these guys won’t bring too much nor too often laughter, enjoyment, happiness, relaxation into the marriage life of their wives…

  9. Rob says

    These people are nuts. I went to penn state where they were constantly on campus telling us we were all going to hell for being adulterers. Its not just the gays who they hate.

  10. Alpha says

    I love that when the twink was asked if it was important to him at 1:30, he said yes, while shaking his head no.

  11. MT says

    If you can only get married according to ‘God’s’ ‘definition how do they explain the fact that men and women who don’t believe in God are still able to marry. Buddhists can get married . . . Hindu people can get married. . . what’s the difference?

    P.S. Why aren’t these people as insulted by the Christian right as gay people are? They are basically being as dismissed as us.

  12. Jay says

    The web site for this organization is at It is a lay Catholic organization.

    They have a poll on the prop 8 decision….
    I suggest we all respond to it.

  13. BCNKC says

    I liked the first guy, Elias, who said one of the reasons they wore the red “cape” was because it “is very attractive.” LOL

  14. gwyneth cornrow says

    The blond totally set off my gaydar, but he is really unattractive. Can we throw him back?

  15. says

    @ CRISPY: of course “property” as yes, the wife was traditionally the property of the husband. These guys and the Knights of Columbus want to go back a hundred (or more) years to when women were their property.

  16. says

    It’s the Hitler Youth!!

    “God’s marriage?”- Odd, I didn’t think the Big Guy *was* married. Marriage was for the Olympic Gods, not the Christian one…

  17. Disgusted Gay American says

    during the break from thier protesting they meet in thier van and take care of each others meat.

  18. Smartypants says

    All I can hear when I watch this is Glinda The Good Witch singing to the Munchkins, “Come out, come out, wherever you are…”

  19. Hollywood, CA says

    I mean… where to begin? To jump from people to animals is so beyond crazytrain, I can’t even comment. But, to say that single parents and their children should be labled as 1/2 families? Come, on?! Really? So, I guess if the husband dies, and the wife can no longer have kids, then they’re a QUARTER family?

    This kid has been given a bunch of crap. I kinda feel sorry for how stupid he sounds.

  20. BobN says

    Family is the bedrock of society… that’s why it’s so important to chuck gay folks out of families…

  21. brian says

    don’t bother going to their website to vote. Those democracy lovers didn’t like the way the poll was going so they changed the poll. Your options are basically four different ways to say you hate gay marriage, and an undecided option.

  22. Joe says

    If these people want to seem like anything but hateful individuals they really ought to stop having people who looks like they work for Hitler as their public face.

    I just can’t imagine their message will appeal to independents any longer.

  23. david says

    I noticed that the banner they are holding seems to have 4 glory holes on it. I also counted 8 supporters…just saying

  24. Jim says

    Too, too stupid and ignorant for words. They should find something useful to do for their weekends.

  25. says

    “Archbishop attacks Cameron’s ‘gay marriage’ plan
    David Cameron is facing a backlash from religious leaders after saying he supported plans to legalise gay marriage.
    By Tim Ross, Social and Religious Affairs Editor8:22PM BST 05 Oct 2011
    The Prime Minister said “commitment” in relationships should be valued regardless of whether it involved “a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, or a man and another man”.
    But the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales and the Church of England are likely to lodge formal objections to the move when the Coalition launches an official consultation next year.
    Speaking to the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, Mr Cameron said: “We’re consulting on legalising gay marriage. To anyone who has reservations, I say: Yes, it’s about equality, but it’s also about something else: commitment.
    “Conservatives believe in the ties that bind us; that society is stronger when we make vows to each other and support each other.
    “So I don’t support gay marriage despite being a Conservative. I support gay marriage because I’m a Conservative.””

  26. Falvius Josephus says

    The great thing about homosexuals is that they are a dead end. They can’t reproduce ~ a fact that makes us eternally grateful And talk about stupid. Their entire worldview is sexually oriented and it’s a deviant sexuality at that. It’ll be a sad day if ever the queer disappears from the planet. I mean, what would we laugh at? What would we poke fun at ? What would we pity?