1. steve says

    Who is the voice over chick calling the gay protesters “bigots” in such a cheery manner with so much conviction?! She’s almost as bad as mr tubby delusional vox pop in the video.

  2. arthur says

    Oh gosh, this is clearly not a bad person. He obviously believes in what he says and doubtless that his bible backs him up in his opinions. The struggle we have , I think, is not against the right-wing religious who will always be there and hate us but the ordinary straight person who was brought up, like us, to believe that homosexuality is disgusting. We ARE getting there but it is very slow and for me (at 61) probably too late.

  3. says

    oh, boo-hoo! Poor NOM, getting picked on! Well they deserve it. Just like the public hates it when Westboro Baptist Church, the KKK, and the Neo-Nazis hold their rallies. The public hates when bigots disguise themselves as loving Christians spew filth. NOM feels like they’re being attacked on their hate crusade, yet they promote attacks and hate toward gays every single fucking day.

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