Watch: NOM Recaps Marriage Tour with New Propaganda Video


Via NOM Tour Tracker comes the National Organization for Marriage's wrap-up video of their 23-city hate-a-palooza tour which paints the group that works relentlessly to destroy American families through its 'protect marriage' initiatives as victims.

What do we see here?

As Jeremy Hooper at Good As You notes: "Tight and carefully selected shots that make the crowds seem much larger than they were; The blanket idea that those who showed up to counter the rallies were mean, angry, and evil, even though the vast majority of the principled pushback was wholly peaceful; The continued idea that NOM is somehow the victims in need of 'strength and resolve,' even though they were THE ONES WHO WENT AROUND IN A BUS DECLARING WAR ON GAY PEOPLE'S UNIONS!; All this, and Brian Brown referring to gay people's lives as 'lifestyles'."


Posted August 26, 2010 at 8:17am ETC by Andy Towle
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