1. yonkersconquers says

    What a reprehensible old trout. He’s no one’s idea of a moral authority.

  2. ravewulf says

    “Oliver North Says Repealing ‘DADT’ Will Bring Porn, Scare Away Bible-Reading Christian Recruits”

    Well, this part sounds nice at least. The reasons he gives as to why this will happen, not so nice.

  3. bobbyjoe says

    Only from Rightwing nuttyland could we be lectured to about morality from a man who clandestinely sold weapons to enemies of the United States.

    Were Benedict Arnold alive today, these people would be licking his boots.

  4. MikeMick says

    Wisdom from a felon. Selective illiteracy. He can read the Bible but not the Constitution, which he subverted. Got off on a technicality. What a moral pillar.

  5. TheOtherMark says

    You’d think, you know, the prospect of killing people would scare off “bible-reading christian” recruits.

  6. Bob R says

    Ollie North is a mentally disturbed and dishonorable man. He violated the law, he’s dishonest with himself and the people of the nation he was to serve, but in fact betrayed. Anything he has to say, other than a deep and heartfelt apology for his deceit and wrong doing is not relevant. North is a moral coward who used his uniform and his service for personal gain. Go away Ollie, you’re a pathetic and sick man whose legacy will be treason.

  7. Fred says

    Wow, Olie North really IS dumb as a box of rocks and can’t think and sit at the same time. FRC found a real gem…

  8. says

    Oliver North is nothing short of a traitor who aided and abetted an enemy who killed innocent Americans. His history of aiding terrorists who murdered innocent civilians was well documented in the Iran-Contra farce. The man isn’t fit to lick a slug’s anus. He should go fuck himself with a broken Coke bottle.

  9. Skooter McGoo says

    @Bobbie Joe. I was thinking the same thing
    @THEOTHEMARK Sounds like what the one Congressman said about, “What will mommies and daddies tell the children if gays are allowed in the military?”
    Mommy: “It’s ok Suzi if the military goes out and kills people because Jesus died on the cross to forgive them for it, but allowing gay service people to serve openly and do the same thing is not OK because I don’t personally like the way they live their lives. Understand?”
    Suzi: “Not really mommy, it doesn’t make sense.”
    Mommy: “Ha ha, it really doesn’t make sense does it but then again it doesn’t have to for us to say it’s the right thing to do. We just have to keep the power to deny people any equality”.
    Suzi: ” Can I go play outside, this stuff is putting me to sleep.”
    Mommy: Sure, we will learn more about how to discriminate in church on Sunday.”

  10. Jack M says

    At least gay men and women serving in the military are patriots and not traitors like Oliver North. He needs to turn around and head back into obscurity.

  11. alexInBoston says

    What about all those same god fearing and bible reading str8 guys who have no compunction with raping and assaulting our Female soldiers?
    The highest incidences of sexually assaults is opposite sex members raping. NO ONE IS SPEAKING OUT AGAINST THAT and its a real everyday occurrence.

  12. Chris says

    Those so called bible-weilding soldiers that need such protection from the scary homosexuals buy more porn than homosexual soldiers do. I should know. I see soldiers come through my checkout everyday with a pile of merchandise and a porn magazine buried under it all like it’s something they are embarrassed about buying. At least they can buy porn without worrying. The closest to gay porn I see men buying is the Men’s Health magazines…

  13. KFLO says

    This old criminal doesn’t bother me. He’d only be happy if the military were full of straight criminals selling weapons to the middle east.

  14. SFshawn says

    Thanks for the laugh. :)
    That was classic.
    Ollie looks like death warmed over.
    The FRC found a perfect fit with this dolt.

  15. jamal49 says

    Gee, Ollie, considering that:

    you are an avowed seditionist and a white-trash traitor, who–during the Reagan administration–saw fit to conspire with the CIA to create and administer a criminal, covert operation from the White House in order to circumvent national laws;

    and, because of this illicit operation, murderous, right-wing extremists in Central America (aka “the Contras”) were able to export and sell cocaine in the United States, with impunity, for million of dollars in cash;

    and, because of such cocaine sales and the subsequent laundering of money via a middle-man (Israel), those same, murderous, right-wing extremists in Central America were able to purchase prohibited armaments from the Iranians despite–or in spite of–an Act of Congress prohibiting such purchases;

    and, because those armaments were used by murderous, Central American, right-wing extremist thugs to slaughter thousands of innocent Guatemalans, Nicaraguenses, and Salvadorenos in cold blood;

    and, because thousands of people had their lives and their families’ lives ruined because of cocaine use and addiction;

    and, because thousands of innocent people were killed or “disappeared” because of cocaine trafficking;

    and, because–in spite of being in contempt of Congress and convicted of your crimes–your conviction was overturned due a minor legal technicality, not because you were innocent;

    and, because you, Oliver North, have the blood of tens of thousands of innocents on your hands and staining the furthest reaches of your vile and dark soul;

    and, because God has a special–a VERY special–place for you in hell;

    I therefore propose, Ollie, that you shut your fucking mouth.

    Now that that’s cleared up, Ollie, you can go back to tongue-shining Sean Hannity’s and Rupert Murdock’s assholes.

  16. Bart says

    This is a guy who sold arms to our enemies! Anyone remember that? And his opinion matters. It’s like asking a child molestor what time lunch Americans have a very short memory (or they are that desperate to drag out this felon.)

    Second, here’s what’s wrong with Ollie’s argument. Are all these good Bible-reading Christian boys afraid to take out their good book and read only when there is gay porn around? What about straight porn? I guess looking at two chicks eating each other doesn’t bother them while their pondering Psalm 13.

    Also, Ollie is worried about all these oddly named groups being allowed in the military? What about rapists, Ollie? Are they allowed in? What about sexual predators, are they allowed in Ollie, I mean as long as they only prey on little girls and women? And Ollie, how many base chaplins have had to perform weddings – gay or straight? What’s the statics on that?

    And when gay marriage becomes law, and eventually it will, yes, gay spouse WILL get exactly the same benefits that you enjoy, you sactimonious piece of shit bigot. Your SECOND wife shouldn’t hog it all.

    And lastly, can you even vote, Ollie, being a convicted felon and all? Tell your parole office I said hello.

  17. Kyle Sullivan says

    Bitch should know, from what I hear, him having been in both the military and prison.

  18. EdA says

    I am certainly going to give a lot of credibility to someone who conspired to arm the people who held Americans hostage for 444 days and who repeatedly broke the law in illegally attempting to overthrow by force a government with which we were not at war and in subverting our own government.

    And we don’t need more “Bible-reading Christian recruits” to validate the arguments of Osama bin Forgotten by the Bush Administration and Al-Qaeda that we are in actuality in a crusade against Islam. These “Bible-reading Christian recruits” have already caused the deaths of more than enough patriotic American service members.

  19. Rick says

    Oliver North’s comments here are just so stupid they hardly warrent a retort. But it is good to know that Neanderthal thinking is not extinct and people that think like this are the VERY REASON minority groups of all types need federal protection…..Protection not from porn, but from people and thinking like Oliver North.