1. The Gay says

    This is precisely why I tend to avoid these types of gays. Every single person on this utterly vapid with highly trivial concerns. Mike Ruiz maybe a successful photographer and the only one in this group with a career and a discernible talent, but man have I lost respect for the guy. He seems to have a huge ego and steroid problem.

    I’m not watching this – you’d have to kill me … and then kill me again before I watch this shit.

  2. B List Gay says

    UM, I’ll pass. I don’t need LOGO to remind me that I’m not thin, rich or loved enough to be an A List gay. I’d rather watch real gays with real lives.


  3. zt says

    wow. this looks really incredibly terrible. and what a bad representation of gay new york. and gays in general.

  4. Rob says

    Um. I concur with all comments. This is just gross. Thanks LOGO for watching out for ALL gays, not just the fame-whoring kind.

  5. says

    Marc Jacobs: A-list
    Legywkleu whatever his name is: E-list

    I mean, if you dont know how to spell someone’s name, they are definitely not A-list, and getting into parties doesnt make you A-list. Ill probably watch it, but this show will probably make me gag.

  6. hugo says

    Money can’t buy you class!!
    Elegance is learned, my friends!!

    Reichen is now the lead gay? in what? Call me Madam?

    really, the ridicule comes too easy.


    “I only date power gays”???? LMFAO!! I can’t, I just can’t!!! Somebody save him! Seriously ma dude?
    Great, now our own media is perpetuating stereotypical Gaydom.

  8. Bart says

    I watched a video here about the tea baggers who went to D.C. this last weekend and I felt my IQ drop about five points. This preview for whatever this shithole show is just took it down another five. Were any of these people famous for anything? I actually thought someone was making a parody (but why bother if these people actually exist.) The only person I even remotely recognized was that intelligence-impared guy from AMAZING RACE, the guy who’s face never seems to move and has about as much going on behind the eyes as a Barbie doll. The rest were like bad sterotypical queens, all ohhs and ahhhs.

    If this is the A-list in New York (which I seriously doubt) I’ll pass. Who would aspire to this bullshit? Or watch it?

  9. Mike says

    Andy, when this show airs are you planning on covering it by showing highlight clips or recaps?

    I’m gonna try to avoid it like it’s a creditor. I’m just curious how much I can expect to see it here.

  10. J says

    As a lifelong gay New Yorker, I would like to say this does not represent us well. Not everyone is a vapid, self obsessed, shallow shell of a person. Heck, Id gay bash these c*unts. These types are the desperate folk that real NY’ers make fun of constantly. Ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside.

  11. Jon Mitchell says

    I prefer to be the man I’d like to date. “Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of others”

  12. SeriouslySick says

    More reason to stay away from NYC/SF/West Hollywood. The wanna-be A Gays will suck you dry, and they don’t even know their vampires. Sad.

  13. Rowan says

    So we can only watch stuff about gays that is the most serious thing in the world and what WE call entertaining?

    Oohh Kay.

  14. JP says

    “Reality” TV in general makes me a bit embarassed for humanity in general. Oh look, another rerun of “America’s Next Top Extreme Home Makeover” is on. Yawn.

  15. says

    Ok gents, last time: You’re is a contraction of the words YOU and ARE, as in: You’re not typing the correct word. Whereas your is a possessive adjective, as in: Your panties are in a bunch. Whose panties? Yours. You’re the one. Who’s confused? Their means theirs, not yours. They’re means THEY ARE. They’re in a bunch. Theirs too, I bet. Ok, there, now we’ll all sound like we never even watched this abortion of a show which is neither here nor they’re. It’s on Logo.

  16. john says

    effing barf. these are the guys who think they have it all, run themselves ragged trying to keep it going and then end up dying alone. It’s LAUGHABLE! And who was that ugly, balding blond girl? Why is she considered A-list? I just thought she was High-maintenance and completely annoying…oh wait that IS being A-List. you can have it, I happily want ZERO part of any of that life…except the occasional spa treatments.

  17. Tonic says

    These people are gross – I’d rather be on and hang with the Z-list if they represent ‘A.’

  18. Dairyqueen says

    Oh So I guess Reichen Lehmkuhl is no longer a “straight” acting gay anymore (like she was ever) This show looks as boring as the real housewives shows.

  19. AJ says

    I really thought that we as a community were above this type of “HATE” TV. There’s nothing positive about these people, they air this shit to force young gay men to think that if the aren’t on an A list that their not worth much. You know we’re already fighting the rest of the world why offer an extra slap in the face LOGO!

  20. says

    “If you don’t have a pot to piss in, you probably shouldn’t be here” Uh, I’m guessing the coattail queen narrating this piece.

    And Lehmkuhl, how far does $1,000,000 get you. Let me see, you broke up with your beau, so that splits it down the middle. Then the IRS and state in which you reside probably take another 30% or better in taxes leaving you with what? So this makes you A-list? At your age, you should either be getting something on to supplement your retirement or reinvest that money to make it work for you, instead of whoring around New York. Five years from now, we’ll be hearing about how you went bankrupt.


  21. Walter T says

    The Boston South End is also sickly full of vapid hurt children with shriveled souls like this as well … trying to shove other people down with their consumerism and economic elitism…. all as a way to make the hurt that comes with the self-loathing those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder feel.

  22. Name2 says

    Don’t hate the city, hate the game.

    I’ve said for years…. If a gay alien landed from another planet, and you tried to convince him/her that Logo was “gay TV”, or a positive influence, or worth even several minutes of precious time before heading back to the home galaxy for brunch, you’d have one confused alien on your hands. (And not in a good way!)

    As an exercise, watch some Logo but imagine you’re watching a channel designed to defame and alienate. It all makes a lot more sense. Sounds like this show (I didn’t click through…) is more of the same.

  23. TANK says

    Um, this seems like it was created by heterosexuals as it only deals in stereotypes prevalent amongst…straight people…about gays…

  24. Brian in Texas says

    Half of the people bitching on here will be watching this show; that is if they have digital cable or LOGO. It’s just entertainment folks, LOGO shows plenty of “real life” gays and other movies and shows as do the other networks.

    If straights can have their vapid, socialite, reality crap programming, why can’t we?

  25. Walter T says

    @SSCHIEFRSHA “Great, now our own media is perpetuating stereotypical Gaydom.”

    Well remember this is not “our own media” — this is crap being pushed out by corrupt corporate employees and executives for ratings. By producing this they have PROVEN they are not in it for the Gay Community any more than the same company runs MTV so we can have great musicians and talent celebrated.

  26. shannon says

    Delusional…..BROKE….uneducated..shallow…sick in the head queens! And you see why people hate gay people???

  27. crispy says

    @Keith: You’re forgetting his line of titanium jewelry and his Emmy nominated stint on Dante’s Cove.

  28. fbg says

    Another lifelong gay New Yorker – this isn’t the city I know.

    First – we don’t have a gay community here – we have a hundred. Banking gays, finance gays, arts gays, fashion gays . . . people seem to find their circle.

    NYC is a competitive city for gays and straights alike. You come here to achieve something. And I think that’s how you’re judged here – on what you’ve done.

    I’m sure they’re out there, but I’ve rarely seen queers this vapid here – and certainly not above the age of 23. It’s not cute when you’re 30+, boys.

  29. ant says

    re: “if this is what NYC is like” etc etc etc. It’s not.

    Remember that these loser wannabes all came here from smaller towns and cities – like the ones you’re writing from – and brought their tragic queen baggage with them. No need to lay the blame on New York.

    But, could you please get them to go back?

  30. Dan E says

    People who are using this to bash NYC have absolutely no clue what NYC is about. It’s certainly not about these self-proclaimed “A-gays.” The beauty of the NYC scene is that no matter what your niche, you’ll find your crowd. So yes, vapid gold-digging famewhores have a whole crowd that supports them, but so does every other scene you can imagine.

    I have no respect for the guys in this show. I also have none for the hateful creatures who are using them either to attack NYC, or to attack some putative notion of what if means to be gay.

  31. critifur says

    Can we seriously start a boycott of LOGO to stop them from airing this? I am not joking!

    Seeing this is mortifying. If there was such a thing as A-list gays, they would never say they were A-list. A-list gays would never be fame whores, they would quietly use power to better their community. I am not saying A-list don’t get facials, or buy expensive clothes, travel, have nice homes, go to openings and parties, they just are not, well, these people.

  32. Joe says

    Well if Bravo can show the dregs of straight society with their ‘Housewives’ series…

    This shit looks terrible and the big problem is that it only perpetuates a stereotype. I think people would have been fine watching normal couples go through cute and normal issues. Maybe this is just the preview they’re using, but this does not look entertaining.

  33. Rin says

    I cannot stand this golddigger! Ugh. I totally felt he used Lance Bass. I will never watch a show with this assclown in it.


    Why can’t they make a show about Prince Poppycock??

    Now THAT I would pay money to see.

  34. Belfy The Magic Elf says

    This has the most comments today. It may seem like there are different points of view but we’re all in agreement that this is the most important headline of the day. I’m so glad because I thought so too, and it’s great that you all agree with me.

  35. Clayton Moore says

    I have the same reaction to this as i do to the real housewives – they are vapid, narcissistic, and delusional. their behavior is shameful, and an embarrassment to all of the people they claim to represent.

    THAT BEING SAID – we should be able to react to it and have a conversation about it without resorting to homophobia and violent speech. saying they should be killed, or that you would gay-bash them is far more disgusting than any of their fame-whoring.

    gays come in every shape and color, and also with every type of neuroses and psychological baggage. i certainly don’t think people like this should be celebrated, but i also don’t think they should be demonized.

    Live and let live – isn’t that what we’ve been fighting for?

  36. John says

    GAG !!!!!!!! Let’s see B List or D well as more man and less twink…and some chest hair.

  37. MarkDC says

    Well, the truth is there IS an “A List”…but it’s not on television.

    As far as I’m concerned it’s not in The Pines or The Hamptons either.

    True “A List” is quiet and imperceptible. That is precisely what makes it exclusive and, therefore, “A List”.

    Middle America is welcome to think “A List” is getting into a party and shopping but that ain’t it.

  38. JT - the original says

    I’m proud to say that I didn’t watch the clip. Andy’s inclusion of Mr. Lehmkuhl’s participation kept me from watching. I still don’t have cable and this kind of nonsense is the reason.

    On a personal note, I miss Leland Francis on Towleroad…he would have some really great things to say about all of this…especially Mr. Lehmkuhl. And his grammar would have been impeccable. No missing apostrophe from Leland, by golly!

  39. says

    This will be one of those shows that I watch when incredibly hungover; and need to feel better about myself. “A-Listers’…yea if A is for a cuss word.

  40. Drew says

    I’ll stick with the stereotypical but somewhat real gay(s) on MTV’s The Real World. At least I can relate to them more than this Trash.

  41. JT says

    There goes the theory that NYC gays are somehow more cultured than their LA and Miami counterparts. Gawd, could they have found a MORE obnoxious self important group of “scenester” queens?

  42. Raul says

    BUT…. This show looks very out of trend…
    MAYBE IN the 90s everybody was into the snob thing and melrose place was popular and being a selfish bastard was cool.

    But i dont thing young gay guys are into this silly A list thing… Almost everybody knows it is stupid to think like that and you look like a moron or a famewhore like the people in this show…

    I wont lie… I´d probably watch it for the drama but its BAAAAAAD TV.

  43. says

    Who the fuck would watch this? This show looks awful and these gays are so shallow. Queeny rude bitches who are all about themselves are the biggest turn off for 99% of people.

  44. KMC says

    I agree with the majority of comments above, why couldn’t LOGO focus on the movers and shakers of the gay community? People are striving and working hard to make sure our rights are not trampled on. What about the gay fathers? What about the gay seniors? Athletes, lawyers, doctors, artists? Is this best LOGO can do? Yeah, let’s give the Republicans and Religious Right cannon fodder to show everyone in America the “stereotypes” of us gays – vapid, shallow, narcissistic and drunk. Andy, do us a favor don’t promote this show.

  45. TANK says

    yeah, NYC is one of the few places I can have a conversation about ethical realism, property dualism, the begriffsschrift and philosophical investigations, the foundations of mathematics, and modal realism in one evening over a few drinks…and with different people. So no, not like this at all.

  46. Cajiva says

    If I wanted to watch normal gays i would look outside my window. I can’t wait for this show to come on I’m so excited.

  47. Drew says

    God… these guys are even more vapid and uninteresting than the real housewives of NYC! Even they wouldn’t dare put themselves up as A-Listers… God… I feel sick after watching this. Please tell me it fails in its first season… what a terrible waste of air time. As a New Yorker, I’m ashamed they are our supposed ‘A-List.’

  48. Matt26 says

    Awful in so many many levels (but NOT a-level). It is about people trying to reach the f-level talking about a-level they clearly have no idea. A-level people don’t need to talk about it. They know they are there, if they just want it.
    If this is a-level in gay lifestyle, I would rather try g-level.

  49. Johnny says

    Andy Cohen, VP of Developent at Bravo!
    You have brought more shame to gay culture than any fanatic Right-Wingers. We all ABHOR you…It’s people like you that give gay people a really bad name. You MAKE US ALL SICK.

  50. says

    The only ‘show’ I watch is Glee and The Daily Show with an regularity. I can tell you what channel The Daily show’s on, only because I have to go to watch it on the Comedy Channel’s web site… Glee I catch on Hulu because I don’t watch t.v. and can access it any time a day after it airs.

    I especially don’t like these reality shows that are all to popular. They just seem too damn ‘bitchy, back-stabbing, narcisistically demeaning train-wrecks’ and I personally am not entertained by that type of ‘stereotypical’ drama.

  51. walter says

    logo has become a real waste of time they really put on some real shit tv. the station consist of 12 hours of buffy the vampire slayer or 12 hours or rupaul drag u/ drag race/drag everything and then a few british imports. so much for having a gay tv network. they did away with news show and the episodes of bump are older than the hills.if this is the best mtv can do for a LGBT network putit out of our misery

  52. Stachehunter says

    As a bona-fide gay senior who had to live through the A-list years of NYC queens who thought they were better looking, smarter, richer, and owners of bigger dicks, it’s a shame to think that sort of mindset and behavior hasn’t gone away. They were annoying and wrong then, and this LOGO show proves they’re still annoying. And still wrong.

  53. lion_okitkat says

    Oh come on guys. Its mindless entertainment! Im certainly not A list and certainly will never be. I’m not even D list! But this show doesn’t bother me. We have tons of smart interesting well educated active gays out there(like Dan Choi) to out balanced and out shine this bull pucky! LOL. I think the Housewives series on Bravo are much worse and vapid. Also every community has them. We yell that were just human, and this is a prime example. Every race, ethnicity has different types of people in them. Gays are no different. Im so sick of people saying the craziest shit that comes to mind online wether their progressive, conservative, typo nazi’s, spelling error nazi’s, whatever! I don’t even read comments that much anymore unless it deals with sci-fi tv show programming or comic books. Just take a chill pill, although I understand people need to vent. I’m just kind of fed up with the hysterics. Just my opinion.

  54. says

    Here’s an idea… Let’s all vow to stop watching shit TV like this. If we all tune out, then shows of this ilk will stop being produced. Shows like this say nothing to me about my life. Is this how you wish to be represented as a gay man? Not me. I am better than this; We are all better than this. This shit is base, common and offensive on so many levels. For shame, LOGO and MTV Networks: you’ve now become Andy Cohen’s fuckbuddy. Wallow in your pandering filth without me.

  55. Lyle says

    Oh come on, this looks hilarious. Plenty of us watch the Real Housewives and laugh our asses off. It’s a sign of equality that gays can be represented as reality fame-whores just like the straights.

  56. The IRS says

    Stop trying to make Reichen happen. Reichen is never going to happen.

    If someone just pays Reichen’s $200,000 IRS debt, he’ll go away. Then no more lame attempts at entertainment. “A-List” was his idea no doubt: A talentless whore who’s desperate for validation. If you’re in his life, it’s because you’re somehow furthering his career. No fault of his own: His Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the result of a broken home and a small penis. His worst nightmare would be if his new boyfriend Rodiney overshadowed him, which is unlikely because the guy can barely speak English. The whole thing is wildly, laughably transparent.

  57. Ty says

    I assume that this was greenlighted or went into production before the recession, yes? The conspicuous consumption and vulgarity just seems so old-fashioned and dated.

  58. joe says

    Well, I’ll admit I’m going to watch this, but mostly for the shadenfreund aspect. I sometimes love seeing asses make bigger asses of themselves.

  59. Patrick says

    I just threw up in my mouth a lot!
    uuuuugggghhhhh! Like someone above said, “no wonder why everyone hates us!”

  60. says

    @Chad: You’re so right !
    “A list” guys are never seen in anything as vulgar as this…… ostentation of any kind is not an A List trait.

    I agree Marc Jacobs is a true A list as he has achieved so much yet remained true to his creative values and has contributed hugely to his community… well as making his private personal life such a success.
    Now a movie about him would be much more interesting.

  61. Michael says

    This looks terrible, but it’s no different from Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, and the whole slew of bad reality shows. They’re just entertainment and they don’t represent anyone except fame whores. I wouldn’t be too concerned about anyone thinking this is what all gays are like.

  62. MarkDC says

    I lived in Manhattan for ten years.

    It was generally understood that guys like this were to be avoided at all costs.

    It was also generally understood that guys like this were striving, desperate arrivistes who, BY VIRTUE OF THAT PRECISE FACT, had no idea what “A List” was.

  63. MarkDC says

    @ WALTER T

    I lived in Boston for a few years when I went to college and the South End was a fucking nightmare. Sorry to hear it’s still Gaytard town.

  64. MarkDC says

    @ IRS

    “Stop trying to make Reichen happen. Reichen is never going to happen.”

    LOL! Dude that is so correct.

  65. Steve says

    As much as I would love to attack (verbally) Andy Cohen for much of the crap that he has put on tv (“The Real…” series), this is NOT his show. Andy works for Bravo an NBC company and LOGO is a Viacom network. This show is from one of the farmed out producers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. At one point there was an attempt to call this The Real House Husbands…, but because Bravo and Andy Cohen own the name, so it was changed.

    That being said, this is complete dreck!!

  66. Rex Stetson says

    You’re shittin me right? This clip is really the CCTV feed from a women’s detention center in Tehatchapi.

  67. Wiki Leaks says

    Honestly, I can’t really see any difference between what Reichen is doing and Jake Pavelka(The Bachelor) in terms of fame whoring.

  68. barto says

    I wandered up to Reichen at a bar in Austin one night. Him and his female friend went entirely unnoticed by the rest of the patrons. Being as drunk as I was, I approached him (“Are you that guy from the Amazing Race?”) and rambled on about what I was studying in college at the time. He was very nice to me and dutifully posed for a picture. So, I’ll add this show to my DVR and give him the benefit of two episodes before I write it off completely.

  69. mike says

    Nothing like a bunch of “Uncle Mary’s” at Logo to take the cause back 2 decades. Why not do black face since you are so intent on turning gays into the new minstrelism of the 21th century. We started with Will and Grace, moved on to Queer Eye, and now this crap????