1. rich says

    Not funny. Substitute “African American” or “Jewish” for gay and “segregation” for marriage. Sorry, I’ve lived this twice in my lifetime- I have no humor about it.

  2. Jeff says

    Rich, it’s brilliant satire and it’s funny because it’s so well constructed. I know the fight for civil rights hurts, but entertainers have always been part of the process of changing public opinion on matters like this. Millions of people are going to watch Colbert walk through his fictional love affair with a gay man, and although they’ll laugh, pay particular attention to the sympathy he gets with the fake tears. The last line is a total zinger. I love what this sketch does in the short 8 minutes he has.

  3. ichabod says

    At first I was very bothered by this (and I have a pitch black sense of humor). I think the reason for my mixed feelings was that Colbert hits the real issue dead on the mark. His protracted “joke” is too close to heart-rending reality to be truly “funny” and anyone with half a conscious is left squirming in their chair instead. (And rightfully so).

    The pundits can spin and babble all they want about numbers and studies and precedents, but fuck it, this is all about wholly innocent people’s lives being destroyed through the ignorance and hatred of others. Real people. Real hearts. Real tears. Yeah, we all know it, but who the hell ever actually says it?

    Thank you, Mr. Colbert. I hope I’m not the only one who gets the (calculated lack of) joke.

  4. matt says

    Wow… brilliant writing and pitch perfect performance goes from funny to devastating. Bravo!

  5. Ben W says

    Stephen gets it. Satire and sadness at the injustice of the world rolled into one. Totally f’in brilliant.

  6. nic says

    satire and humor in the right hands can pierce the heart of the self-righteous and open up the most stubborn heart. good on you, stephen colbert.

  7. Drew says

    WTF did some people find “too real” and not funny here. The last 2 minutes drag out a bit, but it was funny and a tad informative [to straights, I hope].

  8. Brian says

    Colbert and his writing staff have outdone themselves with this piece. Unfortunately, the haters and bigots at which the piece is aimed will not get it…

  9. Jonathon Edwards says

    Brilliant. Especially since this is basically the story of that cast of pathetic, self-loathing gay dudes heading up all these anti-gay organizations. They had it once and walked away to save [insert anti-gay cause here]. And now they are sad, lonely, pathetic and isolated people who will never know real love. All that in an eight minute monologue without having to preach it. Brilliant.

  10. MountainMan says

    I have watched Colbert since he went on the air. I have seen his humor going down in the way he has addressed issues in the last year. Watching him do a take off on a Gay person being dumped after 6 years and what the person called the gay man at their wedding was way off base. In fact after he did what he thought was humor to bring the awareness out, for what the young kids today call the old guard, did not go over well at all. In fact I found his comic bit very negative and so stereo typing in the worst hatred way, I turned Colbert off. I have stopped getting his daily e-mails. There is no place for using the words he used at the end of his comic bit. They always say, the bigger you get the harder you fall. At least The Daily Show knows how far you can cross the line and still be funny. Colbert has a lot to learn. Maybe he will never learn. I really don’t care anymore, because he has made huge amounts of money when so many in America have nothing. Colbert can laugh all the way to the bank by putting down people from the L.G.B.T. Community. In fact I know the young kids today call us the Old Guard and if it was not for us you, the younger generation would not have the rights you have today if not for all we did to make it possible. Colbert has used up all the ability to be funny anymore. Viewers choice and for those of you who think his humor is funny that is your choice.

  11. stevo says

    It is not laugh out loud funny but I don’t think he is putting us down. I think its a great bit because he really draws the audience into this extremely detailed scenario. At the end he really makes the audience feel the pain of that word and hope they get back together, he has the audience routing for us. I mean how could he hurt Johnathan that way…and his poor mother Janet. And then go find yourself a mail order bride because that is legal… and it is ridiculous that this 6 year relationship with Johnathan that we’ve become invested in has no value. That is great satire.

  12. Jim says

    Truly brilliant. Funny how some folks just don’t get satire. Colbert is on our side and we’re fortunate for that.

  13. Jeff says

    MountainMan, I think there is a layer in the piece that you aren’t seeing. He left comedy during the piece (always tough for a comedian) to create a satirical theatrical monologue. It was a balancing act of writing and acting and I think he nailed it. As Stevo says, we are supposed to feel for Jonathan and Janet, and Stephen casts his character as the loser in the piece. It was very pro-gay, and by shouting “fag!” at the altar and walking away, he has a pyrrhic victory – losing in the end. For those who feel the piece drags on or stops being funny, well, they are looking for something else in their entertainment. For those who wanted a very funny, biting, layered and edgy monologue, that is what they get here.

  14. TANK says

    This was very hurtful to my person…and brought up hurtful, sad feelings about hurtful experiences in which people who’ve done hurtful things….

    seriously, stephen colbert is no daniel tosh. And for that, we are a grateful nation.

  15. says

    Stephen Colbert and his writers produce the most brilliant satire. It’s obvious the intent is to make it too real, too easy to relate to, and too uncomfortable for straight viewers who don’t “get” the argument for gay marriage. It’s a lot like when he *nailed* the stereotypical married conservative, closeted gay husband character on Strangers With Candy.

    He’s not being mean to gays with this clip; he’s calling out anti-gay people for being a**holes.

  16. Alexander says

    I don’t want to over-sell it or anything, but isn’t this comedy at it’s most pure? Using a wildly funny method to make a very serious point, all while never tipping your hand that you even HAVE a point?

  17. Matt says

    That is why those of us old enough who are reminded of the Civil Rights struggles and the Stonewall episode …….simply…. DO NOT FIND IT FUNNY!