1. DannyP says

    “Give me some FU@KIN’ McNuggets!!”

    She is a hard looking 24. And if she admits to being drunk why was she driving? Should be charged for that too.

  2. Ron says

    I have several friends who suffer from panic attacks–none of them has lashed out in this way. Chemical abuse, anger management, mental health issues, maybe, but panic attack? Sounds like an excuse.

  3. Rodney says

    @ Wes … God no. Their McGriddles, hash browns, sausage mcmuffins, etc. are all loaded with saturated fat/ heavy calories. No, I’ll take a grilled chicken sandwich and side salad please.

  4. Wes says

    Well I wouldn’t go to McDonalds for health food, regardless. But on the rare occasion I do go to McDonalds, its never for lunch. They don’t have many vegetarian options.

  5. Acronym Jim says

    Panic attack? Yeah, she looked totally terrified.[/sarcasm]

    Next (nonchalant) driver: Um, yeah, get I get an order of McNuggets with ranch dipping sauce?

    Clerk: F*ck it. I quit!

  6. gregorybrown says

    I know this is an elitist comment, but…as a former Toledoan this is exactly what’s likely to happen in East Toledo. It used to be a decent working class place, people a little rough around the edges but okay if you got to know them. Now, it’s a haven for loons, druggies, Palinites and trash(or is that redundant)?

  7. jamal49 says

    A “hard 24″? Girlfriend was probably all meth’ed out. Big problem out there in the heartland.

    As for DAN’s comment, “I don’t get it. Is she gay?” Well, uh, no, probably not.

    BUT, Dan, girlfriend can get married anytime her meth’ed-out ass wants to get married. She can get divorced and, then, get married again. She can get married in a church or at the Justice of the Peace. No one is legislating against her right to marry or promoting constitutional amendments to prohibit her from marrying.

    Girlfriend probably has children. Based on girlfriend’s, um, demeanor in the video clip, those children are probably emotionally neglected and psychologically if not physically abused. Girlfriend can marry any man at any time she wants.

    You and I, dear DAN, cannot. So, maybe now, you’ll “get it”. Sometimes it’s necessary to look at some of what is posted here through the “gay filter”. My first reaction when I saw this was “And they let people like THAT get married, no questions asked!”

  8. MrRoboto says

    I’m a former East Toledoan. Went to high school at Waite, just a couple blocks down Front street from this McDonald’s and ate lunch there frequently when I was a kid, and GregoryBrown is right. The area has become a wasteland of slums, drugs, gangs, thugs and such, so it doesn’t surprise me to see this wasted zombie freaking out because she couldn’t get her McNuggets. Drinking and panic attacks? More likely, the meth didn’t sit so well with her on New Year’s Eve and sent her out on a drug-crazed bender.

  9. Zach says

    “@ Wes … God no. Their McGriddles, hash browns, sausage mcmuffins, etc. are all loaded with saturated fat/ heavy calories. ”

    That’s what McDonald’s is there for. Anyone who goes there thinking they’re eating healthy, regardless of what they order, is deluding themselves. And it doesn’t matter how small the town is – if it has a McDonalds, it has a place where you can get healthier fare.

  10. anon says

    My guess is that she was either confused as to the hour or thought the server was lying to her. That is, she’s ordered McNuggets before in the morning (say 5am), but they stopped serving them shortly before she arrived this time and got angry with them. Alcohol doesn’t really change a person’s personality on a per drunken episode basis, it just makes you miserable over time. It’s also not a good affirmative defense.

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