Anti-Gay Chicago Mayoral Hopeful James Meeks Would Address Gay Rights if He Got Bored Enough

MyFox Chicago reports on State Senator James Meeks, who is working "feverishly behind the scenes to become the African-American community's 'consensus candidate'" for mayor now that Daley has announced his retirement:

Meeks "As pastor of one of the South Side's largest congregations, Rev. Meeks believes homosexuality is morally wrong. He says that teaching comes from the Christian Bible and the revealed Word of God. He opposes abortion for the same reason. As chairman of the General Assembly's Black Caucus, Meeks has been one of the most influential foes of legislation proposed by gay rights activists and others."

FOX asks Meeks how he would deal with hate crimes, civil unions, and other gay rights issues.

Said Meeks: "Now, if I were sitting around bored with nothing to do, that stuff might come up. But I expect to be so busy with schools, crime and budget problems during my first term that I wouldn't have any time."


  1. Clift says

    Said Meeks: “… I expect to be so busy with schools, crime and budget problems during my first term that I wouldn’t have any time.”

    So Mr. Meeks admits that he doesn’t have the time management skills to do the job.

  2. Disgusted American says

    It’s 1964, Ooops…sorry …I’
    ll be too busy to work on any Civil Rights for the Black population…cause my Buy-Bull says they aren’t Equal to me.


  3. says

    If you don’t recognize Meeks’ name, you should. He was the canary in the coal mine that tipped so many of us off to Barack Obama’s homophobia YEARS ago:

    “Described in a 2004 Chicago Sun Times article as someone Barack Obama regularly seeks out for “spiritual counsel”, James Meeks, who will serve as an Obama delegate at the 2008 Democratic convention in Denver, is a long-time political ally to the democratic frontrunner.

    When Obama ran for the U.S. Senate in 2003, he frequently campaigned at Salem Baptist Church while Rev. Meeks appeared in television ads supporting the Illinois senator’s campaign. Later, according to the same Chicago Sun Times article, on the night after he won the Democratic primary, Sen. Obama attended bible study at Meeks’ church ‘for prayer’ and ‘to say thank you.’

    Since that time, not only has Meeks himself served on Obama’s exploratory committee for the presidency and been listed on the Obama’s campaign website as one of the senator’s ‘influential black supporters’, but his church choir was called on to raise their voices in praise at a rally the night Obama announced his run for the White House back in 2007.”

    And Andy, your post doesn’t do justice to what a nasty, bigoted, hateful asshole Meeks is,

    “A spring 2007 newsletter from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) named Meeks one of the “10 leading black religious voices in the anti-gay movement”. The newsletter cites him as both “a key member of Chicago’s ‘Gatekeepers’ network, an interracial group of evangelical ministers who strive to erase the division between church and state” and “a stalwart anti-gay activist… [who]… has used his House of Hope mega-church to launch petition drives for the Illinois Family Institute (IFI), a major state-level ‘family values’ pressure group that lauded him last year for leading African Americans in ‘clearly understanding the threat of gay marriage.'”

    The SPLC newsletter also noted that, “Meeks and the IFI are partnered with Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defense Fund, major anti-gay organizations of the Christian Right. They also are tightly allied with Americans for Truth, an Illinois group that said in a press release last year that ‘fighting AIDS without talking against homosexuality is like fighting lung cancer without talking against smoking.'”

    On a more personal level, Meeks has reportedly blamed “Hollywood Jews for bringing us Brokeback Mountain” and actively campaigned to defeat SB3186, an Illinois LGBT non-discrimination bill, while serving in the Illinois state legislature alongside Obama. According to a 2006 Chicago Sun Times article, his church sponsored a “Halloween fright night” which “consigned to the flames of hell two mincing young men wearing body glitter who were supposed to be homosexuals.”

    The writing has always been on the wall. Too bad most of our community refused to see it.

  4. Chitown Kev says


    Meeks will not get elected.

    He would need the type of coalition Harold Washington had to get elected in Chicago; that is, black people + liberal northsiders.

    He would also need a nice chunk of the Latino community to win.

    And if you think that Richard Daley won’t have a big sayso (perhaps the ultimate one…all behind the scenes, of course) in who becomes the next mayor…well, you don’t know Chicago well…and Daley and Meeks do NOT get along that well.

  5. Vlad says

    Thanks for the reassurance Chitown Kev. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and now live in the city (north side) but don’t know much about Chicago politics since I just moved back here recently after many years living far away. It’s very unfortunate that someone who might bring much-needed attention and investment to devastated areas like Englewood and Douglas Park would make me most certainly decamp to Evanston or Oak Park and pay taxes and spend money there instead.

  6. reality bites says

    STONE him

    Leviticus 19:27

    “Do not trim off the hair on your temples or trim your beards….”

    stone the heathen quick before his heathen beard shaving ways corrupt our children

    stone him! gawd commands it

  7. says

    Lol, I will say this much, the racist trolls have been rather few on this one. I guess that’s progress, or, maybe they were out worrying about real world issues and not bored enough to spread their usual amount of ignorance.

    This guy can’t get elected, what he will do is get an increase in his collection plate, just like all people like him do whether Black, white, Asian or Latino.

  8. Brian in Texas says

    @ GayLib

    Your making a mountain out of a mole hill. Your using the Glenn Beck tactic of transferring the ideas, thoughts and statements that a distant association of the President once had to his own. It’s really silly.

    Obama went to the man’s church because he wanted the VOTES! Meeks has a lot of connections in the community. That’s what politicians do. You don’t become President of the United States or even a U.S. Senator without having thousands of associations and connections for your own political gain. If Meeks was on Obama’s cabinet or was one of his political advisors then you would have a valid point.

    And in no way am I endorsing this clown Meeks. I’m guessing Rahm Emmanuel will be the likely favorite.

  9. Verdon Coleman says

    @Art, who said “Just another Chicago N’ger! I used to live on the south side and got told “We don’t serve your kind here” at the grocery store just because I am not a N’ger! I had to leave the Safeway to be safe! Had nothing to do with being gay. Just being White among a bunch of White wanna bees. And they wonder why they are STILL 3rd class citizens behind Mexicans.
    Posted by: Art | Sep 14, 2010 3:49:20 PM”

    Art, I lived in Chicago for a number of years, went to College and Church on the Southside, and NEVER saw a Safeway. I would have loved to have seen one, as Safeway was the grocery store I grew up shopping in. So, I am calling BULLS**T on you, because it is painfully obvious that you are lying.

  10. Jole says

    Meeks is toxic and while that will attract a certainly level of publicity, its not going to produce mayoral results unless he suddenly changes his tune. He won’t win, not in this city.

  11. says

    “Your making a mountain out of a mole hill. Your using the Glenn Beck tactic of transferring the ideas, thoughts and statements that a distant association of the President once had to his own. It’s really sily”

    I’m convinced you’re either not gay or just really, really stupid, because no gay person with half a brain cell could read all that and come to the conclusion that it is a mountain out of a mole hill. And as for the totally predictable comparison to Beck, it is laughable. The article I quote is from local gay media, not some right wing nutjob. It is fact that Obama has a long history of christian extremism. What you write is pure fantasy, and just more predictable 11th dimensional chess. Oh, and btw, apologizing for obama by saying “Oh, he’s not a homophobe, he’s just a liar”, not too convincing, dude. And as he is demonstrated, he’s both a liar AND a bigot.

    I seriously believe though, that you are not gay, but a troll and a propagandist just trying to foment dissent in our community. You may be able to fool some of the people in here, but not many. Your arguments are tired and predictable. it’s teabagger this and sarah palin that. It is becoming downright boring. You may still convince a few of the dimmer bulbs in here, but not for long.

  12. Chitown Kev says


    What’s Obama’s “long history” with Christian extremism?

    Jeremiah Wright is a pro-gay black pastor (in fact, I believe his church is not too far from Meeks) and he has the printed sermons to prove it.

    If I remember correctly, it was Meeks’ church that people started walking out of when he went up in there with one of those “y’all gotta be nice to the gays” talks.

  13. reality bites says

    carrying on the stoning of this sinner due to his shaving his beard

    His middle region looks a bit hefty, i bet he has eaten many cheeseburgers which r in direct violation of GAWDSSSSS Holy bible which states no mixing of milk or milk products with meat

    EVIL! This man is evil leading our children down the sinful path of shaving beards and not eating kosher according to gawds holy word

    The end is coming with such sin being glorified in this man

    better to laugh at the fool following a barbaric goat herders fairytale of some sky boogidy boogidy man than everyone turning on each other as it looks like they r in the responses

  14. JuJuBeeBee says

    GAY LIB, Still a bitter Hillary pussy eater aren’t you? Stop equating all African Americans to be alike…Okay


  15. Brian in Texas says

    GAY LIB,

    I’m definitely gay, have a boyfriend, am well educated, and certainly not a troll. My point is that you are trying to link this man to President Obama as if President Obama cosigns on everything he says. He’s a traditional Christian minister, what positions would you expect him to have?

    I just don’t get what you aim to gain by trying to tear down the President at every turn because gay equality isn’t where it needs to be yet in this country. Obama is not a savior or a king. What more would you want him to do at this point other than signing an executive order halting gay discharges?

    -There is a process in place to repeal DADT. He has said he wants the law repealed.

    -He has called on Congress to bring legislation to the floor to abolish DOMA.

    -He’s advocated that gay couples should have full rights equal to married straight couples. Yes, he says civil unions and not marriage; but I think that is just a political calculation. Marriage is a states issue anyways.

    -He signed a federal hate crimes bill into law

    More needs to be done, but what alternative do you propose? Obama is one of the most progressive Presidents we’ve ever had. He has to work with conservative democrats and republicans that play politics and say “no” to everything. Gay rights are not the only issue, job creation, the economy, energy, and national security are at the forefront.

    So it’s just not constructive for liberals (which i consider myself to be one) to criticize the President at every turn, he needs to be pushed, but he gets enough hell from the right. He’s not the problem.

  16. Jones says

    Brain as true as the words your speaking. You still must understand that most were Hillary supporters who never wanted him and in the end voted out of fear of John and Sarah and because he didn’t jump when they said JUMP. They just don’t like him and never will. You can call some of them Gay Tea Partiers.

    Sad but true

  17. Joe says

    This guys is disgusting. I really hope he doesn’t win.

    I didn’t catch his party, but does anyone know who he caucuses with. I’m guessing it’s the assholes, but you never win.

    I don’t think the people of Chicago will elect someone so religious.

  18. Paul says

    i live in Chicago and this man has not snowballs chance in hell of getting elected. Chicago is run by a political machine, there is a reason Mayor Daly was in power for 25 years…trust me…that machine is still in place. Someone of that group will come in a swoop up the mayor race. The machine includes members of the gay community. The gay community in Chicaga is already imbeddded in the mayor’s office…if you have never been to Chicago…go to boystown. Do you know the revenue that comes in from boystown alone? Mayor Daly did which is why we have a whole section of the city dedicated…make no bones about it, you know you are in boystown when you are there…not because of the bars of the people, but we have a whole street of steel rainbo colored pylons letting you know you are there.
    We have the largest gay and lesbian center in the country which was built with state funding.
    this man is just a loud mouth!! loud mouths do not get elected in the city.

  19. Dave says

    The next Mayor of Chicago is Rahm Emanuel and I am sorry to say that the primary and election is mere formality of a foregone conclusion. The multi-national corporations that run our Democracy have already made their decision. Tom Dashal will take Rahm’s Chief of Staff role and life will go on.

  20. scb says

    …as a former Chicago resident of 20 years, this guy has no chance whatsoever. The Northside of Chicago has been built up by the community and heavily supported by Mayor Daley for years. There is no way this guy is getting into office….the next mayor will have to support gay equal rights.

  21. scb says

    and yes…the Chicago Political Machine, as one person commented, is still in place. This guy has no chance. He’s a fool for even trying with a platform of “not having time.” He’s already lost.

  22. Joe says

    Little does he know that Herald Washington became the city’s first mayor with support from the gay community. He has no shot of becoming mayor without the gays in his corner.

  23. says

    Among the 10 largest cities in America, Chicago has the third highest poverty rate, with 21.6 percent of residents living under the poverty level, according to 2009 data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into those figures. When we look at poverty among the African-American community, the number rises even higher. Approximately one in three African-Americans in Chicago or 32 percent, are in poverty. Chicago’s African-American poverty rate is close to being the highest minority poverty rate in the nation. Read more here…