Bishop Long Stepping Down In Wake Of Fourth Lawsuit?


Homophobic Pastor Eddie Long's problems grow by the day.

Various sites, including AOL's Black Voices, are reporting that Long, who has already been accused of severely inappropriate contact with three male congregants, will be stepping down from the pulpit at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church after Sunday's sermon.

The news comes after a fourth young man leveled still more allegations against Long. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution provides the details of this latest lawsuit.

"Spencer LeGrande, named in a civil lawsuit filed Friday, claims he
was 17 the first time the two had a sexual relationship while
vacationing in Nairobi, Kenya.

LeGrande, of Charlotte, N.C., alleges that the New Birth Missionary
Baptist Church pastor  gave him an Ambien, a popular prescription sleep
aid, followed by a "prolonged hug," kissing and rubbing, according to
the suit.

The suit claims the two shared a bed for the remainder of their trip."

Long and his attorneys continue to deny the numerous claims, and his defense today declared, "We believe that it is unfortunate the young men have chosen to take this course of action. The defense team will review the complaints and respond accordingly at the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum."

Even if he's not stepping down, this weekend won't be very relaxing for Long.


  1. dawn says

    Oh My Goodness! When it rains it pours for these closet cases. When will they wake up and learn from others that hiding and fighting will only make it worse?

  2. Henry Holland says

    My co-workers and I have been quoting this woman/drag queen? for the last hour:


  3. SFshawn says

    The truth will set you free pastor….
    Next we’ll have that fat fucking closet case Oprah defending this sick twisted “pastor”aka”man of God”. Better yet Obama can invite him for a beer at the White House and discuss how “misguided” these young men who he coerced,drugged,raped,molested,etc all the while demonizing “the gays” to his flock of sheep followers. He and Haggard and all the other religious freaks should be hung from their balls(if they have any?).
    I hope those boys he molested take him to the cleaners. Religion=death.

  4. Zlick says

    When will people learn that going on and on against The Gay just makes you look like a self-loathing gay? And if, by some fluke, you’re the ultra-rare straight man who really hates the gay so much you simply must shout about it, how stupid do you have to be to not realize that will just make you Look GAY?!?

    Anyways, thank you Pastor Long for being another brilliant example. I would have thought there’d have already been enough of you to make the point that only gays give a damn about the gay – but I guess every little hypocrite helps.

  5. Bill says

    Another water carrier for haterosexual prejudices. The wife, kids and anti-gay bigotry were apart of his haterosexual cover. Anti-gay bigots are either haterosexual or pretending to be haterosexual. Upholding haterosexual supremacy. Eddie Long will get what he’s been avoiding his entire life, rejection from haterosexuals.

  6. alguien says

    if he’s so adamant about his innocence, then why is he stepping down? that kinda only proves he’s guilty.

  7. Sooz says

    Actually there are news sites reporting THIRTY more young men have contacted the young men’s attorney,Ms Bernstein, to reveal their sexual abuse by “bishop” Long.
    It is also reported on Black Voices website here:

    Read transcript and listened to 90 minute homophobic sermon of Long;s wherein he REPEATEDLY hollered “kill gays, kill them!” and yelled at the women “ know what to do, kill them”

    Am irate and beyond enraged at the fact that he and his ilk incite murders and suicides of children, men and women again and again so politicians without merit get into office riling up the non-voting bigot to get into a voting booth.

    My rage on this very issue nearly makes me incapable of putting it all into words.

    The legal arena is already telling us he’ll get away with it all…he’ll drive off into the sunset in his $550,000 customized Bentley because he carefully manipulated kids “over 16-years of age”

    Since the average moron conflates married men with kids ‘on the downlow’ as homosexuals rather than a flat out pedophiles….are his parishioners going to “kill them, kill the gays” who aren’t but are victims of a PEDOPHILE……

    Is Long going to present himself to them for his public execution?

    Sunday’s “sermon” wherein they claim he’ll step down – no press allowed – and we can bet the bippy he’ll be surrounded by the glaring goons he always is.

    Probably the same goons who these kids court case states witnessed the sexual acts/relationships/Covenants who “knew about Long”.

  8. MarkDC says

    “Cadillac Kimberly” in a hilarious rant against Bishop Eddie Long Duk Dong…

    Never knew he wore a wig!

  9. MarkDC says

    Ted Haggard. Eddie Long. Proof Gay Marriage works.

    Can I get an “amen” from Larry Craig and Mark Foley?

  10. walter says

    new church coming down the road haggard amd long as minister amd foley crist graham reikers craig melhman will be members of the choir. and for their first hymn will be
    nobody knows the trouble i’ ve caused nobody
    knows i’m gay.and theyare taking this act on the road asking for money

  11. Rich says

    Now he just needs to get in front of the sheeple followers, throw his hands in the air and do a Jimmy Swaggart…crocodile tears and all.

  12. FunMe says


    What’s the emergency? We all knew about all this sh** … if you go to … He’s a CON ARTIST! . . . Laid out in the church crying, like Jim Jones”

    What is wrong with you at New Birth! You need a new birth! A new direction”

    Can we say KARMA?

  13. ratbastard says

    He’s obviously a successful conman more than anything. He’s conned chumps out of $, he’s manipulated his churches finances, he’s conned people regarding faith, he’s conned people regarding his youth ministry and attempts to help young disadvantaged black males, he’s abused his power as an authority figure to satisfy his pederastic fetish….probably conned his wife and family.

    I’m not an expert, but from what I understand, everything described above sounds like a sociopath.

  14. ratbastard says

    And that pink tie and ‘well groomed’ and taylored appearance should have raised a few red flags and eyebrows.

  15. ratbastard says

    And interestingly, these churches, in fact all Christian denominations including Catholic, are disproportionately made up of female congregants. Women are the most hardcore of the true believers. Take away the female equation, and most churches would shut down overnight, at least in the advanced western 1st world. What is it about guys like this, and religions in general, that they’re especially successful in conning and sucking in women? Is it maybe the greater psychological need for sentimentality and stability many women have compared to men?

    And no, I’m not misogynist.

  16. MarkDC says

    There’s no amount of “cars, money, clothes, jewelry, international trips and access to celebrities” that would ever get me within 20 feet of “Bishop” Eddie Long Duk Dong*.

    He one ugly brother…in a wig.

  17. wimsy says

    I hope Ms. Bernstein noticed that the Mann Act — which makes it a federal crime to take your victim across state lines for immoral purposes — covers adult male victims. That makes the allegations federal felonies, which are investigated by the FBI, not by the local redneck sheriff who is also a longtime member of Long’s church, serves on its executive board, and has “taken offense” to the charges. Oh, and then there are the multi-site rape charges, which ought to be investigated by the Georgia Atty. Gen. and state police, and not by the local sheriff. A federal investigation should put a stop to all this posturing, and make it much easier to win the civil suits.

  18. alexInBoston says

    when you have power over the weak, an unlimited source of funds (the majority of which is untraceable) unlimited source of men/boys, you can do whatever you’re willing to pay for (including the silence)….. poster wife, poster church, loud voice decrying what you yourself do,,,, and lambs who will follow you because you say “God” or “Jesus” every 4th word….your world is a pleasure trip of ego and desire and fulfillment!the man is a classic serial pedophile.

  19. ThomT says

    @ castaway – What honorable thing? He’s not “stepping” down, he was shoved – and rightfully so. This church isn’t about to lose all those weekly donations by having this pathetic closet case hanging around. Anyone who thinks he is leaving voluntarily is 100% wrong – there’s a mortgage to pay on that church and salaries for all the employees – nobody wants to risk losing all that good stuff and having to actually go out and make an honest living. Nope the Rev. Long is leaving but you can be sure it’s not because he wants to or is attempting to do anything honorable.

  20. Ryan says

    I’m never shocked or surprised at anything these men of God do. I’m just amazed that they are so arrogant as to think they’ll never get caught. At the very least they are guilty of total stupidity.