Family Abducts, Tortures Gay Relative in ‘Honor’ Kidnapping


A family has been indicted in Israel for the torture and kidnapping of a gay relative, ynet reports:

"They kidnapped and threatened their family member over his sexual preferences. Angel's family, who kidnapped him from Tel Aviv in an outrage over his gay and cross-dressing lifestyle, was indicted Thursday in Tel Aviv District Court for a series of serious charges, including kidnapping and false imprisonment. The indictment states that the family viewed Angel's sexual orientation and his work as a drag queen in Tel Aviv's clubs as a violation of the family's honor, which, in their eyes, justifies killing him. Eight of his family members, including one minor, are charged with kidnapping him on a number of occasions, imprisoning him, and beating him."

The Jerusalem Post offers this version of events:

The first kidnapping attempt occurred in May. The accused told their victim that him mother is sick, and they should visit her in Tamra. When he refused, they dragged him into the car, and brought him to his parents' home, where they beat and slapped him, tied him up, and locked him in the room. The victim's brother released him, after the victim told a friend to call the police.

He was attacked again at a family wedding, during which he ran into the woods and did not come out until police came. Three weeks before the wedding, his mother called and warned him to remove the pictures in which the victim is in drag, saying "the family will come get you, and that'll be the end of you."

On August 23, the family members came to the victim's Tel Aviv apartment, sprayed pepper spray in his face, and pushed him into a car that was waiting for him outside. They tied his hands with belts, blindfolded him with scotch tape and threatened to stab him if he resists. Once they arrived in Tamra, the accused chained him to a window and locked him in a room.

Eight family members have been charged and a request has been filed to arrest seven of them until sentencing proceedings.


  1. veg says

    If this family’s bigotry was a result of orthodox religious views, then it just goes to show you how hateful almost all orthodox religions are, regardless of the culture or group from which the orthodoxy arises.

  2. TANK says

    I think the loony left would have an orgasm if it turned out that this was a jewish family…see, they don’t like jews. But no, it wasn’t. These were muslims acting on their religious beliefs.

  3. TampaZeke says

    Isn’t Scotch tape clear? Strange choice for blindfolding purposes.

    Ugh with the “sexual preference” and “gay/transgender lifestyle”. Doesn’t ynet have a style guide against such inaccurate and outdated terminology?

  4. Tranquilo says

    What bullshit, Tank. I’m pretty left in my views and have nothing against Jews. I loathe extremism in all religions. I think the people who did this should be locked away for a long, long time, regardless of their religion.

    Or are you trying to turn this into a Palestinian/Israel debate, which has nothing to do with this?

  5. Cory says

    @Tank: And, um Catholicism and Christianity are any better? Let’s see, The Crusades, the homophobia/sexism in the bible, oh and let’s not forget the many wonderful hate killings in the name of our lord and savior Jesus in the U.S. alone.

    ALL organized religions have their own levels of hatred.

    AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I AM SICK OF LEFT AND RIGHT POLITICS. I swear this is the reason more people are becoming ex-Pat’s, this country is going to hell in a hand-basket as politicians are laughing at how socially divided we have become over stupid issues.

  6. ColinATL says

    Don’t look now, but I think Tank’s bigotry is showing. He hates Islam and the “loony left,” but projects his hate onto the left by falsely stating that lefties hate Jews. Turd.

  7. Daryll says

    @TANK, then so is Christianity. Christian families do this, and similar, to their gay kids right here in THIS country on a regular basis.

  8. TANK says

    Well, no. I’m not trying to turn this into yet another predictable palestinian/israel debate…but now that you mention it, if this occurred in gaza, do you believe the family would be prosecuted…or an investigation would be launched? lol

  9. TANK says

    Really, daryll? There are christian honor killings in the united states? Do you have any information that makes its prevalence equal to that of muslim honor killings in the islamic world and even in europe amongst muslim immigrants and their descendents?

    No, even those horrendous christian reorientation camps aren’t honor killings, or this. Not even in the occasional abortion clinic bombing, or abortion doctor murder…because broadbased support for that amongst american christians just doesn’t exist, and statistically, it’s extremely rare (I can’t say the same for honor killings in islam). It’s not that they don’t call it something else, it’s that it’s entirely something else. And any equivalence is simply loony…loony leftist, actually.

  10. TANK says

    I’ve never encountered a christian whose first impulse after learning that his daughter had been raped, is to murder her…never…and that’s not uncommon in the muslim world (and to say otherwise is to lie and make excuses for the brutality women regularly suffer in islamic countries). What we’re dealing with is a campaign of mass confusion and flat earthing from the left…everything’s the same because diversity’s a good thing for diversity’s sake….

  11. jamal49 says

    @TANK Honey, you sound like you just had a major Jan Brewer Brain Fart.

    Um, I know this will be hard for you to wrap your ever-shrinking brain around, but the “left” has been supportive of Israel since its inception.

    Most blog posts I am seeing these days from the reich-, I mean, right-wing are against Israel.

    Support for Israel spans the spectrum, left, right or in-between.

    What rankles many on the left is the abominable treatment the Palestinians suffer under the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories as recognized by several United Nations Security Council resolutions agreed to since June 1967, as well as the continuing settlements by radical Orthodox Jews in the West Bank and other areas that belong to the Palestinians.

    Israel is virtually an apartheid state. The treatment of the Palestinians is comparable to and, many times, worse than the conditions suffered by African-Americans during the Jim Crow Era in the South. It is as bad or worse than what black South Africans endured during the entire apartheid era of South Africa.

    The only people I see having orgasms where Israel is concerned are the reich-, I mean right-wing, evangie-fundies and the rest of the bag-head, wing-nut, whiny cons. It’s all that “The Lord is a-comin'” crap.

    So, @TANK, why don’t you go take your nappy-wappy now? Or, better still, hurry on down to the nearest GOPround meeting. I’m sure they could use you to serve coffee and cake.

  12. Cory says

    What really amuses me most about religion and the “apocalypse” is not that the apocalypse will occur as the bible states, but that humanity will most definitely bring about an apocalypse BECAUSE religion claims it will occur. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, I find it ironic.

  13. TANK says

    jamal, I don’t think you’re an intelligent person. I’ve read some of your posts, and they’re usually without a point, or coherent argument. I am a member of the left. The loony left is a fringe element on a par with the loony right (they’re both harmful to an effective political process)…mainstream left is different. But I don’t expect nuance or, really, anything from a person who probably lumps all republicans in with newt gingrich.

    As to the apartheid state talking point you’ve just regurgitated, it is without reasonable comparison (you simply can’t compare it to, say, south african history…that is gross propaganda and belies a degree of ignorance that you should be ashamed/embarrassed of). I am opposed to much of israel’s treatment of palestinians, and so are many israelis. But the antizionist fervor vomited up by the radical left (and the radical right actually embraces the existence of israel far more than the left does… and you’d know that if you’d bothered to…read anything about the situation) is antisemitism. It goes far beyond a criticism of israeli policy to full on denial of israel’s right to exist (and that is antisemitism when you look at how selective they are about applying that belief when there are many countries, including the united states, who have worse human rights records…).

    But…when you have no point, you can always call someone a racist…right? Isn’t that your tractic of choice?

    Yeah, the radical right hates israel…that is absolute rubbish. They rabidly support israel (since well before the days of tom delay on down) for their own confused religious reasons.

    But this is a critique of islam, and specifically, muslim treatment of lgbt people. Derailing that into a discussion about the israeli palestinian conflict is yet another tactic, and talking point…part of that campaign of mass confusion.

  14. Daryll says

    TANK, what the fuck are you talking about? I said that Christian families in this country do to their children what THIS particular family did to THIS PARTICULAR kid and you somehow go off on a tangent about honor killings and parents who kill their daughters for being raped. Please, for the love of your God, learn to read or at least learn to not make a complete fool of yourself every time you express your opinion.

    You truly are as stupid and as insane as everyone says you are!

  15. Abrahamsucked. says

    TANK needs to take Jesus’ cock out of his mouth and Abraham’s cock out of his ass long enough to open his eyes to the reality that all of the religions that the middle east shit onto the human race (including Islam, Judaism and Christianity) are evil and to be avoided by intelligent, free thinking people.

    If Abraham would have kept his dick outa two women it would have saved countless millions of people from subsequently being fucked by him.

  16. TANK says

    No, daryll… There is no parallel between this “honor kidnapping”, which is leading directly to honor killings amongst muslims and what you say happens to kids in the u.s. due to their family’s faith…no parellel in either rate of incidents, nor severity. This isn’t an isolated, minority event in the islamic world, and you’d know that if you knew anything about it. But you don’t, and therefore, your attempt at drawing a moral equivalence has failed.

    And yes, muslim parents who murder their daughters for having been raped (this is common) is directly related (it doesn’t get any more directly related, actually) to this “honor kidnapping,” torture, and run up to murder, essentially. And without direct intervention by the proper authorities, he would have been murdered by his family; and moreso, is that what you’re saying routinely happens in the u.s. and with state sanction…because if it is, it’s false, and you’ve got something called faith that you’re pushing. It all comes from the same source: their islamic faith. Having said that, I realize that there were a lot of balls for you to juggle in trying to comprehend the many faces of islamic tryranny toward women and lgbt people (which is the flipside of the same coin)…idiot.

  17. TANK says

    And no, I’m a stone cold atheist. I regularly criticize christianity and, in fact, every supernaturalist faith. I do so here based not on the mind numbing absurdity of holding what amounts to excuses not to think and reason (religious belief), but on more practical grounds–the harm holding such beliefs does, in fact cause.

    I don’t feel like I need to criticize all faiths when I’m criticizing islam, however. And I shouldn’t. Further, some faiths are responsible for more harm than others. Though christianity does harm many, many people throughout the world, it simply isn’t the same threat that islam is to geopolitical stability, and quantifiably it doesn’t cause as much harm to people as islam does (and the greatest number of victims of islamic faith are…muslims…so in criticizing it, I’m defending their rights and dignity…and you should, too…you useless fuckin’ apologist).

  18. TampaZeke says

    I went to the breaking of the Ramadan fast last night at a local Mosque with some Muslim friends of mine. The Muslim community here knows me well, knows I’m gay, knows I’m Buddhist and treats me like a king every time I go to the Mosque. There were hundreds of Muslim men and women there and, as always, I was treated with hospitality at a level that I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

    I don’t follow their religion, just as I don’t follow Judaism or Christianity yet they have never tried to convert me.

    It’s absolutely ludicrous to claim that ALL Muslims are evil and abusive. It’s every bit as offensive and untrue as claiming that all gays are drug addicted pedophiles or all Christians are gay hating fundamentalists.

    There are evil Muslims, Christians, Jews and yes, Buddhists. There are evil straights, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. You lose ALL credibility when you make ignorant blanket statements about ANY group of people and then trying to defend your outrageous comments by comparing the worst acts in history by Muslims to the least offensive acts of Christians. You particularly lose credibility when you roundly condemn one religion at its adherents in its entirety while in the same breath defending other religions with historical records that are equally as bad if not worse. Don’t compare 9/11 with a nun smacking a child’s hand with a ruler. Compare 9/11 with the Inquisition or the Crusades (which Christians are still proud of) or the conquering, colonizing and genocide of native peoples around the world.

  19. TANK says

    I didn’t say that all muslims were evil, I said that islam is evil…and any faith that causes people to murder gay people, causes fathers to stone their daughters after being raped, or inject searing hot glue into iraqi guys which causes them to die after immense suffering…is evil (and I will say that ALL muslims are responsible for those atrocities…they share the blame just as sure as they appeal to and defend the same source of normativity to ground their ethical outlook, “different interpretation” of that source is simply irrelevant to the fact that IT does cause these behaviors amongst many muslims)…any belief system that causes that is, on the face of it, evil.

    Why are you putting up an impassioned defense of such a belief system? Pointing out these realities is not bigotry…facts aren’t bigotry.

    Human rights aren’t a christian vs. muslim thing, and they certainly aren’t the purview of a scriptural disagreement between sects of religionists…which is essentially what you’re making them into by trivializing them in defending islam…it’s vacuous…and complicit…it’s ethically repulsive, actually.

  20. reality bites says

    Yes Tank they were arab. BUT let us not forget, especially from articles published right here at towleroad about the Orthedox Jewish purity gangs that roam Jerusalem beating on unescorted women and the Hasidim that tossed molotov cocktails at Jerusalem police over a gay pride march.

    ALL religions r crap myths and the orthodox believers from all religions r barbarians and stark raving nutz.

    whether they be orhtodox xtian, jew, muslimn, hindu, buddhist, whatever

    and yeah buddhists who will flip their lids over me mentioning that particular crazy myth, the teachings ascribed to buddha were very derogatory towards homosexuality and that we r the souls of women in mens bodies and should be celibate = NUTZ and barbaric

  21. says

    Regarding the first post:

    God didn’t invent religion and actually, if you believe Jesus is the same as God, abhors it (see Jesus at the temple).

    People invented religion. Because people, when they fail to overcome their base instincts, are evil.

  22. Rin says

    It’s not “religious” it is cultural–I mean, if this were a religious hatred alone explain Soviet Russia and China.

    Humans need to figure out how to put sexuality into perspective. It is the human preoccupation with it over all else (aside from money) that causes this shit to happen. Who cares who you have sex with? I honestly am so over it.

    When humans place intellect, compassion, and character over looks and one’s fucking ability THEN this hatred for gays, for “gingers”, for whomever will go away. I’m convinced of it.

    Yours and my sexuality defines us less than our character.

  23. reality bites says


    russia and china are quite simple. Religion was never stamped out in either case and the offcial state religion became worship of the state which by its very definition needs as many young males popped out of wombs as possible and yng males sticking their cocks in each other instead of women doesnt produce the necessary soldiers for the all powerful state

    that said, russia for example was still heavily influenced by barbaric orthedox christianity. the ruling elite amongst the communists either themselves or their parents were raised with crazy religion brainwashing and warping their minds as children. It would have taken many more generations to truly liberate their minds from that crazy religion but then again they had replaced it with the religion of worshiping the state.

  24. dizzy spins says

    I find it strange that Andy didn’t identify the family and the victim as Arab–the normal assumption being since this took place in Israel, is that they were Jewish. Im Jewish and that’s what I inferred until I read the linked story. Was it some fear of coming off as anti-Arab or anti-Muslim?

    The victim’s ethnicity is relevant here–while orthodox Jewish and fundamentalist Christians have been known to kidnap their gay children, there’s NO community support for murdering them.

  25. LG Wilson says

    Cory, you need to check your facts. The ONLY religion that finds homosexuality punnishable by Death is the Muslim religion.

  26. Wimsy says

    Suddenly, this is all about you guys – not the victim, not the family, not the story. You need to take it outside, egotists.

  27. PLZSTFU says

    Is everyone who comments here five years old? Such childish ramblings….for what, so you can anonymously prove how intelligent you are? The intelligent thing to do, would be to make your point, and move the hell on!!