Former NBA Star John Amaechi Denied Entrance to Gay Bar for Being ‘Big and Black and [Possibly] Trouble’


Gay former NBA star John Amaechi tweeted yesterday that he was denied entrance to Crunch Bar in Manchester, UK (where he lives) after the bouncer said he was "big and black and could be trouble."

Pink Paper reports: Amaechi-headshot

"When Amaechi questioned the decision, the doorman said it was a 'private members' bar.' He then allegedly claimed that the New York Times best-selling author had been flagged up as 'trouble' on the gay village's shared security radio network. A spokesperson for the bar later told Amaechi's representative: 'Your group was stopped from entering the venue on Friday night as a message was received over the NiteNet radio system, (a system where several venues work together within the village, where they announce any issues they have with any customers), that your group had been argumentative and aggressive to another venue’s doorstaff. On interview with the staff who were present at the time, we are satisfied that there were no racism or bigotry comments as you suggest. All three staff who were present on the door at the time have been with us for over 14 months and none of them have ever displayed the attitude or characteristics you suggest in your email. You have clearly misunderstood the situation and perhaps justifying your exclusion that evening. We consider this matter closed now.'"

The other bars, VIA and Taurus, which use the NiteNet system deny there was any such warning about Amaechi's behavior.

According to the paper, "Amaechi's representatives have lodged a complaint with the Equality and Human Rights Commission along with a complaint to the Manchester City Council LGBT affairs director, Terry Waller and also with the Greater Manchester Police LGBT liaison office."

Read our recent interview with John Amaechi HERE.


  1. Matt26 says

    Unbelievable, wrong, racist. It is very sad they is not one big happy global gay community. It is just reality. Sth need to be done. A boycott from local gays perhaps?

  2. Muflon says

    Its happened with us last night in Manchester a club called Cruz.The bouncers stopped me and my friend ( a lesbian girl) and they told us we are straight and we couldn’t get in.I suppose everybody need to be a gay clone to get in. Pathetic

  3. Brains says

    This is nothing earth shattering and new….. Black gay males have known about this issue for a long time, especially in the USA.

    And white males endorse this kind of behavior-so don’t behave surprised and shocked!

    If we discriminate, why can’t the straight community discriminate against us!

  4. Chitown Kev says

    I am mildly surprised that this happened in the UK.

    In the US, yeah, I would expect something like this but in the UK I would moreso think that this would happen to a Middle Easterner or even an Indian.

    As Brains said, many black gays in the US have been treated like this (though I personally haven’t…yet)

  5. TANK says

    Do you think some gay people are really racist? I was out a few weeks back and a black guy came into the club/bar, and everyone jumped to the floor while someone yelled, “he’s got a gun!” He didn’t, though…he didn’t have a gun…why did I yell that, then? Dunno.


    He should complain. This is unacceptable. I do know too many racist, uneducated gay people. Acquaintances that you have to keep at arm’s length.

  6. RW says

    Where is 1/10th of the ridiculous outrage that poured from these pages when Shaq slid across the couch on a talk show as a homophobic joke? Or like when Isaiah called someone the f-word? Where is the call for boycotts and accountability? Yeah, all I hear is fucking crickets now. “Oh dear, that’s a shame. Oh well, any more pictures of Jakey-poo picking his nose?” When the colors flip, it’s no big deal, right? Besides, look what evil Obama hasn’t done for us yet!

    “Community” my fucking ass! Y’all ain’t SHIT!

  7. Raúl says

    It’s too bad that John A., who is a gentleman, has to pay the price for the lethal crime wave unleashed on us by minority thugs. Ultimately, all the bar is doing is trying to protect its clientèle. Yes, the bouncer is weak at P.R.

  8. RW says

    Fuck you, Raul. There are whites killing whites every gotdam day. But I bet they didn’t turn any white patrons, did they? They were being racist, period. Fuck you for trying to justify it!

  9. Asher says

    Wait, Raul so are you telling my that if a bunch of white serial killers started wreaking havoc on the streets of London, they’ll block white people from getting into clubs?

  10. jamal49 says

    Nice to see that the gay community is as ignorant, bigoted, and racist as everyone else. God, what an insult to Mr. Ameche. That’s the kind of stuff that makes me wanna go to clubs like that with about 100 of my closest friends and trash that place to hell and back.

  11. justiceontherocks says

    Best selling author?? That’s a stretch.

    I’ve seen a lot of unusual things happen at the entrance to bars. I’ve seen racist behavior and I’ve seen people too drunk to walk scream about discrimination because they weren’t allowed in. Who knows where this one started and finished.

  12. John says

    If old habits die hard, then it shouldn’t be long before self-declared “totally not racist” white people rush to the aide of the discriminating instigator with bullshit excuses, misleading statistics, and lame protestations against political correctness.

  13. SeriouslySick says

    Racism, ageism, it’s all there in the young twink-boy crowd. This is why I always liked the calmer, more sedate bar down the street from the McGay Danceclub of the moment. Everybody checking their social status every 30 seconds is just tedious after a few minutes. And plus the techno/hip-hop mixes? F that. Twinks suck at life, don’t you know that? They’ll always be wrong about everything. That’s why they do what they do, it’s like a straight guy being a bad boy. He does it because he can, he gets aways with being a douche and it thrills him. Simple human fail, most live and learn.

  14. TANK says

    Hey, why are you blaming the twinks and twunks for racism in the lgbt community (and it’s there)? Just because you’re fat and gross and older…I hate old men so much…irrational, yes…but goddamnit, I hate them and want them all to die. anyway, just because life is so short and mcnuggets so good (to you), and instead of being called a sloppy fat fuck, you’re a bear (voila!), doesn’t mean that twinks are responsible for the fact that attractive people aren’t attracted to you, or all of the ills of the gay community…even whores…who are paid to be attracted to unattractive people…whores…

    Sure, there’s a lotta stupid among the twinks…because they’re young, and stupid and young are forever wedded…but there’s a lotta stupid in every group…and who wants someone you actually need to think to be around? Exhausting, especially when some lesser IQ turns it into a pissing contest. No gay’s ever impressed me with his mind…LOL!

  15. New New says

    @ TANK:

    I blame the media and gay culture for perpetuating a very limited standard of beauty and acceptability within the gay community which tends to only include young, skinny and white as its criteria.

    Being gay in America is not some monolithic identity as it is portrayed. “Gay world” infuriates me sometimes.

    Speaking about the issue at hand, I know and have experienced the racism within the gay community. I’m sorry but “You’re hot for a black guy” is not a compliment! The gay community is just as racist as society at large. Its a sad fact.

  16. says

    I was once TRIPLE carded at RAGE in Weho. When I complained to Weho city hall I was told it was “within the bars rights to ask for whatever ID they wanted to require.” This happened after all of my white friends in our group had passed in without any ID check.

    I actually was madder at then City Councilman John Heileman (I believe was his name) whom I approached on the street later and told the story to. He brushed it off and suggested I try other bars on different nights.


  17. TANK says

    Yeah, I agree that popular gay culture stresses white people as a criterion of beauty. It’s a problem, and but I think it’s changing, as there are a lot of attractive in shape younger black men who are gay, too. But popular gay culture is death culture, anyway, and isn’t worth getting caught up in.

  18. elg says

    “I’m sorry but “You’re hot for a black guy” is not a compliment! The gay community is just as racist as society at large. Its a sad fact.”

    Neither is “I like black guys”.

    Why can’t white gay men who are attracted to black men (or a particular black man) just keep the racial remarks to themselves.

  19. jerry says

    Since I wasn’t there will have to withold judgment as to what happened or why.
    But why wouldn’t a gay club want a tall, handsome out professional jock at their club ? Okay ex-pro jock but still major hot quotient and fame to attract a crowd and keep ’em there

  20. Joe says

    @ELG, there’s a pretty big difference between “You’re hot for a black guy” and “I like black guys.” The first implies that Black men aren’t typically hot, but that in spite of your race, you look good.

    The other is more just stating preferences I think – sort of like “I like buff guys” or “I like tall guys.” While I do think Black men get fetishized a bit, I’m a lot more okay with someone saying the second statement, rather than saying the first one (which is really offensive).

  21. dpbfeb says

    @ Brains, not sure why this is a shock. Happens all the time. The funny thing is that in my travels I get more issues in major cities than in small ones.

    @ Jerry, you’re not incorrect. You were not there and maybe choose not to judge but how often are you at the majority of things that are posted here. I could say that about anything.

    @ towleroad, I thank you. I have slammed you a lot of only showing Blacks in a bad light. Yes I agree that you report what you see but at times it seems that positive stories (No this isn’t positive but it’s not showing the Black guy as the racist)that are about minorities are left out. Not that John Amaechi is a big Gay icon or anything but this story shows that racism exist in the Gay community. I wish that there was a forum to discuss it.

  22. shannon says

    YET…gay white men ALWAYS want Black people…who are GLOBAL MAJORITY….to let them “align” themselves with for some ODD reason like oral sex is akin to being the ORIGINAL man on Earth…and THIS is what they think of you people!!!

  23. SeriouslySick says

    Tank: Still a psycho, though not as entertaining by the minute. When did you fall so far lil’ failure? Did i strike a chord? I’m in my forties, 6’1″, I walk around at 210, 4% bodyfat. I’m more fit than your drugged addled ass will ever be. When I’m in Martial Arts tourneys, I drop to 185. I’d love to meet your crazy mouthy ass at one of them sometime! BTW, old guys rule, and daddy’s make gay life go around. You, not so much. Go throw your parents money around and call it style, lil’ boy. I’m busy. Again, twinks fail at life, as a rule. Case in point? Tank. Some live and learn, so you better get busy, Tank. 😉

  24. TANK says

    See, I’m two and half inches taller than you, and weigh about forty pounds less. Wah wah wah, fat tears. I don’t go to martial arts tourneys (and you capitalized martial arts…grasshopper!) because I’m happy with the size of my penis, and don’t have mommy daddy issues. As to my parent’s money (where did that come from?)…well, it’s all going to charity. And that’s the way it should be.

  25. SeriouslySick says

    @RW Flattered RW, but I’m partnered 7 years this Halloween. My man is mid-forties, closest age difference of anyone I’ve ever been with. The youngest I ever dated was in his mid thirties when I was in my early twenties. Daddy hound, all my life. I didn’t even have crushes on friends in high school, only teachers and coaches, etc. Daddies are what it is about for me. Young guys are for a lot of things, Eros NOT being one of them.

  26. SeriouslySick says

    @Tank 6’3″ and 180? I can guarantee that’s a flat flabby ass, skinny arms, and an already proven shitty demeanor. Wow, you bring so much to the table! lol. Damn. We see what you do with your time, so basically your saying you’re a shut-in, reclusive, most likely meth-brained twinky, queeny troll who is partnered to his butt-plug? Ugh, another stank, exposed.

  27. SeriouslySick says

    Oops, I read that as thirty pounds less than me. So, 40?? You are 6’3″ 170lbs? I bet your body type is ugly as a concentration camp victim’s. That’s just gross. Are you one of those guys who walks like a knock-kneed giraffe and tries to pass is off as switching? Ugh, just ugh.

  28. TANK says

    um, no..what’s 210-40? 170. And I can bench 325 lbs.

    This isn’t a dating site, and moreso, gramps, I wouldn’t give you a second glance. I may not win any beauty contests (and honestly, who cares), but I’m in better shape than you’ve ever been in. Additionally, this entire exchange was percipitated by your misguided effort to turn this racist incident into hatred of young guys who are doubtless more attractive than you–twink hate. Yeah, you don’t have issues with age and body…whatever you say, pops.

  29. SeriouslySick says

    Haha, trolling until the bitter end, huh? 325 my shiny pink ass. Heh. I go 410 3 times, (I don’t know my max, haven’t tried since highschool.) and I have 40 pounds and better leverage than you. Quit with the lies and age thing, ’cause you’re nasty, you don;t work out, or probably work at all. You’re a nasty troll, with nowhere to go except Towleroad to talk shit to people who aren’t even listening anymore. Silly little boy. How does the truth feel? You should be present with it once in a while, you’ll grow up and realize it isn’t bad at all, in fact it’s to be desired. Tank, you’re like saran wrap, you’re transparent, and you cling with no let up. Quit thinking about “giving me glances” too, that’s just creepy from a psycho liar like you.

  30. elg says

    “I like black men” is offensive to ME, especially when the white guy in question doesn’t even know my name yet. It gives me the impression that ANY black guy would do and that I’m not an individual. It makes me feel as though I’m just a skin color and nothing more.

    As for black men being “fetishized a bit”, I don’t want to be fetishized AT ALL. I’ve never been in a situation where I thought being fetishized was sexy.

    Here’s the thing. I feel like I’m sophisticated. I can talk about anything with anybody. I just don’t think “I like black men” is a good conversation opener. I can only speak for myself.

  31. elg says

    “I like black men” gives me the impression that ANY black man would do and that I’m not an individual. That I’m just a skin color.

    I personally do not want to be “fetishized a bit”, I do not want to be fetishized AT ALL.

    I’d like to think that I’m sophisticated and that I can talk about anything with anybody. But “I like black men” is not a good conversation opener when we don’t even know each other’s names yet. But that’s just me. I can only speak for myself.

  32. ratbastard says

    Who the fuck has never been denied entrance to a club? Most door men and women are assholes, managers are assholes, the business operations are corrupt, often criminal, and clubs have never been bastions of fairness and egalitarianism. And then there are the laws that allow a so-called private members club to discriminate in any fashion they want basically. Most people need to use alcohol and / or drugs to really tolerate the environment and enjoy themselves. Try working sober in a club and you’ll see how tedious the whole thing gets.

    And of course customers, sober or otherwise, are often equally assholes and prone to trouble making…for obvious reasons.

    …And what the fuck is up with this gay ‘village’ bullshit in 2010? Where I live gays have long since de-ghettoize (word?), even though there’s a very large gay population and gays have some of the best civil rights in the world, there is no gay ‘village’ per say. These places existed up to maybe the late 80’s but no longer are they purely gay ghettos or villages. And there were never street signs proclaiming ‘Gay Village’ LOL! I mean fuck, if you gotta ask…..

  33. ratbastard says


    I agree 100% regarding the fetish thing and it doesn’t just involve race or white and black. Among straight men of all races, fetishizing Asian females is widespead. Many straight black men fetishize white females, and so-on. If you look at porn, much involves stereotypes, example interracial white and black mostly involves so-called masculine black ‘men’ tops fucking white ‘boys’, etc.,

  34. Sean Shawn says

    Oh Miss Raul, I’ll remember that as I report you to the authorities under SB1070. You’ll be one illegal we’ll get rid of here in America.

    Piece of SHIT TURD!

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